Luxembourg Gardens

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It feels like we haven’t visited Paris in ages. On our last trip (it was in July), we spent the afternoon at Luxembourg Gardens with Jordan and Paul. We ate ice cream on the great lawn and road the go-karts in the shade.

From what I understand, the go-kart area is an independent venture run by an older couple. She sews the little flags used to mark out the racing area. He makes sure kids who tumble off receive an extra turn for free. Don’t you love learning the little stories that are hidden in big cities?

P.S. — Paul took these excellent photos. He also launched a new round of the Commission Project. You should grab a spot before they’re sold out!

20 thoughts on “Luxembourg Gardens”

    1. Hah! I love those saddleshoes and am sad they are starting to look worn. I found them at Zappos. They’re called Odette and they’re by Bass. They come in black, red and pink.

  1. I am sure I’ve mentioned here that that park was my favorite place in Paris. It holds such a special place in my heart. The attractions for kids were amazing and looked like so much fun and the gardens are gorgeous. I spent all day there dreaming of having a child to take there myself. And it’s the top thing on our list for the day we take our son there someday (hopefully while he’s still young enough to enjoy it!).

  2. Le Jardin du Luxembourg :)))))) (Luxembourg Gardens)
    I LOVE so much this park, I used to go there with my mum when I was a child (we lived 10 min away). You might have guessed that I’m French and from Paris ;-) I love every details of this park,; the puppets theatre with “Guignols”, the little boats you can rent for 30 min and push with a wooden stick on the pond, ponies you can ride,….
    It’s also my park fro my teenage years, my high school was only 2 steps away.
    Thanks for doing a post on my life ;-))))

  3. Oh my goodness, your photos bring back wonderful memories. In June we stayed for 10 days in an amazing apartment that overlooked the Luxembourg Gardens, the Senat and Medici fountains. It was so large that it would easily fit your family and had a 360 view of Paris (5 Rue de Medici, top two floors). While we didn’t see the race cars, the park had a full orchestra play music every afternoon. Just lovely.

  4. After spending 8 glorious days in Provence, we followed it with 5 days in Paris. The playground at Lux gardens was the highlight of the entire 13 days for my 7 yr old and 9 yr old. And it was delightful for us to sit back and read a book! We felt a little guilty.

  5. Ahah, you look too young to be the mother of the whole tribe! Nice pictures, anyway. My son loves the go kart too, even if he hardly manages to arrive to the pedals..

  6. Oh, be still my heart.

    Luxembourg Gardens is the ONE place my son wanted to visit when we went to Paris last month. (Thanks to the M. Sasek’s book we bought him in preparation for the trip.) Unfortunately the go-carts weren’t running the day we were there. Thankfully the rest of the park is so magical that we hardly noticed.

    (I think you guys picnicked in the exact same spot we did.)

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