100% Cotton Christmas Pajamas

Are you planning to pick out Christmas pajamas this year? I’m trying to shop for ours early this year, while there are still plenty of sizes available. I always look for 100% cotton holiday pjs that ideally, aren’t explicitly Christmas-themed — because we end up wearing ours all winter long, and sometimes year round.

I’ve found fifteen great options so far. Four are in reds, and there are cute options in blues, greens, and yellows too. Six of them are organic, and six options are under $25.

If you’re into matching family pjs, I make a note of which ones are available in grown up sizes. And the very last listing is my favorite 100% cotton pjs for my teenage girls.

Red tiny check gingham, $58. Size 6 months to 14 years. The red makes these feel like Christmas, but the print could also feel like summer picnic. So I’d call these good year round pjs.

Navy Short Sleeves, $17. Size 2T to 12 years. A great option for kids who run hot at night and prefer short sleeves. I recommend checking out the whole Pauboli line.

Light green knit button-down, $25. Size 2T to 14 years. I’m loving these. They have that classic pajama cut, but they’re made of knit. Many more lovely muted colors available.

FAMILY SIZESRugby Stripes, starting at $16. Organic. These are by Burts Bees, and they have expanded their line to fit the whole family (even a neckerchief for your dog). Also available for kids in navy, grey, or pink rugby stripes.

Green micro stripe, $20. Size 12 months to 4T. Organic.

Cranberry Buffalo Check, $39. Organic.

FAMILY SIZESGreen Plaid, $35. Size 3 months to 12 years. Organic. Do you like this print? It comes in one piece options, separates (as pictured here), and in traditional flannel button down + pants for grownups.

Yellow High-Waisted, $14. Size 2 years to 6 years. So cute — makes me wish these came in bigger sizes. This set is available in 5 colors — 4 pastels and YELLOW. Don’t you want that yellow?

FAMILY SIZESBlack buffalo-check one piece, $30. Size 3 months to 12 years. Organic. Hanna is known for their long-john style pajamas in organic cotton. I think this pattern is particularly charming. The Black buffalo-check is available as separates too, and in grown up sizes as well.

Navy ticking stripe, $58. Size 6 months to 10 years. I sure love a good ticking stripe.

FAMILY SIZESRed & Grey Stripe, $22. Size 12 months to 14 years. Available in grown up sizes too, and there are lots of other color combos available. I really love this rainbow option.

Green stripe, $39. Size 2 years to 14 years. This is another pair that feels like Christmas, but would also be right at home in the summer.

Navy multi-color stripe, $28. Size 8 years to 14 years. I do love me some color.

Solid Colors, $37. Size 6 months to 16 years. Organic. In a really good red and two good green options if you’re looking for something Christmasy — but there are other colors too.

Blue plaid flannel, $30. Size womens XS – XXL. My kids have mostly grown out of the options listed above. For my older girls, I love Uniqlo pjs. They typically carry several options in 100% cotton.


What about you? What have you found this year pj-wise? Do you favor your cotton Christmas pajamas with a holiday theme — snowmen or snowflakes? Or do you like to keep them more neutral? And when do you bring out the holiday pjs? On December 1st? On Christmas Eve? Whenever they arrive in the mail? I always love to hear your traditions!

P.P.S. — I’ve updated this post on a few different years.

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  1. I’ve been doing the same shopping lately! My husband has a very specific red and white pattern he’s looking for. I’ve also tried Leveret from amazon; I like them, on the thinner side though; better for summer or warm sleepers.

  2. Our favorite coordinating, wear-after-Christmas, 100% cotton (organic too) pajamas were the Skylar Luna pajamas with shimmery stars. Each kid got their own color, and festive but not too over the top. A little pricey but you can find them on Amazon at a discount at times.

