Design Mom 2018 Reader Survey Results

The survey! 3472 of you took it. And I’m so grateful for the helpful feedback. I can’t even tell you. I thought it would be fun today to go over a few of the highlights — there were definitely some surprises. At least for me. : )

Come take a look.

Here’s a little about YOU, the readers:

This is one that didn’t surprise me. I feel like I have a pretty accurate sense of reader ages, and this helped to confirm it. Another non-surprise? Almost all of you identify as female.

But seeing this quantified, reminded me of how I feel sometimes when I see comments from men on the blog. They can make me a little edgy because I know the men commenting aren’t regular readers, and they don’t understand that the comment section on Design Mom is not your average internet stop; that they need to bring their best manners, and that it’s a place to share, not to lecture. 

And speaking of the comment section…

I love the honest responses to this question. Some of you are admittedly in it for the drama. Hah! (I don’t think of Design Mom as a very drama-centered site, but perhaps I should invite more tension? Kidding.)

The question you liked most, was probably this one:

At least, I got the most comments about it. You have been reading for a long time! Which is so lovely. Did you know this July will mark the 12 year anniversary of Design Mom? I’d love to do something really special to celebrate.

The results of this question really made me smile:

Holy cow. No wonder I always learn so much from you. Did you know as a group you are super educated? Unusually so? Based on the comments and emails I receive, I can tell you I’m honestly not surprised by these numbers at all. 

The next question feels like the most colorful response, pie-chart-wise, and I’m interested to hear if you have any thoughts about it:

For me, it’s a good reminder that I really do have readers with a WIDE range of budgets. I was already somewhat aware of that — which is why one week, I might have an interiors post featuring Room & Board, and the next week, I might have one featuring IKEA. But seeing this chart really made it clear. I do try to be mindful of every budget when I’m creating features and product guides, though I realize I can’t be everything to everyone.

One more bit of info about you:

Something I thought was interesting here is that a significant number of you are not parents. And I’m not sure why that made me grin when I saw it, but it did. I guess I like the idea that the content I’m creating might have wide appeal. It feels like a compliment.

Now let’s talk about what you as readers are interested in.

First up, you far and away like connecting with Design Mom here on the blog. The second favorite spot is Instagram — with posts being favored over stories. And you have some interest in Facebook posts and the Newsletter. But based on this chart, the blog and Instagram is where I should be focusing most of my attention. Would you agree?

In case you’re curious, I mentioned the survey on the blog, on a Facebook post, on an Instagram post, and on an InstaStory. But nowhere else. Perhaps if I’d sent out a newsletter about it, I would have had different results.

As far as topics you’d like me to cover, here are the ones that received the most votes in the number 5 column (which was basically, YES, more of this, please):

I’ve been sharing home tours for many, many years now. And most of you are still very into them. Good to know. Sometimes I think it’s time to reinvent them, but perhaps I shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

You’re also interested in Home Organization:

Organization is an ongoing project at our house, and I’m glad to know it’s an ongoing project at your house too. I’ll be thinking of ways I can create more content around this topic.

You’re also interested in remodeling projects and before-and-after projects:

I love these too! It’s a great direction for me to grow some content.

But you’re not only interested in design-related-topics. You also gave lots of high marks for travel reports, mental health discussions, and social movement discussions:

The topic that got the most interest? Serious parenting discussions:

And you’re also interested in a book or class on parenting as well. In particular, how to promote positive family interactions (or in other words, how to have a happy home):


As you probably already know, I really love parenting discussions and was so glad to confirm you love them too. I’ll definitely keep these high marks in mind as I develop my editorial calendar this year.

The second most interesting topic to you? With just 22 fewer #5 votes than Serious Parenting Topics? Updates from me:


And while I’m completely flattered by the response (thank you!), it also brings up some dilemmas from a content creation point of view. How much can I share without sharing too much? Where do I draw the line? And how do I give personal family updates while making sure I’m not invading my children’s privacy? It’s a question that has come up for me many times over the last (almost) dozen years, and mostly, I think I’ve found a good sweet spot. But sometimes, a topic will come up, and I find myself shying away from it, or wanting to really restrict what I share. Maybe it’s just part of the nature of blogging.

