American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach

Yesterday, we spent time at the D-Day beaches and the American Military Cemetery. We’ve been here many times and it’s an emotional journey every visit. This is a sacred place that makes me feel incredibly angry, overwhelmed, heartbroken, and deeply grateful. So much was sacrificed — an incalculable amount — to fight back fascism, nazis, and white supremacists.

With that sacrifice in mind, it’s impossible to be here and not feel furious at the increase of fascism, nazism, and white supremacy in America that’s happening right now. We should all be proudly anti-fascist.

If you’d like to see more of what a visit to this cemetery and memorial is like, here is a full tour of our visit that I originally shared on Instagram Stories:

On Instagram, it’s saved as a highlight called D-Day Cemetery. You can also find more photos and discussion about our field trip on this Instagram post.

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