Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, by Emily McDowell

Jane Eyre, by Emily McDowell

By Carter.

I confess that it’s been a while since I read Jane Eyre, so the stories’ intricacies are a tad fuzzy. But the big picture, this battle cry of following your gut rather than the norm or expected — well, it makes me grin. Charlotte Brontë wrote this line straight from the heart of her heroine, Jane. Even hundreds of years later and far removed from Jane’s world, the pluck in these words move me. Jane’s independence is a gritty reminder to be unapologetic and satisfied by the pursuit of happiness.

Thinking about all of this reminded me of an old snapshot of my Granny, standing in a field of sunflowers and sticking her tongue out. I think Jane might get a kick out of that! How about you? Would you rather be happy than dignified? I also bet these sentiments can align without separation, and what a beautiful picture that is, too, right?!

P.S. – What a thrill to have Emily McDowell’s work back on Design Mom! You can find all of posts in our Book Quote Series here, and buy the prints here. I’m the proud owner of this one!

16 thoughts on “Jane Eyre”

  1. I love Jane Eyre. But it’s not at all about a quest for happiness. In fact, Jane denies herself happiness in favor of faithfulness, truth, and love. A kind of happiness comes at the end, but it’s definitely not the point – it’s the reward.

      1. Iloved reading this book a at tender age(12 yrs) in 1967 till today,I have a copy of JANE EYRE,and I always read it when Iam faced with aproblem. It remainds me of my first month in Form ONE. A friend of mine in those days(Beth nyambura Kariuki, Pangani Girls Secondary School Nairobi)and Shauri Moyo Estate

  2. jane eyre is my favorite book. it is so full of truth and the characters are so believable, despite the years and miles that separate me from them. i especially love re-reading it in these fall months, where thornfield hall is more than the setting, but nearly becomes a character. the book is such a fabulous gothic seasonal read. do re-read it if you find time this fall — and then treat yourself to watching the wonderful BBC 2006 version (my favorite) with Ruth Wilson as Jane and Toby Stephens (real-life son of Maggie Smith!) as Mr. Rochester. it is perfection.

    1. That’s so funny you say that you read Jane Eyre in the Fall as I always think of her when Fall comes. I will definitely read it again and check out that BBC 2006 version. BBC does period best! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Jane Eyre is a polarizing book among my reader friends but I love her! I just gave my baby her name, even. I love her attitude that she’s going to make her choices and live her life based on what she knows is right because she respects herself first and foremost, even if it’s really hard. That 2006 adaptation is my favorite as well.

  4. Isn’t it wonderful that literature can be used to spread universal truths and improve the quality of our lives! Thank you for the literary element on Design Mom- particularly from such a lovely source.

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