DIY: Alphabet Magnets


Here’s a project that is super easy, that looks great, and that you and your kids will use daily: DIY Alphabet Magnets! With a couple of simple tools, you’ll be making these this afternoon, and your fridge will be a literary masterpiece by this evening.

Since you’re making these yourself, you can decide how many of each letter you would like — extra Ts for everyone! And a set makes a charming gift for a teacher, or anyone who frequents the metal filing cabinet in their office. Did you have an alphabet set on your fridge as a kid? Remember anything special you spelled out?

Let’s get to W-O-R-K!

wood-burned-magnets 1

You’ll find full instructions below, but first here is some inspiration, so you can get excited about all the silly things you’ll write with your Alphabet Magnets:


Ready to get making? Here you go:

wood-burned-magnets 2


wood burning tool
wood burning alphabet set
wooden disks (we used 1″ disks)
– magnets
– hot glue
– rag towel

wood-burned-magnets 3

Attach the metal letters to the heat tool, wait for it to heat and then press it onto the wood disk. Here are a couple things we learned along the way:

– Practice a bit. With testing it out first, you will find a “magic” amount of time that works best for the embossing, making a good, clean, complete burn. Ours was between 9-11 seconds.

– Use the rag towel as a hot mitt while twisting the metals letters onto the heat tool (it gets hot quickly) and a place to lay hot letters while they cool because they are still very hot (or so says the “R” burned onto the top of my dining table). The towel will get singed and burn.

– The letters and the number of duplicates is up to you, depending on what you want to spell.

– It does get a bit aromatic, like a campfire. So, if strong scents bother you, make sure to work in a well ventilated space.

wood-burned-magnets 4

Glue a magnet to the backside of the wooden disk.

wood-burned-magnets 17

Then s-p-e-l-l it out and have f-u-n!

P.S. — Gorgeous DIY etched wooden spoons.

Credits: Images and styling by Amy Christie.

5 thoughts on “DIY: Alphabet Magnets”

    1. True. We’ve only had one non-magnetic fridge, but I remember being frustrated when I realized magnets were no-go. You could also try these on filing cabinets, metal white boards, or even the sides of your over (if the sides are exposed). Some chalkboards are also magnetic, and you can magnetize paint as well — meaning you can make a whole wall magnetic.

    2. You can also use a baking sheet! I’m planning to make a set for a friend’s son to use in the car on their long trips home.

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