The Treehouse: Bedroom Plans for the Kids


By Gabrielle. Note: These images are “before” photos showing the belongings of the previous owners. I know, I know, I need to shoot some current photos. Working on it, I promise!

I’ve shared the story of how The Treehouse came to be ours. And I’ve explained that the house came fully furnished. But I haven’t really told you much about the layout or what our plans our. So I thought I’d dive in today!

I’ll start by saying the state of the house, renovation wise, is pretty much ideal for someone like me. The home hasn’t been resurfaced in a long time — for example, the kitchen looks to be strictly from the 80’s. Throughout the house, walls need a fresh coat of paint, worn carpets need to be replaced, and light fixtures need to be upgraded. 

I know that’s a lot of work, but it’s perfect for me! Because I’m someone who wants to make those sorts of decisions in my home. So if The Treehouse had been recently redone, then I would have felt awful about changing things up and wasting that work. (As I’m sure anyone would! I know Jenny, who has been doing major renovations, is feeling stumped about her kitchen counters. They’re not her style, but they’re so new she feels bad about changing them.)


In addition to surface stuff, there are some fairly major interior structural changes we’d like to make. For example, there is a 3-quarter wall between the living room and kitchen that is driving us nuts! But we’re not feeling too much urgency about those bigger changes, because happily, the house is livable right now, exactly as it is. Which is such a blessing! It leaves us time to think, and to make careful decisions, and to save up for the renovations.

Though I feel like I’m fairly speedy at decorating and can style up a room in a flash, when it comes to architectural-type decisions — should windows be replaced in this room? do we need to improve the electrical system? should we use the same flooring throughout the house? do we need to upgrade the trim? — I’m as slow as a snail.


The square footage of The Treehouse is smaller than our rental in France was (no surprise — La Cressionnière is a big old farmhouse!), and it’s even smaller than our old rental in Colorado, but it’s still plenty big. And the decks add a lot of living space.

One interesting tidbit: it’s a 3 bedroom home.

This can be tricky for a family of 8! And really, if the home had been publicly listed online as a 3 bedroom, we would have never even seen it, because during our real estate searches we generally looked for 5+ bedrooms. But we’ve got a good plan to make the bedrooms work.

treehouse bedrooms 1

Off the hallway on the main floor, there are two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The previous owners used the bigger bedroom as the Master bedroom, and they used the smaller one as a little TV room.

The 3rd bedroom is upstairs and the previous owners used it as a guest room:


It has it’s own balcony! (I’ll talk more about our plans for this room in a future post.)

We decided to use the space differently than the previous owners. Our first thought was to split the big bedroom in two. When the house was first built, that room was about half it’s current size, but was expanded when the house was added on to. And there’s a natural dividing line if we wanted to split it up, leaving each of the spaces with a closet and a window.


But after living here for awhile, we shifted gears. Instead of splitting the space, we decided to keep it big and make it into one bedroom for all 4 girls! (I’m sure some of you are thinking: awesome! and others are thinking: no way!)

treehouse bedrooms 3

This is our plan:

1) We want to put in 4 twin beds, with their heads along the left wall, and their feet pointed toward the mirrored closet on the right. Each bed will have a nightstand and reading lamp next to it.


2) Across from the beds, on the right wall, there is currently a bank of 4 uneven sized closets. We want to remake these into 4 equal closets, so each daughter has their own storage space for clothes. We’re hoping we can customize the closet interiors to include hanging space, plus small drawers, and shelves for folded items and shoes. We shall see if the picture in my head can be pulled off in reality. : )

treehouse bedrooms 4

3) On the wall next to the bank of closets is currently a dresser. If I can make the closets work for my kids’ wardrobes, I’d like to add a reading chair or small desk here instead of more clothes storage.

