Euro S’mores

By Gabrielle.

I know. I know. S’mores are for camping. And summertime! But I crave them in the fall when I’m feeling cozy. (Am I the only one?) I was craving them yesterday, so we bought supplies to make a Euro version. Of course, they aren’t exactly the combination of flavors from my childhood. But they are super yummy.

euro s'mores
euro s'mores

For any of you who are curious, here’s how we do away-from-home s’mores.

euro s'mores

The ingredients are different. There’s no getting around it. In place of graham crackers (which I miss!), we use a Belgian cookie called Speculoos.

euro s'mores

Marshmallows are sold with the candy, next to the bags of black licorice and Carambars. We buy Chamallows, which are made by Haribo, the German company that invented the gummi bear. Fun fact: I’ve never seen a bag of only-white marshmallows in Europe. They are always a mix of pink and white. Pink have a tiny bit of a strawberry flavor. Second fun fact: there are no mini-marshmallows. (But that doesn’t affect our s’more making.)

euro s'mores

For chocolate, we use Milka brand (I think it’s originally Swiss?), the simple Alpine milk chocolate version.

euro s'mores

We put the crackers on a baking sheet with 2 squares of chocolate on each one. Then — and this is the step that makes them heavenly! — we put the cookie sheet under the broiler for 30 seconds.

euro s'mores

The chocolate comes out soft and wonderful. Easy to smoosh with a marshmallow.

euro s'mores
euro s'mores

Some of the kids like them with plain marshmallows, but most prefer roasting the marshmallows on the stove (or over the fire if we have one going).

euro s'mores
euro s'mores
euro s'mores

They don’t taste quite like home — but they’re close! And let’s be honest, the chocolate is a big upgrade to our All-American version. So even if they don’t taste exactly the same, at least they’re crazy delicious.

Have you ever had to find a substitute for a craving? What did you come up with?

euro s'mores

52 thoughts on “Euro S’mores”

  1. In my college days, my roomate and I would make lazy smores, which was fluff and nutella smeared on graham crackers. mmm brings back tasty memories.

  2. This is genius. I have a cupboard full of speculoos and Belgian chocolate. Now I just have to get my hands on some marshmallows (not easy here in Italy) and my family will LOVE me (even more).

  3. I crave s’mores in the fall as well. I always thought that a s’mores pie would be a great addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table. Maybe I’ll get on that this year. Love your blog!

  4. Oh, man, now I’m hungry all over again. We made s’mores this weekend over the fire, but we used Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (the big ones, not the mini-size) for the chocolate. They were amazing, and I’d like another one right now.

    Your use of cookies for the graham crackers reminds me that we used to use Keebler’s Fudge Stripe cookies instead for the little kids–then you don’t need the chocolate bar in there, just a marshmallow, because there’s chocolate on the bottom of the cookies (which we turned so it was all inside). Those are really good, too.

    I’m going to have to go shopping for French s’mores, now. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, they would be so good with Speculoos! Also, have you ever had the Speculoos Cookie Butter? We get ours at Trader Joe’s here — it tastes like the cookie but in peanut butter form. Unreal!

    1. milka belongs to Kraft food and is produced at a number of locations, including Austria, the largest manufacture is in Germany.

  6. Those look better than the American version! And Jillian, you can make your own marshmallows – the ingredient list is pretty basic – corn syrup, powdered sugar and gelatin I think. There are a ton of recipes online!

  7. Oh man I miss the Speculoos cookies! So delicious! We have lots of Speculoos butter we brought back with us from Germany. Have you tried the crunchy speculoos butter?? TO DIE FOR.

  8. These look amazing! So pretty! When our friends lived in Paris for two years we sent them care packages of oreos, goldfish crackers and stuff to make s’mores….but these are way better. What was I even thinking??

  9. I can’t believe I see Milka; I grew up with it. They have them in Target, now. Well, we have tried different kinds of chocolate with s’mores, but nothing works so well as Hershey’s. It melts so well making the perfect s’mores. But I may try melting the chocolate first. Maybe tonight. :)

  10. As a missionary in East Malaysia, we were missing a lot of things, fresh dairy, real bread, pickles….One day I decided to start soaking cucumbers in vinegar with a little sugar…I think I ate 10 cucumbers in 2 days. Anyway, for all that was missing we gained so much, probably everything is available if you are willing to search and and pay like crazy, but I would rather enjoy what’s local, the exotic fruit alone could make up for any craving ;)

  11. ouch.
    First: Milka is NOT swiss, never has been. There is so much better chocolate on the market to do smore’s..ESP. in France! The land of highest quality chocolate. Made my heart hurt, seeing that milka milkchocolate melt.. (I’m being serious, but not really mad, because, in the end everyone’s taste is different, right?)
    Having said that.. S’il vous plaît: go for Lindt chocolate when you shop at carrefour or for michel cluizel, valrhona or other chocolatiers if you can shop downtown or wherever..
    for the crackers we take ” petit beurre” or whole wheat crackers.. and in Switzerland, England, Germany, Austria, Netherlands,..there are mini,regular and XL Marshmellows in bigger supermarkets directly imported.. without the nasty sugary taste from that german brand. Maybe they sell them in France too.
    I’m sorry, if I came across rude.. I’m swiss, that’s not our style, but for a swiss Milka chocolate is going for extra bad taste. ;)

  12. Aah I miss European chocolate! Will have to ask my sister-in-law to send me over some from England :) I love s’mores and think they are appropriate any time of year.

    Great chocolate-covered mouth shots at the bottom, haha!

