For Rent: La Cressonnière

apple blossoms at a French farmhouse

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Earlier this month, I wrote a post called Rent The Life, all about unusual and picturesque places you can lease and live in. And I received a bunch a funny + sweet emails in response telling me they’d rent my life in the French countryside if they could. : )

Well. Someone’s dream may be coming true. Because the fairytale farmhouse that we’ve lived in for the past 2 1/2 years is available!

Yes, we’re moving home in July, but the homeowners of the farmhouse have decided they’re not quite ready to move back in — they’re going to extend their stay in Australia. Which means La Cressonnière is available starting August 1st! We first found this home when we searched on a site called Sabbatical Homes, and the house is listed there again if you’re interested.

Living here has been such a gift. The house really is extraordinary. And not just the house, the whole experience of living here — buying fresh eggs from a neighbor, fresh milk from another. Goodness, Oscar was baptized in the stream just down the road!

We get really emotional thinking about moving away, but we like imagining another family getting to enjoy this remarkable space. What do you think? Did you get butterflies reading this? (Maybe it’s a sign that you should move in!) Are you up for an adventure in the French countryside?

P.S. — Here are all my posts with photos of La Cressonnière — the older ones share room by room photo tours. Or you can browse my Instagram stream. It’s full of photos of this beautiful place!

19 thoughts on “For Rent: La Cressonnière”

  1. Oh man I am so jealous! I would love to be able to do this! Sadly it isn’t in the cards for me right now but… bucket list!

  2. sounds dreamy! where in the states are you moving back to? i’ve been curious (and maybe i missed the post where you already answered this question).

  3. I’ve been keeping my eye on La Cressonniere (pretend there’s an accent there!). I’d love that so much! It’s been so fun reading about your experiences there. Bon Courage and Bon Voyage for your journey back to the states!

  4. I knwo you mentioned part what solidified the planned eventual return to the US was the fact that the house would have to go back to the owners – I’m curious, if they had said then if they were staying away longer, would you have stayed longer in France? It’s always funny the twisits that life throws us right? I think we always end up where we’re meant to be but it’s sometimes funny what sets the whole process in motion.

    1. Good question. We’ve known for awhile that La Cressonnière was going to be available for another year or so, and we have seriously considered staying. But feel like it’s time to move on to the next chapter of our lives.

  5. We would LOVE to live there! It has been a dream of ours to spend a year in a few different countries.

    Unfortunately I don’t know what we would do for work if we were there :)

    I learned most of the hymns first in French as a missionary and I still find myself singing them first in French and then in English, so I would have no trouble in your ward with that :)

    The price really is amazing! I am so surprised! I thought it would be about 3 times that. When I lived in Geneva that was the price of a 1 room apartment.

  6. HERE I AM!

    I would move in today!! Oh, that is such beautiful place! And I would love to explore this part of France… Ma parents also own such a dreamy place, a “domaine” in South France, where they produce olive oil.

    And I’m also surprised about the monthy rent: this is so low, that you could even consider to do a sabbatical of six months and not earning any money… Subrenting our house at home and just go there. Having more time and maybe starting to think about new projects or dreams in our live? I must have a talk to my husband…

    Thanks for the inspiration! As I said: I move in today!

    And – to be honest – I almost feel sorry for you that you have to move out. How about your children? Are they sad to leave that place – or too happy to return to America?

    1. It is really emotional to leave this place. This has been such a magical time for our family! But my kids are definitely looking forward to the next adventure.

  7. What an opportunity for the right people! I, too, was impressed with the price. Someone (or some family) is going to be very happy living there, especially with all the of the positive, creative energy I’m sure the Blair family is leaving behind :)

  8. I cannot believe the rent on that magnificent place is less than what I pay for my apartment. Must move to France!

  9. Tempting, very tempting! I lived in Cape Town, South Africa for two years while single. The man and I and our daughter love to travel – it would be wonderful to do a stint overseas at some point.

    You just can’t lose by living overseas. The experience is priceless.

  10. helloooooooooooo. i just saw ur posts,photos and description about them and believe me they all are awsem.well as a matter of fact im a travel lover and wanaa have a gr8 tour in europe.if im talking about europe then obviously FRANCE is in my hit i guess i ll have a blast there after seeing ur photos im so sure of that.AND LA CRESSONNIere i wish when i come i get a chance to see and obviously stay in such a nice house.till then w8 for me.

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