Note: I mentioned it above, but I’ll repeat here: all of these photos are “before” images and show the previous residents belongings.

treehouse bedrooms 5treehouse bedrooms 2

4) Maybe the most fun? Along the same wall as the bedroom door, there is an additional bank of closets. We’re going to say goodbye to these closets, creating a wall here. And then we’re going to add a bank of vanities instead, where the girls can keep their jewelry, paint their nails, store the hair brushes, etc.

I wouldn’t say our daughters are particularly girly girls, but I have a picture in my head of all four of our daughters at the vanity prepping for the day and it makes me grin! (Bonus: having the vanities in the bedroom should help free up the bathroom, which is bound to get crowded in the mornings.)

treehouse bedrooms 6

I know it sounds crazy to get rid of half the closet space in a bedroom for 4 girls, but we do have good reasons. The biggest one: we need to add the two feet depth of that closet to the smaller, neighboring bedroom. That room is so little! It needs any add-ons it can get.


The smaller bedroom is shared by the boys. Right now, we have a bunkbed in that room to the right of the door, and it’s just too overwhelming. It makes the space really awkward and unwelcoming. If we add the space from the closets in the girls’ room, it will enlarge the boys bedroom on the left by two feet, allowing this room to fit two twin beds. Which would be ideal!

The plan is to have a bed on each side of the door, with a dresser and side chair under the window. Then we’ll install hanging rods in the small closet — a high one for Ralph and a low one for Oscar.

And now I’d love to hear: What do you think of our plan? Would you ever put 6 kids in two bedrooms? Would that be total chaos at your house?

Because our kids generally spend their waking time in the shared spaces of our house, and use the bedrooms only for sleeping and dressing, this actually works out well for us. But I know there are families where this would be the worst. I’d love to hear what you would do with this space!

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  1. I think sharing with siblings is ideal for prepubescent kids. I’ll be interested to hear how your two oldest adapt. Looks like the treehouse has lots of nooks and crannies. Maybe they will carve out a “teen space” to study, read, write, talk with each other and their new friends, and sometimes be alone with their thoughts. I had way too much alone space as a teenager which sucked in a whole different, isolating way; these things are tricky.

    What about the bathrooms? Thats the part thats driving us out of our house right now. Sharing bathrooms can bee even harder than bedrooms. Love your vanity idea for the girls’ room.

    1. In France, we had two full bathrooms upstairs by the bedrooms, but we ended up reserving one for guests, and having the 8 of us use the other. The toilet was in a small room across from the shower and sinks, which helped. But really it wasn’t that big of a deal. The little ones would have a bath right after dinner. The teens would take a late shower, and the grownups would shower in the morning after every one left for school. It worked out. As long as everyone had a bathrobe, we managed. : )

      In this house, we have the same amount of bathrooms, but we use them differently.

  2. oh Gabby – You’re living my dream! I’m so jealous!
    We currently have our four girls sharing a room and I can say Its no where near as idyllic as yours will be! We have two bunks in a tiny room and a few shoved in dressers. My kids are fairly good about it though and mostly enjoy it. Where we live its really hard to find any more than a 3 bed house. We host international students to off set the crazy rent here. Started out with only 2 kids when we first signed up 7 years ago and now we have four!
    We’ve had lots of bed incarnations over the years. a top bunk with two singles coming out from under, two singles pushed together to make a big bed in which three girls slept together for the winter…etc

    Our dream has always been to find a house with attic (VERY RARE in Australia) or a big long room that we could convert as you are. We were watching Nanny McPhee the other night and sighed over the kids room – look it up I think they have 6 kids in the attic in that movie

  3. We moved 3 months ago into a rental and my girls were so excited to have their own room. The miss each other so much. We’re now building a house and they are so excited, they’ll now have to share again.
    I’m so impressed Gabby, you have a niche ability to make the unconventional just awesome! Nightstand and light for each bed, brilliant and as far as less closets, less stuff! huge win there.