The other question that comes up when I see this chart: Is there room for other voices on Design Mom (like the lovely women who share their thoughts in home tours), without diluting my own voice too much? I have a deep desire to use my platform to give voice to other women, and to amplify their stories. I’ve experimented in this regard in lots of ways over the years, and I admit, I’ve never quite figured out how to do it best. But I haven’t given up! And there are always new ideas to try. Maybe this year is the year! : )

Here’s one last chart. What surprised me the most? You DON’T want video. You gave a neutral response on Olive Us Videos, and a big no thanks on ALL other videos. Hah! 

Good to know. And don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit. Video is really time consuming to create, and perhaps I can ignore it altogether? That’s not a bad thing. But it is such interesting feedback, because I’ve read dozens of articles pushing content creators like myself to add more and more video to their lineups, and apparently, it’s advice I should not be taking. (Or perhaps I simply haven’t figured out what sort of video you want.)

That said, I hope you’ll forgive me if I still do Facebook Live broadcasts sometimes. I really enjoy them. : )


That’s just a small snapshot of the survey results. There’s a whole bunch more data I’m still pouring over and learning from. Right about now, I’m wishing I knew a consultant that could help look at the data and formulate some plans. (And if you happen to know a data whisperer, definitely send them my way.)

Two more thoughts before I wrap up. On one of the questions I asked for suggestions for other types of content you’re interested in, and a Design Mom Book Club was the overwhelming pick. I am definitely be into that. I’ve never participated in an online version of a book club, so I would need to do some research first to find out what works best. If you have any info, I’m all ears.

And on the last question, which was a fill in the blank (I read Design Mom because…), I just want to say thank you for your responses. I wasn’t expecting such meaningful notes. I thought the responses would be along the lines of “for the home tours” or “to get organized” or “for the discussions,” and there were some responses like that (which is great!). But there were also a whole lot of heart felt, touching notes. Oh my word, I’m starting to tear up just remembering them.

It was unexpected, and really kind. And I just want to thank you for taking the time to send the notes, and to take the survey. I’m so deeply appreciative.

Okay. I think that’s it for the survey report. I’d love your take. Any surprises for you in this data? Anything you feel like I’m missing or maybe looking at the wrong way? I’m very open to your thoughts.

112 thoughts on “Design Mom 2018 Reader Survey Results”

  1. Love seeing survey results. Seriously love the random thoughts because it is so interesting to see and consume media that is different from my perspective but also respectful. I feel that’s hard to find lately.

    The biggest problem with video is finding the content that I actually want to hear. If you had short (2mins) videos, I might be more inclined. Or if you had notes like at 2.5 mins I talk about wigs, 10.5 new products…then I might be more inclined as well.

    I’ve been reading for 9 or 10 years and it’s one of the few I’ve stuck with that long. Thanks for being wonderful you.

  2. I’m going to vote again for no video. I can read much faster than I can view, and I reflect more in the process. I ignore video in most of the blogs I read.
    Ignore the expert recommendations and give yourself permission to focus on the writing and photos that make Design Mom shine.

    1. I agree! I enjoy reading and often find video’s are not as well edited as the written word. So many videos take 3 minutes just to get to the first point of interest. I also read the blog while waiting for a Dr appt or late at night and I don’t want any noise. I would rather read a transcript over watching a video.

    2. I agree with everyone on no video and noted that in the survey! I thought it was just me that didn’t like it but it seems so many feel the same way. I usually read the blog on a 5 minute mental break at work so video doesn’t work for me. And call me old fashioned (I’m only 37 though) but I don’t really get things like vlogging. It seems like people just watch 10 minute videos of other people doing mundane things they narrate. I guess I just don’t have that much free time in my schedule for that.

    3. I completely agree with this. I read much faster than I can watch something. If I’m scrolling through Facebook and click on a link and it turns out to be a video I immediately click back out of it. My husband sometimes emails me video links while at work and I finally told him I never watch them and I’d rather he just summarize them for me later when we’re together.
      Frankly, I just don’t have time for video. Also wonder if it has something to do with your highly educated demographic. We’re all probably more likely to be readers. Results may be different with a different audience.

