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Hello, Friends! How are you? How was your week? Mine was so good! I’m still here in Palm Springs. This is the last official day of Alt Summit 2020 — though it’s pretty relaxed. A few meetups this morning, and a one-day session of the Huddle. Most people are traveling back home today so lots of goodbyes too.

It’s been an incredible week. For sure our best Alt Summit yet — even with some last-minute cancellations related to fear and caution around coronavirus. I got to interview Soledad O’Brien on Monday. And connect with Shannon Watts on Tuesday. And be surrounded by 2000 amazing women for lots of days. I’m feeling very lucky. I saved a bunch of Alt Summit peeks to my Story Highlights if you’re curious (and check out the #altsummit hashtag on Instagram too).

Yesterday, as I was sitting at a table of attendees working on some Alt Summit announcements, I heard the news about Elizabeth Warren ending her campaign. I started weeping. I knew it was coming after Super Tuesday, but I’m so, so sad. Not much else to say yet. I haven’t had time to even think about it. : (

I’ve got a long link list for you today. Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share. (There’s a bit cussing in there today — reflective of my sadness and anger.)

-The unwillingness to tackle the the horrible problem of child sexual abuse imagery online is a stark example of the abdication of responsibility of tech companies.

Geothermal palettes.

-Please save the masks for health-care professionals. Another good explainer here.

Female Candidate.

-For those of us with a parent who died young. (My father died at age 52.)

-There’s a secret passageway from 1660 in the British House of Commons, and they just rediscovered it.

-“People think all the time about … survival of the fittest, but really it’s survival of the friendliest.”

What Elizabeth Warren taught us.

-How the coronavirus compares with the flu.

-What are your thoughts on gender?

-Hey there, Utahns. There’s an important protest today, Friday, March 6th, in support of LGTBQ+ students at CES schools. Salt Lake City. Church Office Building. It will be a needed and safe space for both believers and non believers with moving messages from speakers in the community.

-What are you reading lately? I’ve heard great things about the novel Wanderers and bought it to read on the plane ride home tomorrow.

Here are some tweets I saved for you:

-A thread of 20-second songs you can sing while washing your hands.

-Wait. What? So the government can just cancel co-pays? How did I not know this?

-Thinking about the courts.

-“The way it was going it’s like it was set up for me to walk away, walk away, don’t worry about it.”


-If your team doesn’t want people to vote, maybe you’re not on a good team.


-Why soap is the best defense.

-Trying to get a sense of how much a billion is; of how much multiple billions is.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


Photo by Nicole Breanne Shabada.

7 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. I absolutely cried re: Warren ending her campaign too. I sent her a message through the feedback option on her website thanking her for running and to say that I still believe in her and still want her to be our president. I have never cared about the primaries so much as I have this year (I was excited to vote for Obama and Hillary Clinton for different reasons, but not as early as the primaries). It makes me feel better to hear from others who strongly supported her, because I have met a lot of apathetic people who “liked her but didn’t think she could win”. I feel privileged to have been able to vote for a candidate I actually thought was AMAZING, instead of just okay.

  2. I’m in VA so I got to vote for Warren in the primaries, but I have friends in MD who are devastated that they didn’t even get to do that. I wish all the states held primaries on the same day, so that no states are more important than any others in the progression of candidate races.

  3. I’m beleaguered. I live in Seattle and have just spent an exhausting week preparing my large dept to all work 100% remotely. Now I worry how I’ll (almost certainly) juggle bored kids out of school and work. And pollen count is up, so my allergies are awful. I oscillate from taking many meds so that people don’t think I have COVID-19, to worrying I ACTUALLY HAVE COVID-19.

    All of this I could handle, but I am torn apart by Klobuchar and Warren leaving the race and exhausted by the media post-mortems. If I have to listen to one more “What happened? She is a qualified woman, who was doing well in the polls and has solid plans, why did she lose?” bit I will SCREAM. I am angry. At men. At America. Just angry that we have to talk about this over and over. I really identified personally and professionally with your fairly recent post about men just having to show up to win. I’m lucky to be married to a man who gets it and voted Warren (even though our early votes won’t “count”). But I’m even mad at him and my sons. I need a way to process this and move forward with action, but I am just done right now.

    I was about to apologize for my post and now I’m mad I felt the need to apologize. Sigh.

  4. Co-pays would act as a disincentive for sick people to get tested/treated for Corona virus. The ultimate costs of a pandemic outweigh the temporary loss of income.

  5. Emily, I am with you on feeling devastated over EW and general anger toward my husband and sons, and kinda all men. Or maybe it’s envy at their lives. The way I am planning to process it is to phone bank and door knock for the women running for my US House seat and Senate seat. I will definitely back Bernie or Biden, but we must also secure Congress on the very real chance that 45 wins again.

    1. It’s good to put anger in to action! I’m thankful that all my Senators and reps are female. But I’ll donate to keep it that way! And I’m paying attention to what is annoying me about the big and small men in my life and trying to turn that in to action- e.g.- teaching my boys to do their own (damn) laundry.

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