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  1. I watched Meet Olive Us last night – it was fantastic! The kids were adorable and so charming. I loved that you could see their individual personalities really shining through. I can’t wait to see some of the upcoming Olive Us videos, they are such fun!

  2. I’m a fairly new reader of your blog, and I have to admit that Meet Olive Us made me tear up a bit! I’m so impressed with you and your beautiful, charming family, and I loved getting to know each of the children a bit better. Thank you!

  3. I don’t know if its the pregnancy hormones or what (28 weeks), but I got all misty at the end of this video. What a delightful series. :) I have read pretty much your entire blog, but I can’t remember if there have been any posts on sibling relationships. I’ll have to look. If not I would like a post talking about strategies to help one’s kids have great relationships with their siblings; your kids seem to really enjoy each other, and I want that for my kids!

  4. Gaby, apparently the video is only available to viewers in the United States (and territories). Can you make some arrangements for your international fans :) besos

  5. You wont believe me but i just watched all of them! I loved them, ALL… so especial, so inspiring, so beautiful!
    One thing, I noticed that some of them don’t have the credits at the end… Just in case you would like to know…

  6. oh, oh, oh, ohhhh!! so incredibly, wonderfully sweet! my 2.5 year old and i have watched many of the episodes (by his reaction he definitely thinks June is up for Best Actress award!). I thought I was done with two kids, but
    seeing all of your children together gives me this urge to have four more immediately! (If I could skip the pregnancies and the newborn sleeplessness. :>)

    Can’t wait to watch more! Thanks for sharing your family with us. What a treat and how inspiring for so many,

  7. This makes my ovaries hurt.

    And while I’m sure your kids have the occasional tiff, it seems like they get along so well! I’d love if you could talk someday about fostering positive relationships between siblings.

  8. Oh, gosh, I just LOVE that Meet Olive Us video! So well done, so charming. Love that your children have such distinct personalities and talents, but are so bonded. Reminds me of my own family of origin. (There were nine of us!)

  9. Tricia Whitworth

    Yay – so wonderful to see the gang back! Maude is a girl after my heart (the book stacks, lovelovelove). Heck, they are ALL so creative and self-possessed. :)

    This whole series is an ode to childhood (and beyond). . .

  10. I’ve watched all of the Olive Us videos (many of them multiple times) and I think this might be my new favorite! I love watching all of their personalities come through! I can’t wait for the new episodes to come out.

  11. We loved the video! My oldest son, Soren, asked when it finished: “Do they know us?” and then when I said no he asked that I write “Hi, I liked your video and I’d like to meet you!”

    All best,


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  13. Love the video intro! It was great getting to hear the kids and learn a little more about each of them. Oscar’s favorite dance move? Very sweetly hilarious.

  14. That was darling!

    I don’t know why I haven’t watched any of these videos in the past – I think I have something against clicking to play (not just here, but everywhere – even in my email). So glad I finally did!

  15. Adding my disappointment as well. Have followed your adventures throughout your French sojourn and feel disappointed that we can’t follow the kids adventures just because we live outside USA.

  16. I love the Olive Us episode–it is incredibly charming and makes me want to be a part of your family! So excited to watch more.

  17. So sorry they are not available to us in Canada. My kids love OliveUs and I’m glad I tested ulive before showing them this latest one. They would have been very disappointed Looking forward to the episodes being available outside the US! In the meantime, we’ll keep watching those on Vimeo. Their favourite episode is Kish, watched many, many times.

  18. Awww. I can’t wait until you sort out the international viewing. I have been following your blog since you moved to France. It’s been a source of inspiration for me as my family just moved from California to Malaysia. I kept telling myself, if you can do it with your big family, we can do it with two little ones. Cheers!

  19. Love love love it!!! They remind me of the Pevensies’ children from Narnia! Let them know – just awesome – hope to see more!

  20. Oh Gabrielle — I looooved your video and immediately showed it to my daughters who are now insisting that I make one with them. Watching yours made me feel as if I were transported straight into a Wes Anderson movie, my favorite storyteller of allll time. xo S

  21. We live in Canada and when we went to watch the videos we got a notice that only Americans (and territories) can watch the videos. :-( That makes us sad. We LOVE your vids. They’re wonderful!

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