  3. I was so excited to find a brand new pair of Hanna andersson pj pants (green stripes with red cuffs) for myself at a 2nd hand store for $2. I’m pairing with a plain red t from target. I always get my kiddos pjs to open on Christmas Eve but the hubby and I never join in, but when I found the pj pants for myself I figured that was a good excuse to get my he and I a set as well to open. The 2 boys having a matching set, the 2 girls have matching a sets and the hubby and I will be similar.

  4. We celebrate Hanukkah-and one of the eight nights is always a “Jammy Night” with new pajamas, and maybe a new robe and slippers.

  5. My children just recieved their jammies this morning as St. Nickolas came during the night. I choose ones from gymboree for my girls as they were a super good value and Talbots for myself. My boys wouldn’t be caught dead in holiday jammies. Couldn’t sell them on the idea!

  6. I’m laughing at the J. Crew pajama jumpsuit they have styled as day wear with cute shoes and a cardigan: “A jumpsuit by day and a sleep suit by night… This cozy one-piece can be worn 24/7…” Really?!

  7. We have warm sleepers, and they both love Leveret from Amazon. Very similar to Hanna Anderson, just a slightly less heavy cotton.

    I never invested much in pjs for myself. Maybe I should indulge for winter!

  8. Aliesha Fullerman

    Ok, I know I’m very late to the game, but wondering if you’ve tried Hatley pajamas? I got some for my daughter when she was small off of Zulily and the quality was fantastic – definitely the nicest pajamas she owned as a little one. Today I am noticing that Amazon has a HUGE selection of Hatley pajamas in lots of styles, patterns, and colors; all around $20-$30, all 100% cotton. I’m having trouble choosing! Tons of Christmassy but not too Christmassy patterns.

  9. Yea! My most awaited post of the year! ;)

    I’ve been looking and looking for cute, cotton button-down style PJs and having zero luck. I’ve always bought the tighter fitting ones but I feel like my daughter is starting to outgrow that style. I checked Cyrillus (per previous year’s posts) but felt like they were too expensive. I was excited when you said $28 above…but when I go to that exact link, they’re $45! I wonder if the price changes based on popularity?

    Anyway…it’s silly, but I really do trust your opinion on quality clothing, and this is always one of my favorite posts of the year, as well as most-searched throughout the year (when I forget the brands, and need to check again!)


    1. Oh no! I set this to publish last night and they were marked down to to $28. The sale must have ended at midnight — they’re back to $40. Dang!

      Lands’ End has flannel button-up style pjs. They are normally $50, but on sale right now for $30. The Company Store also carries flannel button-up kid pjs for $50 (but there not currently on sale).

      J.Crew has button up style pjs for kids. Pros: they’re really cute, and they’re 30% off. Cons: They’re poly instead of cotton, and they’re still expensive, even with the sale. Maybe they’ll get marked down further.

      Did you see the button up short set (#10)? I realize they’re not wintery, but they are cute, we have the pink version and love the quality, and they are a great price. The #8 combo might be nice compromise as well (and it’s only $20).

      I’ll keep my eyes out for more button up style pjs.

      1. You rock!!! I love the button-down short set but unfortunately in Ohio in winter, we’ve got to go with ACTUAL warm PJs :) (we keep our house pretty cold too).

        I’m going to check out the other suggestions you had too. I did get a pair of adorable ones from Gap that are a poly blend I think – they’re adorable now, but I am skeptical they’ll look great once they’re washed a few times.

        I’m betting at your house, spending a little more on more quality things (at least for the older ones) isn’t as painful, when you know you’ve got lots of younger ones to hand down to! I always notice your kids are wearing their older siblings’ stuff that’s still in great shape in the What to Wear to School posts). We’ve got 2 girls, but at 6.5 years apart you’re playing more of a long game in hoping items hold up and are reasonably in style by the time the little one grows into them! :D

  10. I got my kids and niece and nephew matching plaid flannel pj pants but I’m worried the waist will be too big… they don’t have the slim option on those and all 4 kids are really skinny. We will see when they arrive!

