Gift Guide: French Cleaning Supplies

Here’s a small, focused gift guide I think you’ll like. It’s for those of you craving a bit of France, and it’s for those of you who love bringing gorgeous + usable products into your home. There’s an extensive line of personal and home cleaning tools, that are made in France, called Andrée Jardin. Their products are gorgeous and beautifully designed and manufactured.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I want one of everything. And I like that they have choices! It’s not just one handsome dust pan, there are several great-looking dustpans to choose from. Plus, sweeping surely must be more enjoyable if your broom is from Paris, right? I’ll share 10 of my favorites from their product line below.

Their main website is only in French, but you can find some of their products on U.S. Amazon too — I’ll link to double sources where I can, for my readers in Europe and in the U.S.. And you may be able to find these at a small local shop as well! I buy mine from a beautiful shop in our little town called Weemood.

Dish Brush, 4.70 euros
It’s simple, beautiful, and eco-friendly — there are even replacement scrubbing heads. I’m pretty sure this would make me 30% more likely to do the dishes. This is on my Christmas list. It also comes in a little zero-waste kit with soap and a sponge.
Available on their French website
Available on U.S. Amazon

Feather Duster, starting at 22 euros
They have several sizes and options and they are even better in real life. The feather dusters are what caught my eye when I first saw their product display.
Available on their French website
Available on U.S. Amazon

Soap Cube, 4.40 euros
World-famous soap made in Marseille, France. 100% authentic, often copied but never equaled! It’s natural and hypoallergenic, without the addition of preservatives, colorants, perfumes, animal fats, or palm oil. It’s easily biodegradable and non-polluting.
Available on their French website
Similar on U.S. Amazon

Traditional French Dish Towel, 11.90 euros
I LOVE French dish towels — they often have a red and blue stripe woven in that is so dang charming.
Available on their French website
Similar on U.S Amazon here or here

Dustpan, 29.90 euros
There are a few different collections within their products, and I am mostly drawn to the Tradition collection. But I couldn’t resist this dustpan even though it feels more modern. It’s part of the Mr & Mrs Clynk collection, and comes in 7 happy+beautiful colors (there are matching brooms too!).
Available on their French website
Available on U.S. Amazon

Indoor Broom, 39.90 euros
In France, brooms are sold in two parts. You choose the pole/handle and then you choose the brush you want for the bottom. Andrée Jardin has lots of options for both poles and brushes, depending on what sort of sweeping task is at hand.
Available on their French website
Available on U.S. Amazon

Cotton Shower Sponge, 7.50 euros
Use this in the bath or shower with your favorite body wash. It can be washed and reused like any cotton fiber, so it’s long-lasting too.
Available on their French website
Similar on U.S. Amazon

Hair Brush, 35.90 euros
I don’t have long enough hair to require a hair brush, but this would be a handsome gift for one of my daughters. They’re made with boar bristles which are great for smoothing and natural shine, while limiting static electricity. They’re handmade in France — ethical and responsibly — with beech wood and natural materials.
Available on their French website
Similar on U.S. Amazon

Fabric Brush, 10.90 euros
I haven’t tried this yet and I’m so curious. You use it to remove lint and stray hairs from your clothes and upholstered furniture — they recommend it for car seats too. It comes in 3 different colors and is made of natural rubber, so you just rinse it to clean it off.
Available on their French website
Available on U.S. Amazon under a different brand

Box of Matches, 7.90 euros
How are these matches the most charming thing ever?
Available on their French website
Similarly charming on U.S. Amazon

I’m such a fan of great-looking cleaning products. It’s the sort of thing where I touch and see and use the product every single day — so why not make sure it’s something that brings a smile to my face and is a pleasure to use? Plus, if it’s good-looking, I don’t need feel the need to hide it away. It can hang on a hook out in the open, or live on the kitchen counter and I don’t mind.

Do you have strong opinions on cleaning tools? Maybe you favor a particular color or material? (Or maybe you just like whatever works!) If you have any cleaning tools to recommend, I’m all ears.

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9 thoughts on “Gift Guide: French Cleaning Supplies”

  1. I love that I don’t know this brand! I am french ;-) You would LOVE a shop in Marseille called Maison L’Empereur, everything is beautiful and it is a “droguerie”; they have an online shop but the real shop is beautiful. I want a nice broom for Christmas now ahaha.

  2. I found Grove collaborative through you and I must say, I love it! I’d never really thought about enjoying cleaning tools and products, but now I LOVE choosing beautiful and useful things. It’s a small indulgence that I’m privileged to be able to choose. Thanks for the new ideas!❤️

  3. Love this!!!! I just love seeing every day items people use in their countries! I still love the gift guide you put together by shopping at the grocery store and you wrapped everything up in your cute red car!

  4. Beautiful! I also love pretty cleaning supplies but sometimes hard to justify the cost… I can get a beautiful dustpan and broom for $50 or a plastic one for $2. Both do the job.

  5. I have that rubber lint remover and it works pretty great on clothes but the other day I used it on a rug and wow was was it effective!

  6. I suppose everyone knows about using Google Translate.

    It will translate an entire foreign website. You can see the English translation of the French site that DM mentioned. Just copy and paste the French URL and it will translate the whole site into English. The translations are often in charming English.

    Every time I use it I marvel. Like most of what we work with every day, it’s miraculous.

  7. I am seeing these for the first time and am already obsessed. They are so beautiful! Maybe I’ll feel like cleaning again with these hanging on my walls? Nothing else seems to be working…

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