Lunch Menu #22

french toast stick lunch menu

By Lindsey Johnson of Café Johnsonia for Design Mom.

I know what you’re thinking — another breakfast-for-lunch menu? Yep! I think my kids and I could eat breakfast for every meal, so Menu #22 of our Lunch Box Series is a popular one in my family. It doesn’t have to be French toast. It could be baby pancakes or waffles. The idea is that it’s a finger food that doesn’t need a fork or plate. Dipping is all part of the fun! I like to include jam instead of syrup for several reasons: 1) syrup is super sticky and spills more easily, and 2) it’s super sticky and spills more easily. : )

I add in some kind of extra protein in the form of lunch meat, cheese stick or cubes. Rice pudding is a relatively new thing we’ve been trying. I didn’t love it as a kid myself, but so far so good! It’s a great way to use up leftover rice and fill their little bellies. If it’s not your child’s thing, you can totally substitute yogurt or cottage cheese. This menu is 100% flexible!

– homemade French toast sticks with all-fruit jam (see below for directions)
– a few slices of lunch meat
– carrot applesauce
– rice pudding
– orange juice

-To make the French toast sticks, beat one egg with a few tablespoons of milk, a little vanilla extract, and a pinch of ground cinnamon. (I use less milk and more egg for these.) Cut two slices of whole wheat bread into four equal pieces lengthwise and then in half horizontally to make 16 total. Cook them in a a little melted butter in a hot skillet. Make them ahead in bigger batches and store in the fridge. (Of course they make great breakfasts too!)
-My kids will eat the sticks cold or at room temperature, but you can keep them warm if you like in an insulated bowl.
-I send jam because maple syrup is more likely to leak. My daughter also likes a little spoonful of jam in her rice pudding, so it pulls double duty for this menu.
-Swap out the salami for ham or another lunch meat.
-If rice pudding isn’t a popular item, switch it out for yogurt or cottage cheese.
-Don’t forget the ice pack (or insulated containers if you go that route) with this lunch.

Fit and Fresh containers
Thermos Bottle
– Green and orange Lunchblox containers

P.S. — You can see all of the lunchbox menus in the series here.

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  1. Valerie Albanese-Fraher

    (I made a little donation for a big cause and want to thank you for helping me do that)
    It’s so easy to get consumed by life-especially during the holiday season. I’ve been bookmarking your email updates (glad I subscribed) and today’s post REMINDED me what I wanted to do after reading your initial “call to donate” to Children’s Miracle Network hospitals — so today, instead of writing a reminder or putting it off– I donated and I feel great and thank you for doing what you do!!!

  2. Lindsey,

    I love this lunch! My kids adore rice pudding, but I’d never considered sending it in their lunch box. Thanks for this series! Every post has given me new ideas and helped me re-think what I’m sending from home.

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