    4. I ompletely agree with no video. I never have sound on my device and would not like to put on headphones. Plus, I find you can really focus on content if reading. Happy I am not alone in my views! I thought I was just an out of touch middle aged women ;)

    5. So glad I’m not in the minority on video – everyone seems to be moving in that direction (or maybe Facebook is pushing this?), but it doesn’t resonate with me. I typically catch up on blogs at my desk during my lunch break, so I don’t want sound. I do want the ability to skim some areas and spend time with others – I feel I have more personal control with text vs video. Glad you’re not investing more time in Facebook Live videos.

    6. “Ignore the expert recommendations and give yourself permission to focus on the writing and photos that make Design Mom shine.”

      That is lovely advice, Jeanne. Thank you!

    7. So funny, I’m not much into video content either, after all I hardly even watch IG stories. I agree with the others, sometimes it just takes too long to get to the meat of the video and usually I’m taking a quick mental break from work (like now) and prefer to read the material.

  3. Ha – I feel like saying a great big group “We love you, Gabby!” I’ve been reading for years and years and this just confirms why. You have a great thing going.

    On the subject of video/fb live – I like the Facebook live because it seems more personal and makes me feel like I’m sitting across from you (which would be a dream!). I don’t like the idea of a more curated video. It would take away from that informal intimacy. Honestly, I don’t usually watch the entire fb live because of the length, but I really like watching the bits and pieces that I have. I agree with the comments above, I don’t like video because I feel like it wastes my time to have to watch or skip over the extra content to find what I am interested in.

    Again, thanks so much! I love DesignMom. I’ve been reading since I was a college student (too long ago, lol!)

    1. Yes! That’s why I like the FB live option as well — it feels so chatty and relaxed. Perhaps I could do something really short, but daily. Like a 2-minute checkin. But then again, I could also just do Instagram stories instead. (So many choices!)

  4. So interesting! I participated in the survey, but I want to reiterate how much I’ve loved your posts on mental health!

    I have a thought about adding other contributors. I think, if you’re going to do it, we would really need a LOT of priming. Like a whole post announcing that there’s a new writer. Then a whole post talking about where she’s from. Then a whole post telling us her kids names (nicknames) and ages. Then another post talking about religious upbringing, or something like that. I think part of the reason we love your voice so much is because we recall twelve years of context and backstory that help us trust your voice. I get SO thrown on other blogs when a new voice appears and it’s not clear enough who that person is before they start sharing content. Relatedly, I think some kind of header on each post making clear who the author is would be a necessity. I hate having to scroll down to the bottom of the post before I even begin reading to figure out who’s writing.

  5. I agree with the two comments above about video – I feel like I have to set aside special time for that format, whereas reading is somehow different and I can peruse it atany small break in my day more easily … video feels like more of a commitment – you can’t skim! And maybe because I can’t have the sound on and headphones are awkward in most of my daily environments! Overall I’m excited to see that I wasn’t an outlier in my answers – it’s hard to find likeminded spaces online that also have just enough difference to remain an interesting learning opportunity. Thank you!

  6. Hello Gaby! I have been reading daily since 2007. I loved the posting schedule when you lived in France because I knew there was something waiting for me when I woke up. Now I wait until the kids go to bed (NYC)- not my best schedule- which brings me to the video: i can’t turn on the volume because I will wake everyone up! I would need my earphones and they are not handy…or it says the time it will take and I think it will be too long. So I skip them completely. The Facebook lives are never on a good time for me and when I finally organize myself to watch them they are too long and I give up… But I always think you are great for the first few minutes I watch. You definitely do the “internet” really well. I would dare say you are the best blogger around .

    1. I miss that posting schedule so much! It felt amazing to have my posts ready and waiting for my U.S. Readers before they were even awake. : )

      I liked the idea of keeping to the same schedule when we moved back here, and trying to stay a day ahead, but it just didn’t work. So often, I write about something I’m thinking of when I get up in the morning, and then it’s weird to wait and publish it the next day. Maybe I’m just too impatient.

