Lunch Menu #16

sunflower+banana sandwich

Image and text by Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom.

According to my Kindergartener, Menu #16 of our Lunch Box Series, this sunflower and banana sandwich, is the BEST sandwich ever and she wants to eat it every day. Now if that isn’t a compliment! The sunflower butter is super tasty. We’ve decided we like the kind from Trader Joe’s the best, which I am sure is because it has cane juice in it. : )

A great thing I’ve just discovered are these awesome reusable pouches. They can even be washed in the dishwasher. The other side has space to write what is in the bag that day. The one in the picture has Greek yogurt in it. Kind of a nice budget-friendly way to send yogurt in my kids’ lunches. We’ll be trying out homemade applesauce next.

Now let’s talk about root beer cookies because they always garner a mixed reaction. I know they sound strange, but they have been a family favorite since I was in elementary school. I’ve started using whole wheat flour and my kids never notice the difference! They are super soft and remind me of childhood. So what do you think? Would you try them?

– sunflower butter and banana sandwich
– clementine
– grapes
– yogurt (in EZ squeezees pouch)
– root beer cookie sandwich
– crunchy pea snacks
– water

– I spread a thin layer of sunflower butter (or peanut butter) on each side of the bread, then a layer of sliced bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon. This helps the bread from going soggy.
– The root beer cookies are usually frosted on top, but I sandwiched two together with frosting in between so it wasn’t as messy. Kind of a splurge, but I imagine they like to share half with a friend. (Maybe.)
– Don’t fill the reusable pouch too full and only use smooth purees or yogurt.
– The lunch requires an ice pack for the yogurt.

– Fit and Fresh Containers
– Lunch skins pouch
EZ Squeezees reusuable pouch (these are awesome!)
– Camelbak water bottle

10 thoughts on “Lunch Menu #16”

  1. These lunch menu’s are my favorite Design Mom articles. I love how details about ingredients and supplies are included! Thank you!

  2. Oh, Lindsey, I LOVE your root beer cookies! I’ve been making them since I first saw them on Make and Takes. My whole family loves them and each batch is gone before the end of day two. We’ve even used the frosting for cakes—including one giant, two-tiered monster truck cake for my then 5 year old. I could eat that frosting with a spoon!

  3. These lunch menus are great! I’m keeping them for future use, for now I have a 21 month old whose lunch I struggle to make every day. He is a pretty good eater, but won’t eat bread. Any suggestions for lunches of young toddlers?

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