For the Holidays

Look at the dress we found for Betty at Target on Saturday. So luxe looking, no? I love the peter pan collar — I put Betty’s hair up when she wore the dress to show it off. I’m impressed with the lining, considering the price. And it was a bargain.
If you have a toddler-size girl running around your house right now, you should go buy one right this minute. Before they run out.

24 thoughts on “For the Holidays”

  1. What a lovely dress! Looks like "Mad Men" is influencing children's fashion too (in other words – I want this in my size too!)

  2. Very pretty, I was going to make the girls dresses this season but I might just run to target tonight and save time!
    I am new to your blog, former costume/ fashion designer turned full time mom.

  3. I bought this for my baby daughter and thought the same thing – Oooooo, how lux for Target! Vintage looking, timeless and apparently well made. I felt like scored and I can't wait until she wears it.

  4. so cute the dress! No toddler chicas in my house, just a toddler boy. (Boo, they're not as fun to dress in my book & the selection of cool/cute boys stuff is always so lacking!)

  5. I have to agree with the previous commenter, boys clothes are so lacking. I mean they have a huge section of dresses, but I have trouble finding a nice dress shirt for my little boy. Now I have to try and find two nice dress shirts for little boys. *Pout*

  6. I bought the same dress a little over a week ago for my little girl. I just couldn't resist and was worried it would sell out if I waited. I just love it. It reminded me of something from Crewcuts. Enjoy it!!

  7. LOVE THIS!! Had to make a mad dash to 2 Targets but snagged the size I needed!! Can't wait for my 2 year old daughter Pie to wear this!! Classic!! Thanks for the find…as always..YOU ROCK!!

  8. I know, Gabby! I saw this dress several weeks ago. I lunged, grabbed, and . . . put on hold . . . because I was trying to be practical. What a loss.Maybe they still have one.

  9. Is Betty a size 4T? If so, would you be willing to sell me the dress? My daughter needs something “goldy and bronzey” to wear for an upcoming family wedding. I know it’s a strange request, but this dress would be perfect for the occasion. Just name your price!

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