  7. & I am from Colombia so I can’t wait to hear news that you will buy a little farm there or move for a year :)

  8. While I agree, I don’t like videos, I would LOVE a podcast. I can listen to a podcast while driving or exercising.

  9. I have been reading since New York and love your normal posts. But I also love the facebook live posts! It’s like going to lunch with you! You have curated one of the best spots on the internet and your book is every bit as good. Thanks for being such an uplifting person!

  10. Love Olive Us videos. I love really funny videos, like when you can’t help share something that is ridiculous or silly. Other than that, i echo other readers who say that video is inconvenient because reading is faster and and less obtrusive. Women are multitaskers, after all!

  11. Thanks for sharing these results! So interesting!!
    Yes please to Facebook Live. I think they’re fun, too. :)

    I think the income chart is fascinating. I had no idea our family income was so (relatively) low — we are right at the national median, I always figured that made us about average. But in this group, a *much* bigger portion of the pie earns more! (And, for what it’s worth, my husband has a bachelor’s degree and I have a master’s, but I stay home with our young kids.)

    1. Agreed! I was surprised by how high the average income seemed! I would be interested to learn where readers are from, US or abroad, and which state.

          1. Also would be interesting to see if it’s dual income or single income and what the family structure is like. Traditional family, Blended family, gay parents, etc.

      1. Yes! Where people live! I couldn’t figure out a way to ask the question in a way that would create a chart — except to ask which continent people are reading from. But that seemed too general.

        But let me dig in to Google Analytics and see if it presents location in an interesting way.

    2. I wonder how much geography and currency conversion has skewered the results? I live in the UK and when I did the survey i converted our household income into us dollars. In doing that we areat the top of your income brackets. Although our income is good for the UK we live and work in London so it’s very relative as it’s a very highest of living

      1. Agreed. We live in the Bay area of California. Our income here would feel high most other places in the country, but doesn’t go that far here.

      2. In my situation I am in the Caribbean and while we make good money for where we live, we would be in the second-to-lowest band in US dollars.

  12. Mandi@herbanhomestead

    I just loved seeing these results! I’ve been a reader since you lived in NY. Watching your content and voice evolve has been wonderful. And I’m bummed about Olive Us- i LOVE those videos!!!

    1. Well, the good news on Olive Us is people didn’t give it a hard no. Instead, the columns were basically a straight line across. It was totally neutral. So if we want to make a new one once in awhile, I don’t think that will stress anyone out.

  13. Thank you for sharing these results! I teared up when I saw that serious parenting discussions rated so high. We all want to be better parents. Parenting kicks me in the butt and I need help! I’m glad other people feel that way too. Thank you for your wonderful, inclusive blog!

  14. I became a reader during my first maternity leave in 2007. It was a somewhat isolating year, and your blog was exactly what I was looking for but didn’t know I needed. Thank you. I didn’t have a chance to take the survey, but I fit in almost every category’s largest pie slice. I’ll look forward to your celebration of 12 years. It’s such an accomplishment.

  15. I totally get why people don’t want a lot of videos, but I do enjoy your Facebook live videos! :)

    And I am impressed by the education level of your readers. So cool.

    Thanks for sharing the survey results. It’s really interesting to look at.

  16. I have seen you interview through Alt Summit and you are very skilled at it. I would totally listen to a podcast where you interview and amplify voices of women. I think this would solve the problem of having different voices that we don’t recognize on the blog. If you interview them, you are connected which will draw us in. I have learned so much from you. There is an essence that radiates from your work that is something I want to put in a jar and spread into my own life. Thank you.

    1. YES. A great idea to amplify voices and still have Gabi’s voice there. I scrolled right over the other contributors on the blog because she was missing from the conversation. And many of us are here for her voice and thoughts and perspectives because they resonate with us as women, Moms, wives, and humans.
      I don’t mind the videos but i specifically have to find the time to come back and watch them and usually I don’t remember to. Instagram stories are different and I like just checking in and getting a feel for what the Blair’s are up to over the weekend ;).

    2. This is a great idea! I don’t have time to watch video either but I would definitely listen to a podcast, especially with Gabby as the interviewer. I agree that I want Gabby’s voice included in the conversation if it’s going to be worth my time to listen/read

    3. Me too! I especially like to hear real stories about women in business – not necessarily the headline grabbing leaders we all hear about, but women working away in small businesses, tackling new problems everyday. Done in a Design Mom style – honest, relatable, smart – I would so love that in print or podcast!

