Chateau Medavy

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On Father’s Day, we were taking an afternoon drive and happened upon Chateau Medavy by accident. It’s a grand old building and you can pay a few euros to take a tour of the interior, but we were delighted to just walk around and enjoy the grounds. I thought the round outbuildings (apparently, former towers) were the best part.

I would say happy accidents like this are one of the big differences between living in a place and visiting a place. Chateau Medavy is beautiful and it’s definitely a place we’d love to share with houseguests, but if you’re only going to be in France for a week, and there are places like Chateau Versailles to visit, Medavy is probably not going to make your list. : )

16 thoughts on “Chateau Medavy”

    1. Grandeur is the perfect word. I’m not sure what the story is, but there are forests all over the place her in Normandy (maybe throughout France?) that have been planted in neat orderly rows. It’s beautiful and fascinating!

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine just “happening” upon Chateau Medavy! What a hidden treasure :) Every single day you & Jordan make me increasingly envious of your lives … thanks for sharing your life with us!

  2. Charming charming photos. Thank you so much for sharing these discoveries!

    I know – let’s pretend that I’m coming to France to visit and we’ll plan a day to visit Chateau Medavy (since I’ve been to Versailles many times… ). We’ll pack a picnic lunch with crusty bread, soft cheese, and sweet berries. Maybe a few surprise pastries too. To celebrate our adventure, maybe we’ll even splurge and pay the few euros to see the inside. We’ll create an “I Spy” or a “Home Decorating” game to play with Oscar and Betty and have the most fabulous hour exploring. Then we’ll sit down under a tree with our sketch pad and pencils to draw a few images of what captured our imaginations. I’ll wish my drawings were as good as Maude’s, and Maude will wish her’s was as good as Ralph’s, and Ralph will be thinking his didn’t look ANYTHING like what he was going for… but Olive will say her’s is exactly as she imagined. She’s just good that way. Right? Right. :-)


  3. lovely indeed! this post reminds me of why i want to live in Europe for a year or two sometime…visiting a place just doesn’t allow such wonderful discoveries.

    great photos!

  4. This post is the very reason I’ve always wanted to live abroad…for just a year or so in each place, skip around the world wherever my heart leads me. It’s the unknown. The discovery. The adventure. What a beautiful gift you have given your family by doing this. And thank you or sharing it with us all!

  5. I’m very impressed that you’re able to be completely present to new places and ideas and experiences. Wish I had been more “present” to many places
    we’ve visited. ….seems we were always in a hurry to be someplace else.I”m grateful to have the blessing of being completely present with you.
    Anxious for report on Maude.

  6. I love the shaped trees. They look so dainty but I imagine they are pretty big in real life? I remember seeing trees like this in Vienna and they were massive!

  7. What a lucky accident! I had friends that lived in Germany for a few years and every weekend they would go “castle hunting”. I would be in heaven (either chateau OR castle hunting) .

  8. It’s crazy ! My father is from Medavy and I was there on holidays during my whole childhood playing in the fields with all my cousins ! I visited le Chateau de Médavy and le Chateau d’Ô so many times ! It’s so weird to read the name of this tiny village that no one knows on your blog !!!!!!!!

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