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Remember the TV crews that came to our house a few months ago? We were being filmed for an episode of House Hunters International — and our episode aired last night! We haven’t seen it yet, but it’s called Historic Country Homes in Normandy, and we had such a fun time filming the show.

I’m feeling so nervous. If you get a chance to watch, please tell me my family looks adorable. : )

UPDATE: You can find the episode on YouTube here (it’s in 4 parts).

P.S. — The funniest part: We don’t get HGTV here in France, so I didn’t even realize it had aired until I read your comments today on our way back from Paris. So glad you let me know!

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  1. I saw it last night! I was so excited when I saw that it was you guys. The kids certainly were adorable! I am a fairly new reader to your blog and I didn’t realize that you had been contemplating buying in France. While I absolutely love where you live now there was something about the place with the view of the cathedral that had me wanting to move there. I lived in Europe for many years and it made me totally want to go back for a long visit. A few friends of mine and I are thinking about renting a house in France for a month next year. I love the thought of that but for now I will live vicariously through your family.

    1. loved the show…want to move there for six months. I want my wife to see the show…where is it on hgtv.

      1. My friend got married and moved to France. They have a house that they are renovating in the south of France near Spain. And as I understand it, in the summer months, a lot of those homes are rented out for the whole season (which is normally when she comes back to Canada to visit with her family/friends where she is originally from).

  2. That is so fun- we owned a condo on the island of St. Maarten and one of the condo’s in our complex was featured on House Hunters International- so exciting that you were there for the taping!

  3. It was wonderful, and your family looked lovely as always! I was so excited when I heard the words “Blairs” and “Normandy” – and sure enough it was one of my favorite bloggers on my favorite TV show. :) All three homes looked amazing, but I think you chose the right one!

  4. You must have seen more than three, right? I’ve never understood how that show works. Do you get to see lots and lots and they just film three or what?

    1. Spoiler alert.

      My friend was on one here in Dallas and they wait until you’ve already found a place to rent or buy (and have paperwork filed and official), and then they show you two more houses. I still love the show though!

      1. I just watched the rerun…twice! I loved the second place. Hope you guys are loving France! Wish I could live there too.

  5. I got a call from a friend last night that said, “Do you know Gabrielle Blair?” I said, “Yes,” and my friend told me that he had just seen your cute family on TV and went to facebook stalk you. I was listed as a mutual friend. I don’t get HGTV, so I’ll have to cross my fingers they put it online.

    Congrats, though! Ooodles of fun!

  6. Gabby-I’m uber confused (although loved your episode!).
    But I thought that you found your rental online before you even moved and that your husband went to check it out before you? Was the whole story in the show just a filming set up…were your reactions faked and the whole staying-with-my-sister thing just to make it look like you had just moved there? The whole concept of the show is interesting to me and I’ve always wondered whether the house hunters were really seeing the home for the first time. Please explain!!

    1. Hi Maggie! I’m sure it’s totally confusing if you’ve already been following my story on Design Mom and then see the episode. I don’t want to ruin the reality-tv-magic for anyone, but can you guess which story is the real one?

      1. Our friends just aired an episode of MY FIRST PLACE – I was crushed by the reality of “reality TV”. :)

        Still cannot wait to see the show!

      2. I’ve been wondering about that, too. Can you tell us the in’s and out’s of the episode, or is that a taboo topic? I’ve always wondered if you really do just see 3 houses or what the deal is … The allusive Reality-TV-Magic is killing me!

  7. I loved the episode and was so excited to see more of Le Cressonaire! But I gotta tell you- I would have gone with the large villa by the cathedral! Your whole family was just adorable- thoroughly enjoyed watching you all!

  8. Emily McDaniel

    That was a great episode!! I love the rental that you picked. If I had a choice to buy, the second home at the convent was gorgeous!!!! What a wonderful experience you had!

  9. Dang! I remember seeing it while flipping through the channel guide but we decided on the Next Foodnetwork Star instead! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the rerun. :)

    Roxy @ TSKGS

  10. How funny! I taped the show yesterday because I love that show and have seen practically everyone. I saw it was a home in Normandy so I taped it, mainly because I follow your blog and knew you were in Normandy so I wanted to see what other houses looked liked and cost, etc. I can’t believe it’s you!! I can’t wait to watch it tonight after I get the kids down. So funny!!

  11. Whitney Smith Cripe

    It was a fun episode. You all looked adorable :) We have a bit of an obsession with House Hunters International so it was a riot to see my blog and tv regulars converging!

  12. Hay bizzarre!!! We were on TV over here (SA) today as well!!! We had a TV crew come over a couple of weeks ago and film my gang making puppets – of all things, nothing glamorous like house hunting… An entire day of shooting… like 9 till 9 means they have four minutes of fame everyday for a week!!! Only it aired at 5:30 in the morning and we missed it!!! And I can’t imagine anyone will be able to rouse themselves, even for fame and glory, ever!!! And we don’t know anyone else up at 5:30 either… so the fame and glory part is a bit limited as well!!! But they can grow up and say they have made paper mache and finger puppets on national television!!! And yes it was so much fun having a TV crew over… heaps of fun, they were really great and let the kids just be kids, I was more than pleasantly surprised!!!