  4. Love it!
    We have 5 children! We recently downsized and chose an older cape cod. It it actually a 4 bed(master on the main level) but we use that as a den and put 3 girls in on room, lined up just like yours!
    In the boys very very small room, my husband built bunk beds, train style ( curtains!)with built in desks and book cases at both ends. It took up the entire wall! He even made a trundle underneath!
    The smallest and most functional room in the house!
    It teaches the kids to get along,keeps down the clutter and I love the whispering at night.
    They grow fast and sadly we become empty nesters all too fast! We already envision the grand kids loving the spaces and our youngsest is only 6!

  5. We had a big bed room like that when we were girls. It had the three beds, and nightstands in a row. We loved it. I will say at one point we bickered enough that my dad brought home office dividers so we could each have our own space. We got tired of them pretty quick though. We also were allowed to paint the one giant wall with an ever changing mural. When we moved out and the room was transitioned to my parent’s master it apparently was very difficult to paint over the strange mixture of paints and markers we had used to make the mural. For years we complained there was no heat and our Dad laughed at us. I will point out that all the venting and heating was replaced and extra insulation was added in their first winter in that ice box!

  6. My kids use to share and now we have them spread out and they all gather in our room to use the big computer, download iTunes, etc. I think it would be great and when one of them wants to be alone you can create a nook somewhere else in the house. The big question is the bathroom… My 17 year old loves to spend a long time in her bathroom, showering, listening to music, etc. Maybe the vanities would solve this issue . Also if someone is cozy in bed with laptop or iPad they will need good earphones.

  7. we have 5 kids in two rooms. Granted, the bedrooms are giant, so no one feel claustrophobic. But they love them. I’ll email you pictures of our bathroom. The previous owner did a great job for kids sharing one bathroom.

  8. This sounds very much like some friends of our who have their three girls in one room and their two boys (who are 10 years apart in age and the bookends of the family) in one room. They make it work beautifully and I’m sure you will as well!

  9. I like it! Thanks for sharing your home with us. Sharing a room helps many siblings to bond, which helps them to keep those relationships as they get older. Your ideas for the changes will accomodate their needs.

  10. i love the plans!!! sounds like the route we’re headed for — we’ve only got 3 kids at this point, but we’re planning for more and they’re going to have to fit in the 2 bedrooms we’ve got for kids. One for boys, one for girls.

    best of luck — it sounds like a fun project!!

  11. My brother and I are 1.5 years apart and we shared a room until I entered middle school, when my parents built a wall. As a result we were very close growing up, since we spent so much time in our room. Once the wall went up, we really weren’t as close, because we still spent time in our rooms, just not with each other. And I really regret that. I love that your children spend most of their time outside of their rooms. That means they’ll spend more time together, even when not sharing a room!

  12. I’m so glad you shared this with us! I love your ideas.

    I pretty much always shared a room when growing up. When I was fifteen we moved into a house with 6 bedrooms. (Not a big house, the rooms were smallish). I was so excited all 5 of us kids could have our own room. But my Dad quickly knocked that idea down, so I shared a room with my sister, and my 3 brothers shared a room. Despite the occasional spats with each other, sharing rooms was a great a experience and we’re all great friends. My dad’s reasoning was that in all likelihood we’d be sharing rooms our entire lives with roommates and spouses. So we needed to learn how to do it while we were young. So wise.

    My own family now lives in a 3 bed, 2 bath house that’s about 1600 sq. ft.. We just had baby #4 which puts us at 3 girls and 1 boy within 6 years of age. The plan is to eventually have all of them share one room. It just doesn’t seem fair that the boy would have the privilege of having his own room while the girls had to share, or that the girls had the privilege of sharing their own room while the poor boy had to be all by himself. Depending on their perspective.

    We’ll have to knock out the door frame of the closet of the room we plan on them sharing, so we can extend the beds into what is now the closet. We’d have 3 beds on one wall (two up high, one bunked below, and the resulting space underneath the other bed as a reading/hangout area), and on the opposite wall a loft bed for the boy and a space for doing whatever below that. I dream of giving each bed curtains for privacy, and having some space under each bed to store short boxes of possessions and treasures.