    4. I LOVE this idea! I have no time for video, but I have a long commute and love podcasts. I would definitely listen to a Design Mom podcast about other interesting women!

    5. I’d also read interviews (and I know they’d be so good). This could be a fun way to bring new voices to your blog, without giving up your own too much. Just thought. I’ve been reading for years and love the site and your respectful, honest approach to difficult topics. I’m not religious, but I’m a still a pilgrim at heart and I feel that you always honor that part of the human condition–in its beauty and complexity.

    6. Oh Katie. I love this idea! I confess, I’ve considered a podcast but talked myself out of it because I got the idea maybe the field of podcasts was too oversaturated. But there’s enough enthusiasm here (and there were a lot of podcast requests in the survey too), that I should at least give it a try.

      Now I need to find a podcast producer that can help me get started…

    7. I’m so glad that others like the idea of a podcast! I suggested that in the survey and hope you’ll consider it. You would be fantastic at it. I especially like how Katie put it: “a podcast where you interview and amplify voices of women” – sounds perfect! I love listening to podcasts and struggle to find some that are a good mix of serious (current events, social commentary) and “fun” (design, lifestyle) – I think you would be great at bridging those topics and finding the right balance, like you do on the blog.

      1. Just a suggestion – check out Design Matters with Debbie Millman. I could see you doing a podcast in a similar vein, maybe with a bit more personal commentary thrown in.

  17. I totally agree with the people who say video is time consuming (and not in a fun, getting lost in the topic kind of way that reading can be) and is not generally interesting to me. It seems like a lot of blogs are being pushed, presumably by experts, to create more video content. I find it frustrating and this results in me not going to those sites as much. (As a side note, I’ve also noticed that some podcasts are adding videos more often too. What is up with that!? I listen to podcasts while I’m driving or cleaning, like a lot of other people do… it’s very jarring when formats are switched on you without warning!)

    Secondly, I’ve noticed that a lot of other blogs are also adding more contributors without being clear about who is writing each piece. Again, this pushes me away. I really dislike going to a blog I like, feeling like something is off, then figuring out halfway through a post that it’s not written by the person I thought it was. I agree with a previous comment… if you do decide to go that route, please make it clear that someone new is writing a post. It never feels good as a reader to feel that the content has switched without warning.

    We all come to Design Mom because we love your perspective and your voice! I completely understand wanting to give other people the opportunity to write, but we do come to this site because we enjoy hearing from you! 🙂

    I hope that didn’t sound negative! I just wanted to echo some of the previous comments and add my two cents. I really enjoy your blog and can’t wait to see where you go from here!

  18. Book club! I love that idea.

    And I also wanted to put in a big vote (again) for your Friday links. I love the round up of interesting, relevant articles and you’ve introduced me to new blogs and sites.

  19. I was curious after seeing the education levels – and then the income charts. If you do another survey, I’d want to know what career fields or industries they work in. I’m curious if we have a lot of artists, writers, designers, etc.

    I like super short videos that are clearly labeled on a topic. Happy, designy with all a quick takeaway. This one is sweet, simple, direct, and authentic.

  20. Hey Gabrielle, I would be really interested in your parenting philosophy personally and if you ever lose your cool with your kids or overreact or how you handle conflict. I do know that may feel to invasive but if you feel like sharing I know others would appreciate it. X

    1. Me lose my cool with the kids? Never.


      The other day, I was putting on my pjs and feeling accomplished and I thought for a minute about why I felt accomplished and it was because I hadn’t yelled at anyone that day.

      Sigh. That’s a pretty low bar for accomplishment. : )

  21. So interesting. I kinda laughed that I have become your absolute average reader, although when I started reading 6 years ago, I wasn’t at all. I didn’t actually take the survey, but as it turns out, I kinda didn’t have to. I agree, no shopping videos! I like your personal insights and thoughts/posts relating to to social issues best. I am always interested in your life as well, and how you parent. I’ve looked up to you that way since I first got pregnant 6 years ago. I’ve become a lot less interested in home tours, though. The people’s stories are interesting, but they often seem too expensive for me (we are a grad school educated under 100k family, apartment dwelling in Europe).

