Donna Jean Pack

My sister Rachel recently posted a photo of my Mom as a young mother. Isn’t she stylin? The necktie. The awesome lamp. And I totally remember the suede couch. It was gorgeous — super simple, with clean lines. Man. I have good genes.

Mom, which baby are you holding?

7 thoughts on “Donna Jean Pack”

  1. Gabby, I can’t believe how much you look like your mother. Wow! Great shot. We love and think of the Blair family. We want to be like you.

  2. Today the picture makes me smile, seeing how I tried to be “stylin.” Slightly embarrassing–like you all feel when you see school photos of yourselves.

    Dad bought the couch and the lamp before we were married. Yes, girls, the baby is Rachel.
    Love, Mom

    PS: Thanks for the kind comments.

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