    The room next door will be the wardrobe and miscellaneous room. Along one wall we’d dedicate space for each child to have their clothes and other belongings. The closet will be my sewing space (so I can move it out of the foyer), and if we need to use it as an extra guest room, we can do that too. It can be a place for solitude, storing and practicing musical instruments, doing artwork, or whatever.

    It’ll be a couple years before we can get it all set up, but I’m really excited for it. I know the idea of having brothers and sisters share a room together is pretty unconventional, but I don’t care. I figure the majority of people who have lived or currently do live on earth have shared with brothers and sisters and don’t think twice about it.

  13. I LOVE your plans! I can hardly wait to see how it all works out. I grew up knowing a family with one boy and seven girls. All 7 of the girls shared one little room. They made triple bunks and slid a separate mattress on the floor each night for the youngest. I say, do what works.

  14. My husband grew up with his three brothers in one room in what has been described as an epic bunk bed – set in a corner with two off each side and everyone’s feet overlapping. He said his parents never put anything nice because the floor was open for hockey games and wrestling. His cousins said everyone loved coming to visit and they would fit as many as ten kids in those bunk beds!
    Sadly, their house burned down when my husband was in high school and when they rebuilt there were more bedrooms – they appreciated this when they grew up a little more and started bringing girls home!

  15. I’ve been following your blog for awhile, and am certain your children have already adapted to their new home. The changes are just the icing on the cake.
    You have been blessed to have found this beautiful home. However, you and your family are by true nature, gypsies. Remember that any changes you make need to increase the value of your property for resale. I expect to see a new adventure looming in your future. Depending on their age, replace the windows first; and does the house have good insulation? I am looking forward to seeing how you decorate your cake. Have fun!

  16. We have 4 boys in a longer bedroom, and our girl in a small bedroom (with it’s own bath! Yay!) It works well for us, and I love the idea of the closeness it creates.

  17. That sounds like a GREAT idea. We have 6 kids in a 3br, but have borrowed an old 10×10 utility room as an extra bed space. I’ve been trying to talk my husband into putting the 4 boys in our bedroom, the girls are already in the smallest room, us in the medium room, and turn the bonus room into a small dedicated home school room. But, he hasn’t been on board yet. I’m excited to see your progress.

  18. Our friends with 10 children, 8 of them girls, had a large So. Cal home that had been custom built for a family of 8 children. It featured a huge upstairs room that had been used as a game/rec/TV room that they turned into their older girls “dorm”. I think they only had five of the girls in it at once as the babies were downstairs near Mom and Dad and the oldest girls left home by the time the younger ones left the nursery. I’m the oldest of 7 kids and have never in my life had a room of my own. I shared with a sister or two until I shared with college room mate and then 40 years of sharing with the hubs. Your own space is important but it doesn’t need to be a room with a door.

  19. We are in the same situation 3 bedroom and 6 children. Just like you 4 girls and 2 boys. I say go for it if their is enough room some where else in the house for all there toys and such, do it! I always wanted to do that for my girls. The house we just moved into also has a loft so we are in the process of closing it off for the boys as girls rooms are to small to fit them all. Good luck and the house looks great now, can’t wait to see the updates. Best of luck.

  20. Love your ideas!
    I know when we bought our big old farm house, each child had a room of their own, the girls back then were 4 and 6 wanted to share, and loved it. My son had his own boys room. When the girls were in their teens we moved back into town, and they decided to have their own rooms, but the youngest of the 2 older girls, wanted to share her room with her younger step sister..when she came to stay with us, which ended up being most of the time and she loved it.
    When the 2 oldest were on their own going to university, they ended up sharing an apartment with one huge bedroom, they called it their dorm room. All 4 kids to this day get along great and have off and on lived with each other, shared bedrooms, slept on each other’s couches…and to this day (3 oldest are in their 30’s) are each other’s best friend and that includes my youngest who is 9 yrs younger than my son. I think it is all how you raise them, and how you teach them to be with each other, to be kind, love and respect each other, not just as siblings but as human beings. How they are to each other is how they want to be treated. I never let my kids fight. If they started, I would step in and ‘teach’ them how to talk to each other, how to share, to love and when they did that they did not fight. Worked for my kids!
    From what I have read about your, you have taught them to love, respect and live with each other. I am sure you would not be thinking of doing these bedrooms as you vision if they did not like the idea of sharing!

