Here’s a peek at the calendar at our house:

August 24, 2008
My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. (Not really celebrated, because my father passed away a decade ago, but still acknowledged with a smile.)

August 25, 2008
Olive’s 7th Birthday (We’re having a family party tonight. I’ll share pics later.)

Brother-in-law Jim’s Birthday
Niece Lindsey’s 12th Birthday

Nephew Colin’s 4th Birthday

Roger’s Birthday (Roger is my mother’s wonderful husband.)

Erin McEvoy’s Birthday (Roger’s daughter)

Alan McEvoy’s Birthday (Roger’s son)

That’s a lot of birthdays. And they’re followed up by one more:

August 26, 2008
Ralph’s 11th Birthday

As you can imagine, there is a lot of wrapping, decorating, well-wish-phone-calling, shopping and baking going on at our house. But. In the midst of all those tasks and busy-ness, I want to make sure to commemorate the most exciting, coolest, most important thing that’s happening today:

Donna and Roger, with Jared, Liz & Hank

My Mom and Roger are leaving on a mission! They report to the Missionary Training Center today. And they’ll be flying to Russia on Saturday. Ykaterinburg, Russia to be exact. Where the annual temperature reaches 70 degrees at the high (brrrr!). To help me get a handle on the geography, this bit of trivia helped: the dividing line of the the European and Asian continents goes right through the city of Ykaterinburg.

I’m so proud of them for doing this challenging, adventurous and worthy thing. And I’ll miss them both. And I hope they’ll bring me home one of these.

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  1. Design mom, I just realized something. I know who your mom is. Your mom and her husband live in my parent’s ward (my home ward, I guess I can still call it that). What wonderful people they are! I’m not surprised they have such a talented daughter. They will be great missionaries!!

  2. oh wow! I went on a tour with one of BYU’s performing groups to Russia about 10 yrs ago, and we visited that area. It’s quite an interesting place. I’m sure they’ll be able to do much good there. How cool!

  3. Busy end of August indeed! I am so impressed with folks who go on a mission later in life. I was listening to NPR this morning and there was something about whether the elderly are happier than young, and on and on about how older folks lose their purpose because they’re not working…and I immediately thought of all the beautiful senior couples who make the mission their purpose. And, my bishop and dear friend were in Ykaterinburg, so that’s a little familiar. (Btw, I’ve been lurking for at least a month or two now, and I’m loving your site. Blessings on your head for all the great info you send our way! ;)

  4. My brother in law has been in that mission for about 2 months and is really enjoying it. I’m excited to tell him that he has a missionary couple headed his way. I loved the couples on my mission. They took such great care of us!

  5. We just had an Elder in our ward return from Russia (I don’t know exactly where). He mentioned that the church is only sending couple missionaries to Russia now because of VISA problems. How wonderful that your parents can be a part of the work there while the church is struggling to get missionaries into the country. I can only imagine how appreciated they will be.

  6. That’s A LOT of birthday’s on the same day! Sounds busy, busy! I’m happy for your mom and Roger on serving a mission. My brother is serving in CA and I miss him all the time! They will bring lots of happiness to the people {and missionaries} of Russia!

  7. You don’t know me but I am a big fan of your blog and love all your ideas! That’s great about your parents – my husband served in the Yetakerinburg mission from 1999-2001 and we are still in touch with quite a few members there. They will have a great experience!

  8. Marvelous. My mum is trying to decide when to take the plunge…

    I hope it’s wonderful for them. Having grandparents on missions is certainly wonderful for your wee ones.

  9. I served in Yekaterinburg and had a marvelous time. Just one comment: the high temperature that I saw in Yekaterinburg was actually 100 F, not 70. It does get hot in the summer. But only briefly – the summer is very short, and the winter is very long. The coldest I ever saw was -40 F (or C =) – but that was also exceptional.

    The climate isn’t so bad, they’ll do fine.

  10. We’re spending a busy week at the Missionary Training Center where I’ve taken a few minutes to look at blogs. Thank you all for the kind and encouraging comments!

    I’m writing Wednesday PM and wish everyone well with tomorrow’s auctions for this young family.

    Love, Mom/Donna

  11. oohh my friend served there as a sister missionary!! she loved it… was a little difficult but in a good way… they werent allowed to eat at members houses ( the people were poor and the food can make missionaries sick) but she loved it loved it…

    and she bought me home the cutest little babooska/matroshka doll set ever!! so make sure your parents pick up a few!!

  12. I came across your blog during the Nie Nie auction and Yekat caught my eye. Yea for your mom and Roger. Can I ask their last names? My sister and husband are the mission president of Yekat. Small church world. Missionary couples are so brave and are such a blessing to the people and missionaries.

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