Newsletter: There Is Nothing Dumber Than War

Ukraine existing is not an attack on Russia. Russians who chose to live in Ukraine were not asking for protection. The attack on Ukraine was unprovoked, unnecessary, and unreasonable. An entire war to feed one man’s ego. Be f—ing furious about it.

In Normandy, there are signs of WWII everywhere I go. We drove to the doctor’s office, yesterday. On the way, there’s a war memorial sitting prominently at an intersection — the memorial includes an old full-size American tank. As I head north to run some errands, I pass the Canadian military cemetery. In my attic, as I change the sheets on the guests beds, I see shrapnel holes in the wood floors — a bomb came through the roof of this house, the house we live in, during WWII, and we found shrapnel pieces still embedded in the floors as we renovated.

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