  22. I’m so glad you shared the data from the survey! It made me even happier that I took the survey–that you would be willing to share the information you received. I’m super excited to see the way you write and what you write about this year!

  23. One quick thing that drive me a little crazy about your site is the ads, not the sponsored posts, but the ads, especially the one at the bottom. I find them to be super distracting and make me not want to visit. In the next site ad overhaul maybe consider getting away from that large one at the bottom. I understand you want to and need to advertisement money to make a living but I would rather genuine sponsored posts or side bar ads.

    Just my personal thoughts I guess.

    1. Just chiming in to echo Nikki’s thoughts. Since I only read Design Mom about once a week, I will often open up a bunch of posts in multiple tabs, then read through them one at a time. It drives me a little bonkers that every time I click over to the next post, I have to go all the way down to that tiny “x” to close the ad. It distracts me from the good stuff, and I don’t even have any memory of what the ads are! :-) But that said, it doesn’t keep me from coming back! <3

      Also, I wonder if I'm the only one who experiences this, but when I use my laptop's touchpad to scroll down when reading a post, the page content moves in large chunks (for lack of a better word… maybe it's an "auto scroll" function of sorts?). I can see how some people might like this, but I like to scroll gradually, so I find myself scrolling up-down-up-down-up to get just the right content viewable on my screen. The "auto scroll" makes it feel like the content is running away from me.

      Anyway, just my two cents for the back end design of things!
      Love your blog, always have, and (I'm guessing) always will!

  24. This is so fascinating to me; I was really expecting my answers to be outliers (because on similar blog surveys I answered similarly and *was* an outlier there), but I’m not! Huh.

    In regards to the other women/more voices- I love your and your family’s voice but I also do enjoy other women’s voices. Maybe something like a regular column where one other writers shares regularly on a typical topic, or an interview where we can then hear your voice and another’s voice (I loved someone’s podcast idea). For awhile you did a Day in the Life series that I loved too. I think the reason why that series and the home tour series works is, even though it is different women (or men!) featured, the structure is similar.

  25. Maybe one way to freshen up the home tours might be to solicit families who are going through or who have just done a renovation? I’m about to embark on the process myself and I’d love to hear how other families lived through it, what they were happy with, what they wish they had done.

    For instance, I have young kids now but I know in 10 years they’ll be teenagers, so how do you design a home addition that grows appropriately to accommodate a family of three babies/toddlers as they change and grow over the years? I know we need lots of open concept now but eventually they’ll do homework, music, need privacy, want to hang out with their friends sort of “away” from mom and dad; but also big open spaces for big teen hangouts and pizza parties. Sorry I’m rambling, but I think you hear what I’m saying.

    Also, I love this site. You’ve recommended so many cool resources, like the online courses (taking one is my new year’s resolution!) And bring back the lunch box series. I know food isn’t your primary focus but I often refer to the old posts when I’m in a rut.

  26. I was surprised to see that there was a pretty large group of readers (like myself!) who don’t have children.

    I agree with the consensus that video is not of interest to me. It is time consuming, and I prefer to read than to watch content.

    As for other voices on your site…I would vote no. I come to your site for YOU. Just my opinion, but if I wanted to hear other voices, I would visit other sites. :)

  27. I would say a big YES to your random thoughts and your Friday links. I also really love any post that is on the more personal side with regards to parenting, education and travel. It keeps things “real”. I skip the House Tours and am not too interested in guest posts since I come to your blog specifically to hear your voice. You’re doing a beautiful job!

  28. Just a comment on the home tours – I do like them but sometimes they get a little rambly and I’m less interested in the non-design aspects of the tour. Also the pictures often don’t match up with what the text is describing so it can be hard to find the picture that shows whatever is being talked about. More interested in sources for art/furniture etc. or details of any DIYs the homeowners did. If they’re really long I tend to skip. Might be better as pictures with short blurbs about each picture, but that might just be me! Overall, really appreciate what you do on this blog as a more recent reader (2017) so thank you!

