Cachou Lajaunie

cachou la jaunie breath mints french

cachou la jaunie breath mints frenchcachou la jaunie breath mints french

Here’s a fun little thing to show you. I was looking for a breath freshener and saw these at the supermarket. They’re called Lajaunie and they’re made in Toulouse. The “mints” are black bits — they look so small but have quite an impact. Very intense. The taste is somewhere between licorice and mint. I imagine the main ingredient is anise.

Pretty packaging. To get out the bits, you twist the top and bottom till a little opening appears. The mints in the container make a nice shaking noise, so June thinks it’s a rattle. Want to try them? You’re in luck.

cachou la jaunie breath mints french

16 thoughts on “Cachou Lajaunie”

  1. hi hi, these are reaaally old French mints! But thanks for pointing them out as I never really noticed how great the packaging was (probably because I’ve seen them all my life). Kisses from a Parisian mama xx

  2. My grandpa had something similar in his breast pocket when I was growing up. They were called Sen-Sen… and I loved it when he would share them with me.

  3. My dad used to have something like these when I was really little. But they came in more of a tic-tac shaped box. We LOVED them. Doesn’t licorice seem odd for a breath freshener?

  4. coming from a dutch family there were always things like these in somebody’s pocket, black licorice being the treat of choice. I always found them remarkably disgusting ;)
    However, I do love a good dubble zout dropje. Which is a very salty licorice, and causes the uninitiated to retch and gag and the superdutch to lick their chops. yummmmm.

  5. Watch out! These will turn your teeth black…and they’re actually eaten as a stimulant or appetite suppressant. Although they have a licorice taste, they’re made from an Areca palm tree resin. Don’t give them to the kids! Bonne continuation!!

  6. Michele outhwick

    I have been unable to fnd the Cachou LaJaunie bits anywhere in Missouri.
    Is there a distributor in the Kansas City area?

  7. This past week my mom sent me 6 boxes of stuff that have been in storage for 23 yrs, since I moved out west from Montréal. Just found one of these tins and really had no memory of them, or what the heck the ‘weird black stuff’ was in it, ’til now. Was pretty excited to discover they’re licorice, but now thinking it’s probably not a great idea to suck on 23 yr old mints. :) haha

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