DIY: Easy Half-Moon Pendant

Half-Moon Pendant | design mom

Half-Moon Pendant | Design Mom

By Gabrielle. Photos by Amy Christie for Design Mom.

I’m so excited to share this project with you. Amy Christie and I have been talking about it for months! We saw this gorgeous half-moon pendant necklace by Winifred Grace and we both went all heart-eyes for it. Alas, it’s no longer for sale, but Amy reached out to Winifred and asked permission to try and recreate something similar in a DIY post, and Winifred said yes! Which means, lucky us! We can all learn to make one. We can make one to bling up our own holiday wardrobe, or we can make a bunch and gift them to all of our favorite people.

half-moon-pendant 14

Here’s what Amy says about the project:

With an eight-month old on my hip, I rarely wear jewelry in my everyday life, aside from simple studs in my ears. It can get in the way so it’s easier to go without. However, the holidays inspire me to elevate my attire, step up my getup. From family dinners to holiday parties, I dig out my trinkets and add a sparkle and shine to my outfits.

The half-moon pendant is right up my alley. It’s simple and clean and goes with just about everything. I do not have the skills or materials for metal work but I can create a half-moon pendant necklace with polymer clay and gold leaf. And you totally can, too.

half-moon-pendant 13

Polymer clay is the chameleon of materials; it can be made to look like so many substances. For this piece, the gold leaf does the work, giving the half-moon a metal-like appearance. Add a couple of jump rings and a length of leather cord and this inspired necklace is ready to wear in no time.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own jewelry with polymer clay, this is the tutorial for you. It’s super easy and in no time, you will be all shiny for the holidays.

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Let’s get to it!

Make Your Own Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom


– polymer clay*
– pasta machine or rolling pin
– circle cutter**
– leather cord
– gold leaf
– 4 jump rings, just large enough to allow the leather cord to go through
– cutting blade
– optional – sealant to protect the gold leaf from wear***

*I used gold polymer clay but use what you prefer. Just remember the color will be visible through the gold leaf crackles.
**The cutter I used was about 1.5″ in diameter.
***This article articulates the sealant options for polymer clay depending on the finish

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

First, roll out the polymer clay. If you’re using a pasta machine, roll it on the largest setting. Then cut a circle from the rolled clay.

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

Cut the circle in half. Or, if you want to make a half-moon pendant that is a hair bigger than a half, cut two circles and trim them down as you desire, making sure they are the same.

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

Make two 2-ring links with the jump rings. On one of the half-moons, press one ring from each jump ring link into the clay, as seen above.

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

Position the second half-moon on top of the first half-moon, sandwiching the jump rings. Gently press the two pieces together, making sure they are aligned perfectly and there are no air bubbles. Use your thumb to smooth the seam between the two pieces.

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

Lay the paper-backed gold leaf on the polymer clay and firmly burnish it until the gold leaf adheres to the polymer clay. Cover it completely or leave gaps for a patina look. I only added gold leaf on one side and edges of the half-moon because I like having a “front”.

Bake as directed by the clay manufacturer.

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

Once baked, seal the pendant to protect the gold leaf (this article describes the options). Next, thread a length of leather cord through one of the jump rings. Tie the cord on the jump ring.

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

Thread the leather cord through the other ring, pull it taut between the rings, and tie it over the second ring as well.

Half-Moon Pendant Necklace | Design Mom

You can trim the cord to your desired length or leave it long. You can add a clasp or leave the ends clasp-free. I think the necklace works both long and short so I left off a clasp and plan to tie it to the length I want, depending on the outfit.

half-moon-pendant 12

Then get dressed up and enjoy your celebrations!


Thank you, Amy! That looks totally doable. I’m thinking my teens would love making this as well. Three cheers for the chameleon, polymer clay!

What do you think, Dear Readers? Is this a project you could tackle? And do you like the look of the necklace? If you make one, let us know! We want to see photos.

11 thoughts on “DIY: Easy Half-Moon Pendant”

  1. I always love to make handmade gifts for my friends every year. This is beautiful and will absolutely be my chosen project this year. Thanks Gabby and Amy!

  2. What a beautiful project! I want to get some friends together and have a making night to do this. Also, can I just say how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and respect, giving credit for the design to Winifred Grace and not just asking her permission but letting us know you did. As a long-time reader, this does not surprise me about you, of course; I think you are such a good soul, and you inspire me to be better. I love the community that is DesignMom. superXOX

  3. How nice! It might be pretty if made with a sturdy embossed paper too… I’ve seen some handmade sheets with metallic touches that I would like to try. And I completely agree with what Jess said above about your respect and thoughtfulness in giving credit for the design – yay!

  4. Thanks Gabrielle! I’ve been looking for a simple, yet stylish statement necklace for MONTHS! Hopefully I can find all the materials here in Ireland (boy do I miss Michael’s/Hobby Lobby).

    One question – do you know if the gold leaf will rub off on clothes or is it sealed after baking? Hoping this will last a good long while. Thanks! – C

    1. Great question, Caitlin. The gold leaf won’t rub off on clothing but the pendant could get scratched or worn (especially if a small babe gets a hold of it). Polymer clay itself doesn’t need to be sealed but the gold leaf does need protecting. There are lots of sealant options you can use. This article better articulates the options for sealing, depending on the finish you desire (glossy, stain, matte). I will add the link to the article above too.

      Thanks for your question. :)

  5. Wow. What a lovely & straight forward project.
    I want to make one for each of my three daughters.
    Heading out for supplies right now.
    Thank you!

  6. I bookmarked this the day you published it and finally made two of these last night! I made matching versions for myself and my best friend as sort-of adult Best Friends necklaces. They came out perfect and the clear instructions were a big factor in that. Thanks so much for the post!

  7. Much appreciated Gabby and Amy! I generally love to make carefully assembled presents for my companions each year. This is wonderful and will completely be my picked extend this year.

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