Halloween Costumes

What to be for Halloween is a year-round topic of conversation at our house. The ideas change week by week. Sometimes hour by hour. I have to enforce a drop dead decision date of October 10th, after which no costume changes are allowed, so that I have time to get everything together.

When they were younger I loved coordinating their costumes. When it was just Ralph and Maude they were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. When it was Ralph, Maude & Olive it was The 3 Bears (Papa, Mama and Baby). Now that’s a no go. We’re all a little too opinionated around here. Last year it was Frankenstein, A Pumpkin, Belle (as in Beauty & the Beast) and A Lion.

This year Ralph wants to be a candy bar. He’s thinking Butterfinger, but he wants to make it spooky by changing it to Blooderfinger. That, or he wants to be a mad scientist. Maude wants to be a warrior from Mulan. Olive wants to be Ariel (as in the Little Mermaid). Thankfully, Oscar and Betty don’t care yet.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes”

  1. Kacy, that’s why if we ever move to Provo, we’ll move next door to you. Then Ralph can just be whatever Ben was last year. And I’ll just check that right off my list.

    Kathryn, we bought the Disney store one. Although I’m having second thoughts. In the past I didn’t mind indulging on the Disney costumes because Olive would wear them basically every day of the year until they were in rags and I considered it a great investment. But she mostly dresses up as a ballerina these days. So I may try to talk her out of being Ariel and into being something else so I can return the dang $50 costume(!) already.

  2. Isn’t it the worst when your children grow to the ages where you just can’t manipulate them into being what would make the cutest pages in their scrapbook? With one at “that age” and one that is still plyable I am staying happy this year!

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