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  1. these all look amazing… how can you ever decide? my biggest deciding factor in purchasing all of my kids baby books was to choose a book that focused only on the first year. less daunting and they all have completed baby books. i have continued to keep journals and other keepsakes for older years, but i don’t have the pressure of digging up that old baby book to write about their first day of kindergarden…
    in addition to all these listed, i will just add eric carle’s first year journal…

  2. Tessera Publishing, makes really beautiful books, and you can remove the pages that you don’t want to fill out. I forgot to do footprints of my son’s little feet, for example, so I like that he’ll be able to someday look at his complete baby book, instead of one that’s only partially filled out.

    Oh, and they have great inserts, so that you can further customize your book. Here’s the website:


  3. I'm probably the world's worst mother when it comes to keeping a baby book since I haven't done it for any of my 3 children. :-(

    But just today I came across this wonderful idea and thought… now that is something even I could do. And its beautiful! It would also make a great display for a first birthday party:


  4. We absolutely LOVE Eric Carle’s baby book… reads so much like a story for young kids and easy to fill out. I personally have always LOVED his beautiful illustrations as well.

  5. I don’t know how many people keep a health journal type baby book, but I got this one for my son and I take it with us every time he has a dr. appointment. It’s a great way to keep track of his health and I keep his shot record in the pocket in the back, plus it’s the perfect size to toss in my purse. There’s also space to record what you did for you child’s birthdays.

    My Child’s Health Journal

  6. The ONCE A YEAR book by Laikonik is the easiest, most stylish alternative to a baby photo album. It’s an accordian styled book that spans for 18 years and you can write the events of the year on the back. I am the owner of three of these books and we have a family meeting at the end of each year and fill it out together – so much fun and lots of laughs!


    and they look so good.

  7. Oh, i am regretting that i have not done a baby book for my little girl. she is 3 now, but reading all of this and the post i might go back and try to recreate one. what a shame. i admire all of you for doing it. thanks for sharing.

  8. My favorite baby books, baby journals, albums and other baby memory books come from Rag and Bone Bindery.


    You can choose your cover from among many beautiful fabrics and all books are hand-made, yet well priced. They also carry a sweet book called Twelve Wishes for Baby that the parent/s can fill in about their wishes for their child's life. So sweet and makes a great gift!!

  9. This is my daughter’s baby book as well. She is now 28 years old and a mom herself. I just love the little touches in this book of remembering. “Baby’s First Sadness” always get me! I highly recommend it, and not surprised that it is still in publication.

  10. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Rag and Bone makes some beautiful baby books. And also First 100 Days. I think you have had a few of their things on your website before. But I LOVE this one. Especially if it is your first baby and you have lots of time to journal!

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