Friends, today I’d love to hear your thoughts on beards. Ben Blair is sporting a very handsome, very red one(!) right this minute. And do you know what? It’s his very first beard ever!

Probably because my dad almost always wore a beard (and I have fond memories of watching him with his beard trimmer), I’ve never thought beards were unusual, and in fact, have always found them handsome. But I know many women (and men!) can’t stand them.

Last night I told Ben Blair that I was quite fascinated that he could so completely change his appearance in just a few weeks. If someone met him for the first time last month, they would have a very different first impression than if they met him today, because beards seem to make such a statement. Isn’t that interesting?

Where do you fall on facial hair? Has your husband or boyfriend ever grown a beard? Do you prefer a man clean shaven? Or maybe with some rugged five o’clock shadow? Have you ever kissed someone with a beard?

P.S. — I also have to say that your comments on the beauty post are amazing. I keep re-reading them!

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  1. Ben Blair looks really, really great with a beard I must say! It really suits him and looks like it’s just supposed to be there. My husband is currently sporting a mustache for Movember, which I’m not entirely in love with but I reckon if he had a beard too it would look a whole lot better. My Dad has always had a beard, I’ve never seen him without it, it’s such an integral part of him. I agree with annabelvita, men with beards do tend to look kind.

  2. My husband looks fantastic with or without his beard! He just looks a bit younger without it, but I find him gorgeous either way.

  3. My husband has kept a beard consistently for the past few years and I LOVE it. He looks so handsome with just the right amount of ruggedness. ;) Ben Blair looks great in one too!


  4. My husband is currently sporting what I like to call a “mo-beard”, some call it “the trucker”. While I am fond of a full beard, it is currenttly against the rules of participation for Movember.

    Here in Canada, it’s the perfect time of the year for sporting facial hair – for all sorts of GOOD reasons!

  5. Wow! Ben Blair looks so different with his beard! :) I love clean-shaven, I don’t mind beards… it’s just the middle bit that’s the annoying part. The stubble! It hurts my chin when we kiss :P

  6. I think Ben Blair looks brilliant and friendly and happy! He looks that way’
    without a beard also! Love Y’all anyway and all ways!

  7. well, so many girls like beards. unfortunately, i cannot stand them. i think it is rather disgusting to kiss….and i’m not sure they look all that great either. my hubby has AWESOME five o clock shadow….that i absolutely adore. his head is buzzed at a one, and with the shadow, i always dream that i have my own Beckham. but unfortunately for me, he lets it go for a week at a time (shaves for church) and i don’t like kissing him at all by friday.

  8. Beards are SO COOL! I wish I could be a dude and grow one. Ben Blair’s looks great! My boyfriend tried growing one for about two weeks but he said it itched too much :( But he pulls on his whiskers! Kind of like the way I twist my hair when I’m at work. It drives me nuts because he ends up making his beard all patchy. Oh well. I really like how smooth his face is right after he shaves! But that rugged look is just dreamy.

  9. My husband stopped shaving almost a year and a half ago and ever since I have told him that I definitely love him more than I used to! :) He has a permanent ten o’clock shadow that I am hoping he will never get rid off.

  10. My husband can only grow a mustache and goatee, and since I hate shaving my legs (I had laser hair removal to get over that hurdle–LOVE IT), I have no issue with him not wanting to shave his face! He still cycles through shaven and unshaven, and both give me the tingles cause he’s just SO HANDSOME either way!
    I think some facial structures look better with different facial hair styles, of course, just like the hair on top of your head, so to make a blanket statement for others like, “Beards are always icky” just shows that’s you’re not a very thoughtful person. I think Ben Blair’s beard is a very handsome improvement!

