Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day! Wouldn’t it be fun to be in Paris to see the parades?

Businesses here are completely closed for the day, but it’s a normal work day at the Blair house. Such a funny feeling. : )

We will be celebrating the holiday this evening with a big pack of fireworks. Vive La France!

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14 thoughts on “Bastille Day”

  1. I know the funny feeling. I live in France (Algrange, near Thionville) & work in Luxembourg, so no holiday for me today! Too bad you didn’t go to see the parade in Paris! I saw it once with my parents & an American exchange student we were hosting (I won’t say how many years ago …) & it is worth seeing! Enjoy your fireworks!

  2. So fun! Have a great Bastille Day and enjoy the fireworks!

    PS: Baby June is getting so big! I have really loved watching the Blair kids grow via your blog!

  3. Happy bastille day. my 5 year old daughter mentioned bastille day yesterday. she learned about it in art class, where they are studying french artists like monet and renoir
    I was wondering, will the tour de france pass near you? will you go see the race?

  4. We were in Paris on Bastille day in 2009 It’s my husband’s birthday, too. We headed to the Champs de Mars for the fireworks. It was packed, but so worth it. It was the most amazing combination of music and fireworks I’ve ever seen. Plus, they projected video images onto the Eiffel Tower. We were staying just a block away, so thankfully we didn’t have to cramp down into the Metro with everyone else afterwards. Enjoy your first Bastille Day!

  5. I’m in the midst of reading “The Paris Wife”, and there are many references to Bastille Day – I never really knew when it was – thanks for enlightning me!

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