  21. I grew up sharing a bedroom with my little sister for much of my childhood and teenage years. I absolutely hated it! My sister is 8 years younger than me so we had different bed times. She would be in bed by 7pm while I was up doing homework, reading, listening to music etc. I was never able to do any of this in my bedroom because it would wake my sister (she seemed to be overly sensitive to the slightest amount of noise or light). Likewise, when she was napping during the day when she was young, I was not able to go into my bedroom. With such a difference in your girls’ ages do you envision this being a problem? I guess if you have a lot of living space for them to do their homework, read etc I guess they’ll be fine.

    One of my biggest gripes about sharing the room was that my Mum insisted on decorating our shared bedroom in a very babyish manner. Perfectly fine for my baby sister but super embarrassing for me. The bedroom stayed decorated with baby decor until we moved when I was almost 17! By then my sister was embarrassed by it too. Of course, with your style this won’t be a problem for your girls :)

    Fast forward to the present and I have my own two daughters sharing a bedroom in our two bedroom apartment without any problem. They’re much closer in age than my sister and I (they’re 6 and almost 3) and have the same bed time which makes things easier.

    I have another baby on the way next year so come April there’ll be three kids in that room. Things might be a little harder with a baby sharing the room (especially with nap times and night time feeds) but I guess we’ll just have to make it work!

    Can’t wait to see the “after” photos of the Treehouse :)

  22. My sister did a very similar thing in her house. It was a big house but with only 3 bedrooms. They have 7 kids. They put 3 girls in one room with a balcony and 1 closet. The 4 boys were in a Giant room downstairs that eventually was separated into bedrooms and game room I between with 2 boys in each room. It worked well.

  23. Have you seen comedian Jim Gaffigan’s sketch layout of how he fits his five children into their 2 BR NYC apartment? It’s awesome.

  24. Hooray for siblings sharing rooms! There’s a lot of evidence for closer family relationships through co-sleeping (in the same room), even though we all need our moments alone sometimes. Currently our toddler & preschooler sleep in our bedroom, which gives us a playroom and an office/guestroom. It’s nice to have such flexible spaces in our home, even if it’s a bit non-traditional.

  25. This sounds like a GREAT plan! When you started to describe the wall of vanities, I totally pictured a scene from Norman Rockwell. :)

    My dad came from a family 0f 9 kids in a 2 bedroom house – 1 room for his parents, 1 for 3 sisters. My grandfather built a bunk room in the basement for 6 brothers to share (1 bunk bed, 2 double beds). They always spoke of it with great fondness.

    Looking forward to your photos!

  26. i know i am late to the conversation – but i just wanted to say I think your ideas are AMAZING!

    I love the idea of all four girls sharing a room.

    Will you talk about what it’s like to live IN the house with children during the remodel? that’s something I may be going through soon and I would love to hear about that process…how you manage…thanks!

  27. Here in Germany normaly every kid has his own bedroom. Our girls share a bedroom too. And after our Au-pairs are gone we have an empty room as well. Nobody could understand it. My husband too. But the girls had used a half year seperate bedrooms and wish to return into one. The girls Ballett-Teacher has 3 brothers. They slept the first 10 years all together in one bedroom. She always tell us, she has the most wonderful expiriences in this special time.


  28. I guess I’ll be the lone voice of dissent: I don’t love the plan. The beds all in a row feels institutional to me. And each with it’s own lamp? When you’re only a twin bed away from a lamp, it may as well be your lamp, so if it’s on you’re not going to get any sleep. Would it be possible to at least put 2 beds/2 vanities on one side at one end two at the other to break it up a bit?

