Celebrations: Family Movie Party

By Gabrielle. Amazing Movie Marquee by my sister at Oh Happy Day.

I’ve got another Celebrations video to share with you! I think it’s a cute one. It features the whole family (plus pajamas and a trombone solo), and it’s all about turning an average Friday night into an Epic Family Movie Party. Also, I hope you like the sound of my voice, because I talk and talk and talk throughout the whole video.

If you want to create your own special movie night, you’re in luck, I put together a collection of 15 movie-party sources over on Babble just for you.

And now it’s your turn: What are your movie party traditions? And more importantly, who gets to decide which movie to watch? How about You’ve Got Mail? : )

P.S. — Fun fact: this was actually the first Celebrations episode we made, but I didn’t want it to get lost in the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas rush, so I’ve been saving it till now.

48 thoughts on “Celebrations: Family Movie Party”

  1. I loved this Celebrations video. My kids love helping out with the snack bar. We’ve started a new tradition in last several months. Every Friday is pizza and movie night. This kids look forward to it, and now I always have a dinner plan.

  2. This was great! I’m going to step it up a notch! I love the idea of the tiny little bowls for candy so they can help themselves. Great ideas! Thanks so much.

  3. ADORBS! :D Thanks so much for this awesome movie…I don’t think I’ve ever heard your voices before…also, thanks for the great movie suggestion! :D

  4. We love movie parties at our house. I don’t know why I’m so weird about voices, but I hadn’t really heard yours before and it surprised me. I thought you’d sound different. You sounded nicer than I thought, isn’t that funny?


    Everything from the lighting, to Ralph and his trombone and little June on Ben’s lap. But my favorite part was your narration. It’s just like when we’re sitting at lunch chatting. Especially when you read your final nugget, it was just like when you gab with me.


    1. Oh Isabel! You say exactly the right things. Thank you.

      You know I really want these videos to be great, but I’m so unpracticed. Jordan and I were chatting about how to get my voice to sound more natural and chatty — because I can’t help but get stiff and formal when I’m being recorded. So your kind words are super reassuring. Seriously. You are the best!

      I hope it’s just a matter of practice and experience. : )

  6. Such a sweet video. How do you choose a movie that interests and is appropriate for such a variety of ages? I would love to hear a few suggestions…

      1. Yes, please do! I was going to post the same request. It’s so hard to come up with movies for kids (and adults) of all ages, I’d love to hear your suggestions! (We usually go for classic musicals and comedies…)

  7. This is such a lovely video! And it’s so true about a tiny bit of extra effort going a loooooong way – not just with kids! If girlfriends are coming over for a chat + movie, you wouldn’t believe how picking up seasonal sweets or childhood favourites – just from the supermarket – makes everyone super excited and thrilled. Grown adults!

    And that trombonist is just the coolest :)

  8. The totally cool PJ styles, the helpers galore, and the SMILES make this the best idea (video or otherwise) ever on the internet. really.
    Give your fam high fives all around from me – they are AWESOME!
    Can’t wait to be dazzled and inspired more this year from you all. Thanks for sharing from the heart.

  9. When our dad was deployed last time we would have movie nights when everyone was home. With the upcoming deployment, Dan and I have planned movie marathons for weekends when we don’t have other plans. We’ve compiled a list of different series to watch. I’ll be using some of these ideas to give those nights a little more meaning and identity. Thanks Gab! Cant wait to see you at ALT.

  10. I have to tell you, this one brought a tear to my eye (and I’m not pregnant, or usually emotional, either! Ha!). You are beautiful inside and out, and I feel grateful for everything you are doing (consciously or not) to model that being part of a happy, loving, creative family is actually the coolest thing ever! Thank you! ps. are you adopting people? Can I add my name to the list, too?!

  11. This was *so* cute. Simple, thoughtful tips that really left me thinking—yes! I can do this. Even for our date nights at home. I can always get behind some good snacks and general fanfare. :)

  12. Thanks for sharing your insight on movie night. My family and I have one too with similar special popcorn containers. But my 10 year old daughter always makes movie tickets for us out of post it notes. I never realized until reading in your post about your trombone-playing son that she is adding her own touch to our tradition. I am going to appreciate her efforts more. Thank you for snapping me out of it.

  13. Thankyou, Thankyou for this inspiring post. When I suggested to my teenage son we watch a movie together there was abit of eye rolling going on. I won him over with a trip to the shops for popcorn ,lollies and icecream. We came home rearranged the furniture and set up our bowls. I did the big TA DA in front of the TV (having no Ralph and his trombone!). We snuggled down and had a lovely afternoon. Now I can’t wait to do it again with the whole family.
    I can highly recommend We bought a Zoo.

  14. You guys are just too awesome. My family would love to be adopted…and come to France. Is tomorrow good? :) We do movie nights too, but seem to be running low on good family friendly movies. We are a bit protective of what are little ones watch. Do you have some favorites you’d suggest for mixed ages? I’d love to hear.
    Thanks for all the fun inspiration.

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