Flip flops are not very common here. The summer shoe of choice seems to be a pair of Espadrilles. I’ve spotted them at the beach, at the market, and at dinner too.

We found ours at the grocery store (it’s sort of like a Super Target) for about 6 euros. They come in all sorts of colors and are worn by girls and boys, men and women. Have you ever worn Espadrilles? My advice: buy a pair that fits nice and tight — the fabric will stretch a bit as you walk.

P.S. — I remember being in 5th grade and seeing espadrille style shoes by Esprit at the department store. I didn’t buy a pair, but I coveted them!

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  1. Actually, those look very similar to Toms brand shoes –! And Toms are sweeping the midwest fashion trend.

    For every pair of shoes purchased, Toms donates a pair to a child in need. So a stylish pair of shoes does more than just make you look fashionable!

    They’re also doing the same with sunglasses. Check them out!

  2. In South America we have “Alpargatas”. they look like the Espadrilles.
    The alpagartas are very common in Argentina and Uruguay. In Paraguay you can find them in some places. But here everybody prefer flip flops.

  3. I’ve had a couple pair in the past but I don’t think since college have I had true espadrilles… the kind that get totally ‘grody’ by the end of the season, start to fall apart, and stink… ;-)

  4. You know, I’d forgotten about these fabulous shoes. I love them and haven’t had a pair in eons. Much better for me than a sandal because I hate how dirty my feet get by the end of the day when wearing a sandal. I could use about 5 pair of 6 euro cute shoes :)

  5. I picked up a pair of espadrilles from Old Navy a few years ago. Surprisingly, I wore them until they fell apart, and have been on the hunt to replace them. They really are a lovely alternative to flip-flops.

  6. i love espadrilles. that was the shoe of choice growing up in new england. here in the southwest though flip flops are the go to shoe all year round. but i’m thinking i need to get me a good pair of espadrilles. they are rather chic!

  7. I had pink and gray stripped Esprit espadrilles in the 80s. I never did get the hang of wearing them, though. My friend’s mom, who recently passed away, was French-Swedish and in the 20 or so years I knew her, I only saw her in Channel spectator pumps and espadrilles. I don’t think she owned a pair of sneakers and I know for a fact the woman wouldn’t touch a pair of flip-flops with a ten foot pole. This post reminded me of her, so thank you! :)

  8. cute! they definitely seem similar to TOMS, which are SOOOO comfortable. i only have one pair and i want to save up my $$$ for a pair in EVERY color. :)

  9. I had royal blue esprit espadrilles and a pale pink and pale gray striped pair! I was the hardest working babysitter in my neighborhood – I would always play and spend lots of time with the kids so they would like me and I would get asked back so I could make more money for Esprit and Guess!

    I still love espadrilles. What do you think about the Toms wedges?

  10. I had pink and green plaid Esprit espadrilles in middle school, something I splurged on with my allowance money. Totally impractical, but I adored them.

  11. I LOVE espadrilles (as much as my “flop shoes” as my daughter used to call them). Haven’t been able to find a good pair of real espadrilles in years…the kind w/ the woven sole. When I was 18 I had a pair of ruby red ones that I wore until the soles came apart and my toes poked through! Thanks for the nice memory!

  12. OK. When I think of espadrilles I laugh because I had a HUGE crush on a guy in high school that wore them. Now that was in 1989, times were different, but looking back I don’t think he was interested in dating girls. Oh, to be young and naive!

  13. I have a sunshine yellow pair of espadrilles that I bought here in Atlanta from Ann Mashburn (, sourced in France. I’ve worn them constantly this summer b/c they are so comfortable, but thanks to the routine adventures of motherhood, I’ve gotten them filthy. Do you have any advice on how to clean them?

      1. Hand wash them (pre-wash if necessary) trying to keep the sole upwards, so it will stay as dry as you can. I’ve washed some of them in the washing machine, but most of them survive only to one or two washing. Then hang them to dry in the sun, or at least in a very dry place, or they will rot.

  14. They’re fantastic, the only problem with them is that they don’t like to get wet (they don’t like rain, showers, washing machine…): keep them dry! And, for women, the wedges are fabulous, so cheap and so easy to wear. When you go to Spain, look for them, they have them in every shape and colour, the best are the little ones, for girls.

  15. I was just going to comment that these look an awful lot like the Toms that are so popular lately, but it looks like a bunch of you beat me to the punch. :)

  16. when we vacationed in europe the summer i was 14 (celebrated my 14th in manaco! lucky i know) we all had a pair. loved them. would love to have a pair once more but all i can seem to find out here in quebec are platform ones and that’s not happening. have fun in your new shoes!!!

  17. I remember espadrilles being everywhere in Spain, Italy, and France when we lived in Europe. Espadrilles and those grass beach mats are vivid memories for me. Sigh…

  18. I found great espadrilles in all colors and patterns from, they are true espadrilles! I got the red and love them! The guy created them because he couldn’t find any traditional ones in the states.

    1. I bought them when I went to Spain some years ago, from this shop in Calle de Divino Pastor 29, Madrid:
      I hope they’re still open, the website is not updated!
      But there are others, little shops (and workshops) with lots and lots of alpargates (espadrilles).

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