New Year, New You, Newlane — Scholarship Giveaway!

Here’s something fun: I have 3 Newlane University Scholarships to give out!!! Let’s do a good-old-fashioned giveaway over on Instagram. Don’t need a scholarship? You should still enter to win! Because if you win, you can use the scholarship yourself, OR you can give it to somebody else who needs it — a friend, a family member, even a total stranger! I’ll bet you know someone awesome who really wants to earn a college degree.

There are 3 ways you can enter. Do one of the 3 options for one entry, or do all 3 options and you’ll be entered to win 3 times! Here are the 3 options to enter on my Instagram post: 1) Leave a comment and tag 2 people you think should know about Newlane. 2) Save this post by tapping the flag icon, and leave a comment about what major you want Newlane to introduce next. 3) Share this post — tap the paper airplane and share it to your stories or DM a friend.

If you win: You (or the person you give the scholarship to) can use it earn an Associate Degree, or if you already have your Associate Degree, you can use your scholarship to earn a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy. The 3 winners will be randomly picked on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 and contacted via Instagram DM. Check out Instagram for more details, or keep reading.

Is Newlane new to you? Here’s the lowdown: My husband Ben Blair is a co-founder of Newlane and has been building this affordable university from scratch for the last 5 years. When I say affordable, I mean it — at Newlane, an Associate Degree is $1500, and a Bachelor’s Degree is $1500. That means you could do a full four-year degree for $3000. It’s a debt-free college education, with no lump sums of money required. Instead, the payments are $40/month until you reach the $1500 degree cost. There’s a $249 registration fee to get started (it’s applied to the $1500 total) — try Newlane for 30 days and if it’s not the right fit, you’ll get a full refund. Definitely contact Newlane if you want to chat about how the very affordable payments and charges work.

Here’s more info about Newlane:

Is Newlane Accredited? Yes! Newlane earned International Accreditation through ASIC. They are a well-respected accreditation agency and this is such an honor. Newlane is also working on getting US Accreditation through DEAC. Newlane recently passed their DEAC readiness assessment, and you can see they are under consideration for accreditation on the DEAC website. This is a HUGE milestone! It represents several years and thousands of hours of work. Curious about accreditation? Contact Newlane for more info.

Newlane Accepts Most Transfer Credits! This is such great news. If you’ve already completed some college courses, you can likely finish your degree even faster. Take this 60-second survey to find out how many of your credits will transfer.

How Long Will It Take To Graduate? Want to know how long it will take to complete your degree? And the classes you’ll need to take? Email Newlane to get a customized Degree Completion Schedule so you’ll know exactly what it takes to get your degree, and manage your expectations for timing.

When Does The Next Semester Start? Whenever you want! There are no semesters at Newlane. You can start and complete your coursework on your own timeline whenever it’s convenient for you. Not sure how that works? Set up a call with Newlane to learn about how Newlane courses are structured and work with your schedule.

Newlane Has Cohorts! Need an extra push to get started? There’s a new Newlane Cohort starting next week. What’s a cohort? It’s a group of Newlane students who meet with a faculty member weekly to help the group work through a course. Newlane courses are self-directed, and cohorts help if you prefer extra support or more structured timelines. Note: Cohorts are totally optional if you’d rather work on your own. Go ahead and send in your application today so you’ll be registered before the next Cohort begins.

New Majors Coming in 2023. Newlane currently offers an Associate Degree in General Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. They are anticipating offering new majors in 2023 — the current plan is that new majors will be introduced once the US Accreditation process is complete.

Something to keep in mind: If you’re starting from scratch, it typically takes 2 years to earn your Associate Degree, and you have to have your Associate Degree before you can earn your Bachelor’s Degree. So the good news is: if you get started now, by the time you’re ready to start your Bachelor’s Degree, Newlane will have new majors to choose from.

Ready to start your major now, but not sure if the Philosophy degree will be the right fit? Chat with Newlane (there’s a chat box on their website) to learn more about what you’ll learn in this rigorous and knowledge-packed major.

Newlane Has Scholarships! You can apply for one, or fund one! Maybe you’ll win this giveaway, but if not, you can still apply for a Newlane Scholarship. You can also fund a full or partial scholarship for someone else if you’d like to support Newlane but don’t need a degree at the moment. If you want to support Newlane’s mission (here’s the Newlane Manifesto), making a donation to the Newlane Global Scholarship Fund is the ideal way to do so. Any amount helps — even small amounts add up! — and you’re directly funding a student’s college degree. Which means you’re changing someone’s life for the better.

I’m so proud of the work Ben Blair and everyone at Newlane is doing. Making a university education affordable and accessible is a really big deal, and it’s really important. Want more information? Here’s a Q&A about Newlane I did with Ben. It goes into how the courses work, how a student passes a class, how Newlane students and faculty are based all over the world, and a whole bunch of other topics. You can also contact Newlane with more questions.

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