June Blair

Introducing Flora June Blair.

But we call her June.

She was born Friday night, May 7th, a little after 9:00. She weighed 6 lbs, and she’s 19 inches long.

We adore her. And think she’s extra cute when she yawns.

PS — I’ll be taking a blogging break this week. But Monday to Friday, I have all sorts of fantastic pregnancy and birth and adoption stories that will be posted in my absence. Yay!

248 thoughts on “June Blair”

  1. Wow!!! Congratulations on your baby girl :)

    I agree, she’s super cute when she’s yawning . hope it all went well and you are home safe and sound. what a great mother’s day gift.

    Enjoy these early days…once again!


  2. pomme foolery

    Hurray! We all knew it was going to happen within hours of your return home. Was there an exciting mad dash to get there after second-guessing yourself later? Many, many congratulations…

  3. Congrats Blairs!

    I figured I would come check to see if the baby was born and there was the post! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your little June!

  4. Congratulations! What a special time you have ahead! And our babies are just a week apart. I love this sweet precious larger-that-life-yawning newborn phase!

  5. Congratulations! I hope everything went smoothly and I can’t wait to hear the story and see more pictures!

  6. She’s absolutely and utterly divine. And I love her name but particularly that you call her June. Gorgeous. Congratulations to you and your entire family – especially all the new big brothers and sisters. I wish you all enormous joy and happiness as you revel in each little thing she does.

  7. I LOVE the fact that you used the name Ralph and Co. wrote for the April Fools post! I really loved it then [the name] and I really love it now!

    Congratulations!! :)

  8. Congratulations on yet another beautiful family member! Hope you’re resting, recovering and watching all of her family and friends welcoming her into the world. Gentle hugs to you and June. xoxo

  9. Oh my goodness! Many warm congratulations!

    I love her name, and her sweet little yawn. Did Ralph know you were considering Flora, or did you decide to let him have a hand in naming her? Love June Blair. She sounds like a movie star.

  10. Just realized it was the same name from Ralph’s April Fool post. I thought back then it was such a great idea and it’s even better now that it’s matched with this lovely little girl!

  11. Congratulations!! I bet her 5 older siblings are so happy & proud! She’s beautiful. Love the name too! Best wishes-

  12. MK Countryman

    oh, yeh!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

    One week off? How will we get through the week?
    One week off? Is that all a blogging mother of six gets these days????????

    Please, please take time to enjoy the next week or two as fully as you can. Despite the lack of sleep, I love that comforting and magical time when a baby is first born when it is just our family cuddled in focusing just on ourselves….its such a short itme.

    And, actually, May is so busy…..when our may baby was born, we stopped on the way home from the hospital to a baseball game, then an end of the year celebration at kids school the next day….but after things slowed down at end of may, we took our couple of weeks!

    Enjoy!!!!!!!! We’ll miss you…..

  13. Congratulations!! She is beautiful and I love her name. It fits so well with all your others! Hope you are feeling good!!

  14. Hooray!!!!! Soooo very happy for you! I was thinking of you all weekend and wondering if the big event had happened yet or not. What a great Mother’s Day present for you! Wishing you and your newly expanded family all the best!!

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