  29. I’ve been reading for years and love visiting! I agree with the interview podcast idea!
    One thought on home tours- I especially like seeing homes that don’t look like they came straight from a catalog. I love getting a peek into homes and lives that seem real and unpretentious. It’s not that I’m asking to see dirty socks on the floor (although I wouldn’t mind,) it’s just that I’d rather see creative and functional and beautiful solutions to interesting living circumstances than large, sparkling and picture perfect homes designed professional interior decorators.

  30. I agree with no shopping videos, but I wouldn’t mind well edited videos on other topics. I enjoyed watching you and your daughter discuss college.

  31. Couple thoughts on the ‘no video’ thing. I vote this way as well. I NEVER watch videos on blogs and, yes, it’s partially because of the time, but it’s also the noise. I read sometimes while my kids are doing their quiet activities and sound coming from my computer is a sure invitation for them to know what I’m doing. I guess I prefer to keep my blog reading sneaky. :)

    However, I will say that I think the biggest (and overlooked here) reason your readers aren’t into videos is because of the age demographic (which I fall into). If you had a younger audience you would probably get a very different response. It is my understanding that video is HUGE with the younger crowd (Millenials, etc). If you are looking to grow that part of your audience you might not want to throw out your videos all together, but know that us more middle aged folks probably aren’t into them. At least that’s how I would interpet the data keeping in mind generational trends, etc.

    And please don’t get rid of ‘Living with Kids’ yet. I sometimes have to go back to read them because they are long, and certainly I enjoy some more than others, but it’s a great series because it allows us plebians to feel like we have something to contribute as well. It’s one of my biggest goals to be part of that series someday. :)

    1. This makes sense of something I’ve been so confused about. One of my kids in is grad school and he keeps recommending YouTube videos for me to watch. I’m 51 and almost never watch videos–they just don’t fit into my life. I hadn’t realized there was such an age/preference difference. Thanks!

  32. I thought of an idea for a series or course I would be interested in: Design 101 for people like me who have no education/background in design. I love looking at beautifully designed homes, but I often don’t understand what I’m looking at and what elements make it “work.” I lack the vocabulary to be able to identify design styles and don’t know how to describe “my style.” It’s also challenging for me to put together a room myself without falling back on copying a picture I found on Pinterest. Maybe more of your readers do have a solid grasp of basic design principles, but this is something I would appreciate. I also would love a post with tips for how to find and hire an interior designer.

  33. Hi Gabby, thank you so much for sharing these results. Really exciting to see what an inspiring group of ladies we are all a part of! If you are serious about having someone help you gain more insights from the data, I have more than a decade of marketing and market research experience at Fortune 500 companies and would love to roll up my sleeves and help!

    1. I am serious, and I also don’t want to waste anyone’s time. You know? Should I be getting more out of these charts and results? I have no idea. Based on what you’ve seen here, if you feel there’s more I could be learning, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me (designmom @

      Or if I’m overthinking this, then just ignore me, please. : )

  34. I love the live FB videos! I was going to ask why you don’t do them anymore because I miss them. And I do watch/listen to the entire video. It’s like catching up with a friend.

  35. Interesting to see how others feel about video! For me it’s the same. My problem is: when? Like when do I have time to watch a video? Right now as I’m typing this, my kids are playing. If I were to turn a video on….poof….it’d be surprise egg videos for the next 20 minutes. I consume internet content in small snippets and often I can’t have the sound on or my kids would get distracted or my husband would ask what I’m watching 😂😂😂. It’s just not super convenient. Usually if there’s a video I really want to watch I will bookmark it or keep the browser open and come back to it at night when I have more time to focus.

  36. I’ve been reading since you lived in France. While I’m not a parent I think one of my favourite series was the birth stories, there is just something magical about each of them so I never tire of hearing them. I also lived in Paris and now New York so I think your families view to living in other countries really resonates with me. Thanks for creating such interesting content!

  37. Hi Gabrielle,

    love you honesty and humility with this post.
    Just a quick remark on the income section, because the resullts might be bias due to a varaible not taken into account: the income country. For example, I’m from Portugal, and surely, the income i get here is lower than the income I wold have if I worked in the States.
    Do you have any idea of th localizations of your readers?