  11. My husband looks great with a beard, but I only like it at the very beginning when it looks scruffy (sexy) and then when it is longer, at least a few weeks grown out and it feels softer & warm on my skin, nice on cold winter nights. He grows one every time there is an outdoor excursion like rafting or hiking. Then a couple of months down the road it is always exciting when he shaves it off! He really is a fox! Bottom line: Change brings spice into life! Your husband looks great with a beard too~~~

  12. my husband grows a really good beard. especially convenient in winter…i will say though, only downside is our son has sensory issues and he’s more squirmish near his dad

  13. My husband usually keeps a small goatee, but has gotten in the habit over the last few years of growing a “Christmas Beard” in the month of december. He makes sure to keep it very groomed, so his cheek and neck are clean, and I think it really handsomely frames his jawline. As far as smootching goes, when a beard is in the early days, it can be fairly cactus-like. And my husband has told me that early on, a beard can be really itchy too-so it sounds like we both just need a few days for a beard to get to that happy point.

  14. Ben Blair looks awesome! Distinguished, even! My hubby has a GORGEOUS beard, auburn colored and soft. He shaves it every few years, and it’s like having a different husband! It always makes me laugh. I do like to be reminded occasionally of what his actual face looks like, but I’m hoping he keeps the beard forever. Side note: my brown headed father has sported a RED mustache since high school. My hand drawn pics of my family from when I was young always include his red stache:)

  15. Love it. He looks so mature and strong! Beards exude manliness and also have this air of mystery about them, which I find verrrrrry attractive. My own DH has trouble growing a full one and it looks bad, but wow, if someone can grow one in well, it’s an asset.

  16. My husband came back with a beard after our Alaska vacation. (Not many opportunities to shave and it was cold). :)
    I told him he needed to keep it…I was surprised how much I love it!
    P.S. Handsome beard Ben Blair

  17. my hubby has had a beard for most of this year, due to the birth of our 2nd baby (he had a long paternity leave, so no shaving). he has had a goatee since college. i love his nice short beard. once it starts getting scraggly, i don’t like it. he documented the shaving of his scraggly beard earlier this year and it was hiliarious. he did about 6 different types of facial hair as he shaved from chops, to a tiny mustache. he is very funny and the progression of facial hair series is probably one of the most comical things I have ever seen him do. you should get ben to shave it in different forms for the kids. they would love it.

  18. I almost always prefer a man with a beard. My BF of 4 1/2 years was beardless when we first met but grew it soon after and has never looked back. The only facial hair I can’t raelly get behind is the solo moustache – only certain super hipsters can pull it off, in my humble opinion.

  19. Wow… Perfect timing for the beard subject. My husband has been growing his beard for over a month. At first I thought it was a few weeks tial, but a few weeks turned into a month. I was quite at first but I hate it how he looked. I wanted my husband back. I felt like he was a grandpa. So, finally yesterday I got my handsome husband back. I wanted to kiss him and don’t let go. I hope he will never grow a beard again.

  20. The beard suits Ben Blair very well. :)

    Beards are appropriate for fall and winter months but should transition to a ‘stache/goatee for warm weather. It’s just a rule I have, like you should never wear a knit sock cap when it’s warm (never “cool” on anyone).

  21. the husband is currently working on a brigham young-length beard.

    for me: i prefer facial hair, but it’s a matter of form over function. i love the way it looks, but not the way it feels.

    for him: he’s got sensitive skin and works out in the cold during winter, so it suits him just fine.

    and his beard is very red as well. his other hair, not so much.

  22. Pro beard! My husband has tended to shave his beard every February on his birthday (we’ve only been married for 3 of his birthdays) and for the first two I cried when he did it. I don’t know why I cared so much (he said it’s equivalent to me cutting off several inches of hair and he doesn’t get upset about it). I mean, he’s right, it IS his face–not mine. I think I cared because he’d had a beard ever since we had met and it does totally change the way he looks when it’s all gone, so it felt like I was looking at a stranger. I’ve since gotten past that (this year for Halloween, he was Tobias from Arrested Development–shaved to a mustache, and the next day everything had to go to start over–just in time for No Shave November.) Ben Blair looks good with a beard, I agree!

  23. When my son was born last December my husband, not having to go to work, let his beard grow. He’d done this on vacation before and never got past the scruffy stage-shaving before returning to work. But through the newborn fog came and went the scruffiness and ended with a rugged handsome man! I’ve forbade him from shaving it I love it so much. It’s almost been a year now and I hardly recognize old pictures of him. I show my son pictures of my husband without the beard and the poor kid doesn’t even recognize him! Never thought I’d love a man with a beard but here I am embracing it!