    I shared a room with my sister until she was in high school. It was fine and fun in a lot of ways. But it was nicer having my own. It didn’t even have a door b/c of the odd layout of the house, but it was still nice to have my own space to think in w/o someone else’s activity going on, or sleep in without someone else’s light in my eyes. I had 3 cousin’s who shared a finished basement as their room. It worked, but the beds were spaced throughout the room so that they weren’t too close.

    I get all the comments about how it’s fun and like summer camp. But camp is fun b/c it’s temporary. Four beds in a row like that just seems so….again, institutional is the best description. I get that they all need to share, but I’d try to do something creative to break it up a bit.

  29. Looking at the pictures again, how about 2 beds on the wall opposite the closet separated by their vanities. Do they each really need a nightstand AND a vanity? Couldn’t one piece work well for both purposes and free up wall space?

    Then the other two at the other end right under the windows at opposite ends and the vanity/night stands in between. You could put the 4th bed against the new wall (where the closet was removed) b/c you wouldn’t need all that space for a row of vanities if you had combined them with the nightstand at each bed.

    You could even group the girls by age so that, for instance, if the 2 younger ones were already asleep the two older at the other end could have reading lamps on and be talking quietly but not disturbing the sleeping ones. It might mentally feel more like 2 bedrooms in a way.

    1. I agree. My dad is Danish so “DESIGN FOLLOW FUNCTION” is something I believe in. Putting beds in a row with lamps beside them might look cute in a photo… but it isn´t functional or fair in real life. One girl tries to sleep while the next is reading? Music leaking from the earplugs of one sister while the other sister tries to snooze… I feel it won´t work well. Creating little nooks or private corners is the best way!

    2. I hear you. As I mentioned, there is definitely a natural divide in that big bedroom and our original thought was to split it in two, making the house a 4-bedroom (instead of 3-bedroom), and putting two people in each. It would be quite easy to do — probably easier than the current plans we have.

      But after living in the space, we know this plan makes good sense for us. The 4 girls have been in that room since we moved in and it’s been great!

  30. My four boys share a room and my 3 girls share a room. The boys each have their own beds with the oldest one in a queen… the next in a full and the two littles each in their own twins. It is so fun to hear them talking and laughing at night before they go to bed. Also they are great examples to each other as they watch each other read and pray.
    The girls snuggle and giggle and (usually) take such good care of each other. It has been a huge success for our family.

  31. I am so excited to see the reveal! I love your ideas. I’ve been thinking of putting our kids in two rooms side by side that are adjoined by a door and making the third room a library for them.

  32. We have four kiddos (2 boys, 2 girls) in 2 small bedrooms, and as long as they keep their rooms tidy, it’s fine. They all end up wanting to “camp” and sleep in one room in sleeping bags, or in our bedroom, or on the sofa bed, etc anyway. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  33. Rebekah Greenwood

    I think it is a fantastic idea! I grew up in a family of 10, never in larger than a 4 bedroom, and to be honest looking back we generally only used 3 of them! I have 3 girls and we have a 4 bedroom home for our family of 5. If I had to do it all over again I would NOT worry about the number of bedrooms. We only use 2 of the bedrooms! The only time the others are used is when company is here.

    You all are going to love this arrangement!

  34. I shared a room with my 3 sisters for a long time. I also have my 2 girls share. I would add beds with drawer space underneath, and maybe a chest at the end of each bed. That way you can have some extra storage space. I think it will work great, and they will have lots of fun.

  35. I’ll be very interested to see how this all turns out. Sounds like it could be a very happy solution, especially as the kids do not seem to spend much time in their bedrooms during the day. A question though- your daughters vary in age quite a bit; what is the bedtime procedure? Do they all go to bed at the same time, or do the younger ones not notice the older ones coming in later?

    Also, I think the beds in a row could look quite cute; are the older girls excited about that? Or wishing for a little more space between beds for the lamp reasons mentioned above?