  13. I looked for your blog JUST because you mentioned it on the House Hunter’s episode and because your family was so freaking adorable!!! The kitchen featured in the 2nd house was über cute and the whole episode, with your family and location was so whimsical…I just had to look for your blog. THANK YOU for all the awesome stuff you post on here, I’m clocked out from work and I am still here reading all your stuff!!!!

  14. what?!?!?! i wish i had known.
    i’m sure i’ll see it at some point.
    i’m kinda obsessed with HH and HHI.
    love those shows!!
    can’t wait to see you… and hopefully it’ll be a surprise when i do see it!
    hee hee!
    i’m sure your family is completely adorbs in it!
    do they just do a feature on a bunch of homes?
    or do they show prices?
    how does it work?

  15. Darn… I SO wish we had seen it… we watch that show all the time, but not last night… and I have really wanted my husband to see that house and what you all are doing this year to understand why I want to take it over when you move out!! Any chance of another showing?

  16. I saw it by chance – overheard the intro when my husband was watching, then yelped when I realized it was really you! Being a regular reader (and also a reader of Jordan’s blog), I did find the set-up pretty funny, but I still loved it and think your whole family looked wonderful and were so natural in front of the camera (including Baby June!). Two observations:
    (1) I loved hearing Ben Blair. We hear about him through you, but to hear his vouce and comments made him real. What a terrific guy, and terrific couple! :)
    (2) You looked so slim and well-dressed! You should feel really good about how you looked and came across. Did they say your website name? If they did, I didn’t catch it, but I know you mentioned your blog generally.
    Great job!

  17. I’m not a loyal House Hunters International watcher, but my mom and sister are, and we’re visiting them for the week. Last night after putting my kids to bed, I wandered into the TV room, took one look at the TV, and freaked out my mom and sis by yelling, “Oh my gosh! I totally know her!” Which I know is not actually true, but seeing you and your husband on the screen made me feel like I’m friends with a celebrity, lol!

  18. I felt the same way as all the people that have posted. When I saw it I was so excited for you! You all were great….what a magical place you have shared with us.

  19. The show is how I found your blog! I thought your family was completely adorable. We watch a lot and this was one of my favorite episodes. Even my daughter (6) loved it.

  20. ah, SNAP! we love that show and we love reading your blog, i am so bummed i missed it! i set the date to remind me on my calendar for july 8th… can’t wait to see your house and to meet your creative family! {on a side note, my husband and i are thinking of moving to n. ireland for a year with our two children — you have inspired us and we, too, have the type of work where we can work anywhere in the world. we figure “now or never!”… i wonder what kind of house/cottage/castle (!!) we’ll end up in!}

  21. I was so excited to see you that I yelled to my husband “It’s Design Mom! I read her blog every day!” Of course we watch and drool over all the House Hunters International episodes, but it was a joy to see your sweet family and the house too. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  22. Saw it, loved it and your family was beautiful! What’s funny is I was only half-watching the first few minutes, and I heard Normandy and thought, “that’s where Design Mom lives!” It wasn’t until I looked up that I realized it was you!

  23. No TV here in our house (yeah, I know how weird, huh?) so I’m trying to track it down online. But I was glad to have the heads up from co-author who luckily remembered you from BlogHer! :-)

  24. My wife and I are HHI addicts and saw the show last night. We spent our honeymoon in Paris and love France. It was a kick seeing the bargains outside Paris. We thought the ex-convent was also an interesting space, especially that kitchen!

    1. Hi Kevin! If you come back to France for a 2nd honeymoon, be sure to take a cooking class from Susan Loomis in that exact converted convent. It’s such a special place!

  25. That was so much fun! I’m so glad that I had already recorded the episode (love that show), because I don’t think I would want to wait until July to see it. What a treat to see everyone jump off the pages of your blog — I just wish it had been longer. You obviously made a great choice, but it was still a lot of fun to see the former convent. Thanks for taking us all on yet another adventure!

  26. Funny thing…I was telling my best friend about your and Jordan’s blogs on Saturday while my baby and I were visiting her for the weekend. She and I lived in France together, majored in French at the College of Charleston, then she got her Masters in Paris, I married a Frenchman, etc. etc. so I knew she’d love them. I went to bed early Sunday night, so on Monday morning she ran into the kitchen and said “What did you say that blogger’s name is? I think she was on HH Intl’ last night!”. I was soooo bummed I missed it and I told her I’m sure that was you because a few months ago you did that post on the tv crew….how ironic my best friend happened upon the show :-) She’s hooked on your blog now! Do you know where I could watch it?

    1. I think thats an older and different episode! The one talked about here is still playing on TV and probably not posted to Hulu or web yet…

  27. I always watch that show as I am falling asleep but of course missed last night. Will need to watch On Demand or find it when it reruns!!

  28. Hey! Awesome site.. ;)

    Is that house in Normandy near the church still available? was awesome looking and wanted to see if it was still around for sale!

    Glad to see you guys are enjoying France! Amazing that you have so many kids and you made the move! Makes me more brave and think I can do it too with my 2 kids…

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