The Bubble Wand in My Head

The kids and I had a perfect summer moment in the backyard this afternoon with a bubble wand. I love the new wands available. When I was a kid, it was just a little bottle with a tiny wand and it took lots of practice to actually get bubbles to blow through the little hole. Now there are a million different wands in cute shapes (ours is a ladybug). Just wave and go. Even my toddlers can manage it.

I would love to give bubble wands as a party favor at a BBQ or outdoor summer event. But I don’t want to give out a plastic wand. I want a wand made of metal with a wooden handle and maybe an oversize jewel-like bead at the end of the handle. I could put the bubble solution in pretty bottles or even vintage canning jars with a cool label. Someone should manufacture these and sell them at Smith and Hawken or in the Sundance catalog.

2 thoughts on “The Bubble Wand in My Head”

  1. Gab,

    I feel way more artistic and classy when I look at your blog, your home, your kids, and on and on.

    We should get Bam, bam, bam. We also love a book about Anansi the spider.

    One of things I’m most impressed with is how artsy you make things look whether you get them from emeco or from a random surplus sale.

  2. Jim, I’d say half of my favorite kids books have been gifts from you and Traci. For example:

    -The Reluctant Dragon
    -My Father’s Dragon (By the way, what’s up with always giving us dragon books?)
    -Ferdinand (Traci recorded this for us and I immediately bought the book. I love it.)

    And now we love listening to Just So Stories. Thank you.

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