Big News!

Friends. I can hardly believe it. I signed a book deal!

Hooray!! I’m crazy happy about it. I’ve signed with Artisan Books. They’re the publishing house responsible for the super successful Design*Sponge at Home. As soon as Alt Summit is over, I’ll be busy researching and writing and working toward a deadline. Makes me feel author-y just saying that. : )

I’m so excited, so flattered, and mostly, so intimidated.

Internet high-fives all around!

Image by Sadie Harris.

173 thoughts on “Big News!”

  1. I’m so not surprised, woman! You’re amazing and lovely and creative and probably won’t write like I just did! I cannot wait to pre-order your first book!!! Best wishes! xoxoxo

  2. Whoo-hoo!!! I’m so excited for you, Gabrielle! This is the wonderful outcome of all your hard work and generosity. Your blog has been a blessing in my life, and I’ll be happy to support your book in whatever ways you need. :-)

  3. Christine Barker

    Congrats. With the title I thought it was news on your visas…this is much bigger :)

    Look forward to hearing about the book and reading it once it’s out.

  4. Who better? I feel like YOU starting all this mom-blogging-popularness. YOU are the center of the universe. :)

  5. You can hardly believe it, yet your readers aren’t surprised at all! I’m already eager to read it. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations! That is fantastic news! While you may feel intimidated, I (along with the rest of us readers) have no doubt you’ll do a fantastic job on the project.

  7. Two thoughts. No, three.
    1. Good for you!!

    2. Why do we value a published book over a published blog? We do, don’t we?

    3. Why is publishing a little scarey? : ) Maybe because if you make a mistake, you make it 3000 times–or however many copies. And then, it’s in black and white–unlike speech which disappears in the air, or else can be reworded or rescinded if we’re sorry. It’s not like the internet. Cyberspace feels, is, ephemeral. (Did I just answer #2?)

  8. I was thinking yesterday that I need to tell you how much your blog has helped and inspired me and continues to do so. A book deal says that SO much better! I can’t wait to read it!

  9. Ohhh! How exciting… It is such a wonderful process and in many ways feels like giving birth to another baby. I can’t wait to o read it! Congratulations…

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