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“A FANTASTIC book with beautiful images and original, helpful, meaningful, ideas.
I read it at the bookstore for free, but when I was finished,
I turned around and bought a copy to keep.”

Just a guess: You want a beautiful home with rooms that make you smile. You also want a home where your kids can relax and be themselves. And somehow those goals seem impossible to achieve at the same time! But they’re not. And the Design Mom book will show how to do both, without getting overwhelmed.

The good news is:
Yes, you can live with kids in a well-designed home.
Yes, your home can be the base for all of your kids’ favorite memories, while also looking good.
Yes, your home can be practical and efficient and also a joy to be in.
Yes, there’s a way to celebrate your kids’ passions and interests without toys and kid gear taking over the house.
Yes, it’s much easier than you think.

And most important:
Yes, you probably have everything you need to make it happen right this minute!

You’ll find out how to achieve all of that and more in the pages of Design Mom: How to Live With Kids.

It’s time to get out of house-headache mode! Order your copy today. Within the first few pages, you’ll already be on your way to making your home the little piece of heaven you want it to be.

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“I was worried the book would simply be a rehashing of what’s already available on the blog. Instead I found it to be original, informative and very non-overwhelming. Most design books make me feel like I need to throw out everything I have and start over. This is helping me find beauty and simplicity in my as-is home.”
— from a 5-star review by Shiba Inu 

Organized room by room, the book takes you through practical tips and ideas — beautifully illustrated with photography from real, lived-in homes of families with kids. You’ll find doable advice, simple projects, easy to follow concepts, and personal examples from the author, a designer and mother of six.

Do you have entryway issues? Backpacks and school papers piling up? Muddy sports equipment bound to trip the next visitor to your home? Stray socks and shoes? Don’t despair. You’re not alone. And these problems are totally solvable with the tips and gentle advice you’ll find in Design Mom: How to Live With Kids.

Request it from a local bookstore, or find it on Amazon. Today’s the day to get started making your home a peaceful haven your kids can’t wait to get home to.

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“This book is so useful to me and this might sound odd, but it gave me hope. Last year I went from having 2 kids to having 6 kids when I got married and I just felt like my life was out of control and that I would never be able to get my home organized and beautiful for the next decade plus. Reading and implementing suggestions from this book has helped me take control of my home environment and has empowered me and has given me peace.”
— from a 5-star review by R Franson

Design Mom: How to Live With Kids is a New York Times Bestseller and hit the #1 spot in Home Design, & Decorating categories on Amazon. It received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and additional excellent reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, Arizona Republic and the Newark Star-Ledger. It is beloved by thoughtful parents far and wide. Enjoy their reviews on Amazon or Good Reads.

It’s the perfect gift for any mother entering a new stage of parenting. Send a copy to your friend who just moved into a new house. Gift it to your bestie who’s adding another baby to the family. Buy one for your neighbor who’s stressed out about switching up bedrooms for her kids. It’s perfect for your overwhelmed cousin who’s going through a remodeling project. Or give a copy to your sister who’s combining families in a new marriage.

This is a book that will give hope and bring peace to parents everywhere struggling to create a home the whole family will love. Buy your gift copy now.

This is a book that will give hope and bring peace to parents everywhere struggling to create a home the whole family will love. Buy your gift copy now.

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“I am such a fan of this book. Yes the book is beautiful, well designed, and inspiring. Yes it teaches you how to analyze the spaces in your home and determine how to improve them for your family living. But it’s so much more that. You find yourself tearing up as she describes how to arrange a comfy chair in a nook — perfect for one-on-one private conversation. I cried when she discusses how to make brushing teeth easier for toddlers. She just has a way of understanding how much you love and care about your children, and then she turns that into practical application. You can tell through every page that Gabrielle is not only a designer, she’s also a really good mom. And she’s not pretentious about it, not even a little. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m really glad I bought this book!”
— from a 5-star review by alwesia

After writing over 6000 blog posts on design and parenting, and a decade of answering personal inquiries from parents everywhere, who are trying to make a great home and great life for their kids, Gabrielle Blair, the author of Design Mom: How to Live With Kids, could see there was a hole that needed filling. A design book specifically written for parents. A book that takes into account the realities of living with children — their needs, their gear, their non-grown-up size.

As a designer and mother of six, she knew she could help people by putting together a practical guide, filled with doable tips, and gentle advice on what has worked for her big, active family.

She knows you love your kids and want to create a haven for them. A place where they can relax, and feel safe and loved. A home where they can pursue their interests and stretch their creative muscles. She also knows you long for a beautiful home. You live there too! And you want a place that you love, with inviting rooms that make you smile, and where friends love to visit.

Gabrielle knows that creating a home where both the grown ups and kids are thriving feels like an overwhelming challenge. But it doesn’t need to be. As you read Design Mom, you’ll happily realize it’s totally doable and achievable. And the best part? It’s not about buying more furniture! Not at all.

You have what it takes right now to create a happy home for your family. Use Design Mom: How to Live With Kids as your guide.

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“This is a fun book. Blair writes in an upbeat voice while dispensing creative and practical advice on how to approach
designing your home to meet your family’s needs. While there are plenty of creative tips (such as how to make wall art
that will inspire moods and conversations), what really stands out are the practical tips. These range from ensuring there is lighting in key places (simple, but makes a huge difference) to hanging children’s clothes at a height they can reach (to foster a sense of independence). Unlike most books that come from blog writers, this isn’t a rehashing of previously published material, but a way to approach the design of each room in your home, from entryway to laundry room. Blair’s design frame of mind is ultimately about living mindfully so you have a place to have private conversations with your kids or just enjoy washing your dishes more.”

— from a 5-star review by Lucy

Are there places in your home that just don’t seem to work well? A trash can that annoys you. A pathway that doesn’t make much sense. Kid gear with no place to store it. Paper that piles up and overwhelms.

Well, you’ll be glad to know you’re not the only one. Life with kids is ever-changing — this month it’s all about gymnastics, but next month might be swimming, or debate, or Legos, or cooking. Which means you need a house and systems that are flexible and adaptable.

Design Mom: How to Live With Kids, will help you figure out how to make your home as flexible as possible. After reading the book you’ll know how to make the most of every corner of your house, to use the spaces to their best advantage, and to create a home that truly reflects your family and your values.

Don’t drift through another day with a set-up (or non-set-up) that’s driving you crazy. Design Mom can help! Get your copy today.

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“Underlying her ideas of order, deliberate choice, and design, Blair’s respect for her role as a parent comes through. Each child needs school papers signed, gym clothes cleaned, places to work/create, and meal prep they can count on. They flourish with good books, reasonable screen rules, conversations that teach, family unity, and rocking out during kitchen clean-up. Blair sees herself meeting their needs with a compassionate, shepherding eye — a mother’s eye. This is not just an ‘Ain’t We Got a Swell House’ design-y book.”
— from a 5-star review by DSM

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