Knight Party

How was your weekend, Friends? The weather here in Denver was gorgeous with a capital G and we enjoyed every bit of it. Saturday morning was Oscar’s birthday party. Oscar’s requirements for the party: knights, cupcakes and a pinata. Done and done.

We couldn’t find a good-looking, knight-related pinata, so we used papier mache boxes from the craft store to build a castle pinata. We filled the containers with goodies, wired everything together and used packing tape to secure.

When the guests arrived, they went to work immediately covering the pinata with strips of silver tissue paper, gold stars and gold wire garland.

Balloons, cupcakes, party favors (a knight dress-up set with shield, breast plate, helmet and sword) and paper goods were all in gold and silver.

In the middle of the party, the Black Knight (big brother Ralph dressed in a black cape) arrived on the scene and stole the castle pinata. Luckily, we had a group of brave knights on hand. They were able to follow the clues and save the castle. At the end of the party, they used their knight swords to break the pinata.

Oscar thought this party was heaven on earth.

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  1. So seriously cute. I love how you had the kids help decorate the pinata and the idea of the knight costume as a party favor is so great. Way better than candy and knick knack toys that will end up in the trash.

    My son turns 5 this week and he wants a solar system birthday party. Still working on the ideas for it. I'm not feeling very motivated or creative this time around.

  2. Such a great party – one question though. People here (in TN) are really bad about rsvp'ing. How do you guess how many favors to put together?

  3. Katie – I hear you on not feeling very motivated. Oscar's party was a full month after his actual birthday and I didn't even manage to send out invitations. In fact, last Tuesday night, I phoned the parents of 5 of his little friends and gave them the details right then and there. Then, I ran all the errands Friday afternoon. It wasn't the grandest party ever, but Oscar thought it was. I know your solar system party will be fantastic. That's such a great theme.

    Boston Mamas – thank you, love!

    Audra – Oscar only invited 5 friends, so it wasn't too hard to keep track of who was coming. But I know lack of rsvps can be frustrating. I always overbuy when planning party favors — just in case.

  4. I can see the wonder and happiness in his eyes. Birthday parties for kids are sweet and so much fun. I am getting ready to do my little girls first birthday in two weeks, and can't wait:) Great idea on having them build the pinata together.

  5. What a great little kids party! I love that you had them follow clues to rescue the pinata. Treasure hunts were always my favorite when I was a little kid. Thanks for the reminder, and all the other great ideas!

  6. Gabrielle, where did you get the Knight costumes (breastplate, sword, helmet)? My son's birthday is next week, and he would DIE to have the whole costume for himself and his friends! Thanks, Amy

  7. Going along with the boys-in-knight-costume theme is an article I read recently in the NYTimes. I can't remember the link, but basically is suggested that you teach boys to work out all their fighting aggression by "defending" someone or something. E.g. You can encourage them to defend their little sister (always a good reason to suit up and fight the baddies) or their home.

    I just wanted to make this suggestion for any mothers who feel a bit conflicted with the boys-who-want-to-just-fight stage.

  8. This is so adorable! I always see those knight costumes and wonder how you build a party around it! This would be fun for a rockin' play date too!

  9. I think I have the right to say that Oscar is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. ever. Delightful. Blair birthday parties are always tops. My, we miss you so…

  10. First of all — your son is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Second, am feeling all full of myself because I've used the same gold and silver paperware for parties at my house which means I must have spectacular taste ;) Finally, this is the first bday party for a 5-year old boy I've seen in ages that *didn't* have a Spongebob theme. Well done!

  11. I've seen the knight costumes at Target (by the company Ryan's Room.) They're very cute. I think they were about $10–we actually gave one as a party GIFT; they'd be above my price range to give as party favors, but I'm sure the boys loved them!

  12. This is excellent, I love your pinata! I am so impressed at how quickly you pull together such a put together party. My son's birthday is between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's always a scramble. Your party looks adorable and sounds like great fun for the kids.

  13. Beautiful! I love how you struck the right chord between playful and fun, and totally tasteful and gorgeous. Wanna come here and help me plan a Rock Star party for my 7yo? Think it's too late to convince her she wants to be a knight?

  14. Love your parties! Are you interested in photos of birthday parties? I think you would love the party (on a budget) that we just threw for my 5 year old on an island! Please let me know if you’re interested! :)

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