  13. OMG, this is so up my alley. I did one of my early posts on how I do not like Smores the American way, probably because I grew up in Switzerland.
    I make them with Gingersnaps, dark chilli chocolate and marshmallow. Try it! The ginger and chili really make them special.
    This summer we also made Smores with roasted Peaches added – heavenly.
    We make them all year around now that I found versions that I like ;)

  14. I have tried making british s’mores with mcvities chocolate digestives. I think you have to be American to see the appeal of graham crackers.

  15. oh no, please don’t use milka. thats the cheap stuff and doesn’t taste like chocolate at all. try lindt chocolate from switzerland, here in germany they sell it in every supermarket. i’m sure you can get it in france too.i promise it tastes much much better.

  16. In England I’ve found that the best way to go is to use Hobnobs for the biscuit and Cadbury’s chocolate. You *can* get mini marshmallows here, but again, they’re always pink and white. Though the pink ones don’t have a different flavour, so I’m not sure why they bother with the colour difference.

    We’ve had to re-create pigs in blankets and so we use the pop-tin croissant dough, as per usual, but instead of cocktail sausages, we roast chipolatas and cut them up. That said, most things I like I can still make quite easily over here.

  17. I do the same thing, but put the marshmallows under the broiler, as well! They come out perfectly golden and just a little melty, and then I put the top graham cracker on it. S’mores are definitely a year-round food for me!

  18. Try the “Melo-Cakes”, from Milka too! You can find them in regular grocery stores in France.

    Sure, it is not “home-made” but it tastes sooo good! I can eat a whole box in 10 minutes! ^^

    1. Marthe, you are so right ;-))))
      Best ever!!! And so many creative new flavours on the market in Belgium. The chocolatiers are amazing.

  19. this year while camping we use those little french “biscuits” with chocolat on one side instead of graham crackers…i don’t think we will ever go back to the traditional american way of making smores!

  20. Can you get Bahlsen Leibniz cookies in France? The whole wheat ones should work well for s’mores.

    I made s’mores on a rainy day once by putting the cracker, chocolate and marshmallow under the broiler. The marshmallows really puff up, but you have to be super careful to not leave them in there too long.

  21. Until recently I had never eaten s’mores and an American friend of mine was kind enough to send me graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and marshmallows. I loved it, so yummy, but the chocolate is definitely sub par. So now that I know what they taste like I know how to make a Euro version as you call it. Instead of the Speculoos cookies I use Petit Beurre cookies of the Lu brand. We have them here in Belgium so I’m sure they’re available in France too, then add Belgian milk chocolate and we have stores here that sell all white marshmallows. So so so good!

  22. We’re Americans living in Madrid and oddly enough, Carrefour in Madrid sells all white marshmallows in the baking section (same aisle as the candy in my store) and they are also found in the import section…oh AAAND the party section at times. The options are out there, but pink marshmallows are fun too! Oh and contrary to the anti-Milka comments, I think Milka is perfect for a s’more with the creamy meltiness and the nod to an American Hershey bar. I love the Petit Buerre cookie idea, but I’m not sure it would give that particular graham taste and texture. Yum. I think I’m going to make a run to Carrefour right now!

  23. Milka is the BEST chocolate for s’mores!!!! Ever since we tried them with a few bars we brought back from Germany last year, I snag a bunch whenever I see the brand (which is rarely) now that we’re in the U.S. Our new standard, though, is Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bars, instead of Hershey, because it takes closer to Milka ;).

    Those look so yummy!! I have a feeling I’d like the European version of the graham cracker better, too…

  24. When I was doing my student teaching in England, we taught the boys in the apartment above us about s’mores during one of their barbeques, though we used digestives in place of graham crackers. Now living in China, we can get Korean imported digestives (Diget), and ones that even have chocolate on them already! It’s not enough chocolate for a proper s’more so we supplement with additional squares. My friends and I brought some rolls of digestives, bags of marshmallows, and an assortment of chocolate with us to Mongolia to roast over the wood-burning stove in our gers (yurts). Three British friends were on the trip with us and it was their first s’more experience–talk about a mix of culture–Americans living in China traveling to Mongolia with Korean cookies and European chocolate to eat s’mores with British friends! There’s just nothing like the melty gooey goodness of a campfire s’more, especially on a chilly fall night!

  25. Hi! You CAN find mini marshmallows in Europe ;), you just have to know where to go :D – for example Marks and Spencer carrries them. But yes, they are not so common. But to find good and not very, very, VERY expensive chocolate chips I find quite impossible

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  28. This post is just what I needed! I recently moved to Belgium and summer time has always been s’mores time in our house. :) I have only once gone through the trouble of making homemade marshmallows and graham crackers but that was in the states and to labor intensive. I was wondering how I was going to make some here and your post made my day!

  29. Charles of Egmond

    Wow, that’s eerily similar to my own recipe!

    Personally i use dutch Nizza biscuits (i used the coconut ones but the cinnamon ones are great too) which i believe hold 6(!) pieces of Milka in a 3 by 2 tablet configuration.

    I then add two large chamallow marshmallows per s’more and pop them onto a plate, put the plate inside the microwave alongside a glass of water and microwave them to desired melty level. (10 to 20 seconds?)

    It’s sweet, childlike, overabundant and easy and i love every bit of it.

    Now i think of it, a more “grown-up” version might be cool…

    Some grated Côte d’Or with some lemon zest or finely chopped hazelnuts or maybe a tiny touch of salt or some chilli powder, (as hot as you can find) served with one chamallow on “Jan Hagel” cookies or “kletskoppen”

    Well, i guess i’m off to the stores soon.

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