    Keep up the good vibes!
    kisses from Portugal,

  38. These results are so interesting – thank you for sharing!

    I did take the survey, so my feelings are included in the numbers you are now studying.

    I’ve been reading since New York. I had a hiatus when you had the regular contributors. I was so disappointed when I realized you weren’t posting as much. I would check in periodically to find your posts. Even though the content was probably aimed at me, I just wasn’t interested in posts that weren’t from you. I’m sure that’s unfair of me, because the very few contributors’ posts I did read were lovely, but I come to DesignMom to read your content, not that of others.

    My reasons for not ever (like seriously e v e r ) watching videos on blogs are all included above. The biggest reasons are time and not wanting to draw my kids’ attention. That includes IG stories.

    I love the Friday links, the living with kids, and the Olive Us shows. With the last, I need to go back and watch them with my kids.

    (I guess I just contradicted myself about videos, but kid-friendly ones are the single exception because in those cases, I actually *do* want my kids’ attention.)

    A few months ago, the choices for “share this post” (twitter, etc.) became permanently expanded. One day it was fine and the next it was there with no solution I’ve tried making it collapse. The options block the title and the start (pic or text) of the following post. Is that just my browser, or are others having that issue?

  39. I’ve been reading since New York, and yours is the only blog that I have regularly visited that entire time!

    I agree w/ no videos – just too much of a time commitment.

    But I do want to share that I love the home tours! I love the stories, but I also love getting a glimpse into the homes/lives of others. We have just recently moved (an international move) for the third time in four years. We have five kids, preschool to teen, and this move has been an organizational nightmare . . . but just the other day, I pulled up about ten home tours and just looked at all the pictures, reminding myself that people LIVE in their houses and that it’s ok if ours looks like we live her too but also getting ideas about how to put our life back together (out of all the boxes & shipping mess!) I gathered a couple ideas and felt so much more encouraged! So thanks for that – and thanks for all of those who share their homes too!

  40. I enjoy the home tours, but I would love to see more diversity in the families. So many of them begin with “I met my husband in college, we had kids and then I decided to stay at home/run my own part-time creative business…”

    I would love to see more single parent families, people who had kids late in life, two mom or two dad families, families with stay-at-home dads, military families, multi-generational families and female breadwinner families. When you have branched out into some of these areas, they’ve been my favorites,

  41. I love this! I’d like to add my own fews: I read Design Mom because as a young mom and women and wife who wasn’t brought up under any belt of “faith or religion” {I always felt different } I think it’s easy to assume judgement about you being LDS (and not necessarily YOU Gabby but ALL in a common conservative religion .. I love that it is a window into real life! Everyone worries the same, wants better, try’s harder! You guys do so many amazing things for your family, for your marriage , yourselves and I just CANT! I can’t .. I love it! It’s inspirational & I adore watching you raise your kids with so much gumption and free thinking ! ❤️

    Sidebar: also love the travel stuff… especially France! Dream city! My kids are in French Immersion and I cannot wait to take them there one day!

  42. Thanks for the opportunity to share our input! For some more explanation… I voted for no videos because they are not conducive to where/when I tend to ‘consume Design Mom content’ such as at work when I need a quick change of pace or at night while nursing or getting kiddos to sleep. :)

  43. I like that this site is from your perspective and think that if you do too many guest posts/other types of posts from other’s points of views you risk losing that. But, what would be great to see is some recommendations of other similar blogs. It is so hard to find art/style/parenting/design blogs to follow. I would probably read more blogs but don’t know how to find them. If you gave recommendations/shared what your readers are blogging about/blogs others are reading that could be a good way to share while still sharing in “your voice”.

  44. Thank you so much for this results. A pleasant surprise for me to recognize myself in the “average profile” of your readers. Like Susana, I think it would be interesting to know where your readers are from…
    I agree with the “rather no/little video” trend, because it is time consuming, also I like to read your blog because I think you are a talented writer, by comparison the videos do not do you justice (I hope this does not sound too negative). I would enjoy other voices of course, as articles or column or interviews!

  45. No video because I often read the site when I am not at home. Even if I’m interested in the video content, I usually am not so interested that it’s worth digging around for headphones.

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