    1. So funny, I love to read the pajama recommendations every year as well as the comments… when I read this comment I thought… “that’s so funny, that happened to me last year” and then I looked at the date on the comment and it was 2018… it WAS my comment last year 🤣

  11. Thank you so much to introducing me just now to Cyrillus website. Not only do they have lovely p.j.s, but their dresses for girls 8-16 actually look like children’s clothing and not adults. It can be hard to find lovely dresses for older girls here in Australia

  12. We’ve never really bought Christmas pjs before. I’ve always wanted to do the matching family thing! They tend to be pretty expensive though. Iy looks like you’ve found some good options though.My daughter is almost 3 now so I’m sure she’d love for us all to match now!!

  13. Oh, I try to find jammies that they can wear all winter. Last year it was fleece bears on a red background from kohl’s. We are in Michigan. It’s cold already.

  14. We did not love the Leveret PJs that we’ve ordered (soft, but thin and stretched out very easily). We love Primary and Hanna for PJs and are always watching for sales!

  15. I’m just curious – are you able to shop from US sites while in France or do you get hit with customs fees/taxes? How do prices compare?

    1. I’ve done some shopping from U.S. sites, depending on the product there can be import fees, but not always. And a lot of US companies (like the GAP) are in France too.

  16. Thank you! I don’t do typical Christmas PJs, but I have a kid who needs a few more pjs in stock. This was the perfect post.

  17. Thanks for separating out only the cotton ones because that is the only kind I like:) Great ideas and they would be fun for wearing as well as holiday photos. I love that they aren’t just CHristmas options but ones that work for the whole holiday season too. Thanks!

  18. I’ve had quality issues with the Leveret pjs (listed here as red/grey stripe), so just wanted to throw that out their. YMMV, but ours was low.

  19. Christmas PJs became a tradition a few years ago from my mother in law. At first it was just a gift for the kids but this will be year three that she includes my husband and me. She always buys Hanna Andersen and gives them to us on Christmas Eve and we take a family photo. I guess this year we’ll have to do the exchange outside (my in laws work in the medical field and have had several exposure scares). Ugh. Anyway, while I prefer the more subtle looks we’ve definitely done Yeti and Star Wars Christmas to please my two boys. Last year was sort of a compromise with the Fair Isle/Deer pattern. Love this post every year! Thanks for sharing.

  20. I got our kiddos (4 to 13 years) matching tie dye sweatsuits to serve as our holiday cozy wear. With all the kids doing virtual learning, sweats are a little more practical. We’ll get them out Friday night after the last kid finishes virtual school to kickoff thanksgiving holiday with a Christmas movie.

  21. This is the ~first~ year we are all getting matching PJs. I used to do it for my two children (daughter and son), and then I started doing it with my daughter when she became a tween (pj bottoms only), but this year feels like we need something to add even more festivities to our lives, so MATCHING PJS to the rescue! Thank you for giving great ideas!

  22. I now buy Piglet In Bed pyjamas for myself and for gifts, but it’s linen! With pockets! My 2 11 years old still fit in the Souris Mini cotton long johns that grow a bit with the child. I had the misfortune of buying a way too small men pajama from JCrew – it ripped. Do not go with extra small. I don’t wait for Christmas as we needed pajamas for confinement and for the warm summer weather.

  23. I bought pajamas from Primary a couple weeks ago when they were marked down. I chose white with grey stars and will keep them as a Christmas present for my daughter. She is long and skinny so I ordered 12 in hopes they will be long enough. I have been happy with the quality of Primary but sizing is so tricky.

  24. I was curious – do you buy clothes from the US and have them sent to France? I have never done this as I am too scared of being caught out by huge customs fees but some of these pyjamas are tempting me!

    1. No. We ordered from Uniqlo which has a French site. Lots of clothing stores that are popular in the U.S. have Euro sites (like Zara, Gap, Uniqlo, etc.), so we just order from the Europe sites and then we don’t have to get things shipped from the U.S.. Many of the brands from U.S. Amazon are also on French Amazon — you just search by the brand name.

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