  24. My husband grows a beard every winter and by grow I mean, lets it grow very long and full with only an occasional trimming/shaping. He seems to have started a trend in our ward even. His beard is always very impressive even to me but especially to the men. His beard is very red too! I usually love it until he decides he likes to let the hair above his lip grow long, then I don’t like to kiss him anymore because who wants to kiss hair (?) and he knows its time to trim or shave. By then its usually springtime and he’s ready for his skin to see the sun. I am looking forward to his beard this winter. Beards are sexy, manly and very rugged and I like it!

  25. No thanks to the full beard. But I love me some scruff! Goatee, good, mustache, eww. As much as whisker burn hurts, I think the range between clean shaven and no more whisker burn (bc it’s so long) is the best :)

  26. I’ve never dated someone with a full beard but I think they can be very sexy! When I was dating someone last year, I asked him if he would grow a beard (he had the winter before) but he didn’t want to because he said it made his face to warm. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to smooch someone with a beard… :)

  27. Wow, lots of beard-lovers here … I’m afraid I fall squarely in the other court. I do like me a smooth cheek. Perhaps because the huz is losing the hair on his head, it seems incongruous that he should gain it onto his face. That said, he grows a beard every winter and I love that he is a barbarossa like Ben Blair. I just love it more when he shaves it off in the spring.

  28. How funny that you post this today…my husband is home on vacation for the next week and has not shaved in days. I love the scruff! If he actually committed to it, he’d have a beard very much like your husband’s–pretty red! But he’s a corporate guy and says it’s itchy, I bet it’ll be gone within a day or two. My dad on the other hand, has had a full beard my entire life–I have never seen him clean shaven!

  29. Yes I love beards! My dad has always had one and I think my boyfriend is so handsome when he grows his out. My boyfriends friends almost all have beards as well. I’m so pleased they are fashionable right now!

  30. When I met my husband way back when he shaved his head (still does) due to “pattern baldness” and he had/has a “go T” trimmed and clean…. He also has a harry chest.. giggle. :) Before meeting him I would never have thought of guys with “Hair”… And now I think my husband would not like himself if he would shave it his Go T totally off. Infact at 38yrs old he now does a little “scaping” on his chest and trims it!!! I dont like that at all….. lol I told him he does not look the same… :)

  31. Beards are great! My husband has a Van Dyke and always will – he says he has a weak chin and needs the beard to make it look stronger. (I haven’t seen him without facial hair since we were 13, so I don’t know.) I think it’s sexy, and I love it when he has scruff on his cheeks too! For the ladies who don’t like kissing guys with beards – you just need to do it a few times and your upper lip will toughen up and it won’t hurt so much. It’s also better a few days after a trimming because the hair softens. Right after he trims, it’s still a bit prickly!

  32. i love beards! :) my hubby JUST shaved his for an interview and i (secretly) can’t wait until he grows it back. he is SO handsome either way, but LOVE him with it :)

  33. I was once pretty sure I was about to kiss a man with a beard for the very first time, only to have him shave it off within a few hours of the Big Event! So unless my husband decides to grow one, I’ll never know what it’s like. :)

  34. lLove your blog! My husband is sporting a beard for the first time as well( ALSO, a very red one at that!). I think it is extremely handsome and very masculine! Yay for beards!

  35. I am a big fan of beards! My husband has a full beard for the first time in our 6 years together and now I can’t imagine him any other way. He keeps it trimmed nicely and has a surprisingly soft beard so kissing him Ian ‘t prickly. My favorite thing is that it’s red with random browns and greys hiding out.

  36. I absolutely hated beards until my husband grew one about one year ago. I think it’s dead sexy and can’t imagine him without it. At first, he kept it because I love it so much but now he really likes it.

  37. I love beards! My husband (also named Ben) has had a beard every winter since he could. It grows in multicolored. Every time he shaves it off I get sad and it takes me a week or so to get used to his bare face.

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