  36. Wishing you all happiness in your new house. I love the vanity idea. We had a sink in the hallway landing in our old house, and it was perfect that someone got to brush hair or teeth while another sibling was in the bathroom. It really helped mornings. I think this is a terrific plan. My two boys currently share a tiny bedroom in a midcentury ranch and it has worked really well for us. I love going on pintrest and seeing all of the creative uses of space that people dream up to make kids’ bedrooms really special, even — or especially — a small rooms and shared rooms. Everyone is mentioning privacy in this thread. For that I think your idea of individual nightstands and closets is perfect. But I also think living in Oakland, you have the climate create some year-round ‘rooms’ or spaces outside that seem private and special if someone needs to be alone to think, write, or visit with a friend.

    1. The idea of a sink in the hallway has caught my imagination. At the very least, when we’re ready to re-do the bathroom, I think it would be good to put the toilet in it’s own compartment, so someone can use the potty while another is in the shower.

  37. P.S. can you do something brilliant with that wasted hallway?? would it be worth putting very narrow reading benches/window seats or desks under the windows, or at least bookshelves or those great shoe-hiding shoe shelves. You’d have to bring down the windows possibly to make this work, and I don’t know if it’s wide enough, but it seems worth thinking outside the box with the space, looking at the Ikea small spaces demos, etc.

  38. I think one room for 4 girls is a wonderful idea! My 3 sisters and I always shared the big room in our house, and we are all extremely close :)

  39. Gabby – this is a great idea! I was the middle of 3 girls and would have loved to have shared a room with my sisters. However, my mom’s job required a lot of moves and in each house she always made sure we each had our own room – meaning a lot of 4 bedroom houses. After one of our last moves, we had a 3 bedroom house and I shared a bedroom with my little sister for about 4 years. I loved it! I think that’s why I’m much closer to my little sister than my big sister today.

  40. I do like the idea of pairing the beds under windows – 2 beds under each window with a dresser/table/rug between. You could still do a reading nook at the foot of the 2nd pair of beds and a vanity in the other closet. This way, the younger girls could go to sleep earlier (if need be) and the older girls could have some privacy for “older girl” chats. :)

    1. Formally splitting the room in two and having one bedroom for Maude & Olive, and another for Betty & June was definitely considered. But ultimately, Maude especially lobbied for one big room for all the girls. If she couldn’t have her own room, that was by far her preference.

  41. I think it sounds like a great plan and I’m sure that the girls will love the vanity idea as well! My two boys are set to share a 9’x10′ room (with bunk beds) and I’m currently trying to convince my husband to give up our master suite to them since it’s larger and we will only have a bed in our bedroom.

  42. We have 7 kids, 6 boys and one girl. She is the only one in the family who doesn’t share. We recently moved because we had bunk beds in the family room! The kids love sharing a room… I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love your idea of putting all the boys together. I’ve always wanted a “peter pan” nursery where all the kids are together, i’ve just never had a room big enough. Love your plans, can’t wait to see it executed. Good luck

  43. My kids (a boy and a girl) have their own rooms, but they usually choose to sleep in the same room together at night. And they spend their days in other parts of the house, usually together. They each do have their own favorite little nooks where they like to be alone.

    I sometimes wonder why we bothered with separate bedrooms at all!

  44. I love this idea!! We’re currently buying a smaller, 2 bedroom house (close on Monday, eeee!!) and we don’t have children yet, but I’ve often thought that if we have two kids in this house, they could most definitely share a room, at least while they’re younger. I think it would be like camp! And when you raise your kids to be loving and kind to one another, then sharing a room probably is fun and bonding. Best of luck!

  45. I can’t wait to see your after pictures! We have our 2 younger girls sharing a room (6 & 8 in the master bedroom), the 2 younger boys (2 & 3) sharing a room and then the oldest boy (almost 12) and oldest girl (10) each get their own rooms. Hubby & I turned the garage into our master bedroom. We tried to get the 3 girls to share one space, but my oldest was just not having it!

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