I’m Wild For You Valentine

wild animal valentine DIY

wild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIY

This is what we’ve been working on for 8-year-old Olive’s valentines this year. I think they’re turning out cute, no? My favorite is the hippo shouting “Hippo Valentine’s Day!” But I need your opinion: do we prefer the wild animals featured in the little cellophane bags? Or do we like them attached directly to the card with craft thread? I can’t decide.

wild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIY

Also. I’m coming up short on a little valentine message for these animals: rhino, tiger, zebra, giraffe. So I’m going with a neutral “I’m wild about you Valentine” for those four. If you think of anything brilliant, I’d love to hear it. UPDATE: Loved your ideas! Thanks for all the help.

wild animal valentine DIY

wild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIY

SECOND UPDATE: Your wish is my command. Click here to download a 4-page pdf featuring both versions. (Nothing fancy. Not even crop marks. But hey, they’re free.)

162 thoughts on “I’m Wild For You Valentine”

    Would PLEASE link the PDF's My little one has class tomorrow and he's crazy for anmials, these would be perfect!! Thanks!


  2. So cute! I love the cards with the talk bubbles. Totally stealing this idea next year. This is so fun. How about these?

    Tiger — You're a cool grrrl!
    Giraffe — You're head and shoulders above the rest.
    Zebra — You make my hoof beat.

  3. Thanks again for all the great comments! For those of you wanting access to the pdfs, I just added a link where you can download them near the top of the post.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. This is definitely the cutest, most fun and original idea ever!!! I'm with the card vote contingent, and with the group that is absolutely stealing this for my animal-lover daughter next year!

    You truly are amazing!

  5. Hi Gabby!
    I like the cards but I'm also all about simplicity. The little bags are darling too so whatever is the easiest would be my vote.
    I wish the cards I made for my grandchildren were as cute as these!!

  6. I like both, but the bags look simpler than tieing each one on/untying them. These are really fantastic. I am so ripping off this one and the lolly-in-fist photo valentines next year.

    Another slogan idea: "Wild thing, I think I love you."

  7. I agree with the previous comment, plastic makes me crazy too. I like the string, also, it it is hard to get off, it is more likely to get home with the kid and no tears at school.

    I want to do with with my to be Kindergarten son next year! Yay! Love it. Teresa

  8. So fun!! We stole your idea using Mad Libs from another year and one of the boys in my son's 3rd grade class totally snubbed my son today. Took it out of the box and gave it back to him! Thankfully the other kids LOVED the idea!!

  9. Thanks for the idea! We stole it for our daughter's preschool class. I found a nice elastic string that held the animals on the paper nicely. Then we put it in a see-through bag sealed with a sticker, just for extra assurance that it would all make it home. Thanks again!!

  10. pdf link is coming up with an “oh no, it’s a 404 page” message so I can’t get the file, can you fix the link or send it one to me, please? I want to make these this weekend with my 5 year old. Great ideas! I like the card ones best.

  11. gah – i get the same 404 page error as thayer, and would also love to do this this w/e with my 5yr old son. such a great idea and can’t wait to see the house photos on monday :)

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  13. These are fabulous. I made the cards and used cotton kitchen twine and it really was easy. My 7 year old son said they were the awesomest Valentines in class.

  14. I just made these with my daughter. We used your pdf and some bags we had from when we made chocolates and we used staples instead of sewing. I know they will be a hit, the hardest part is going to be for her to decide who gets which animal! Thanks for the wonderful idea :)

  15. Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with a pun for other animals since i have only farm plastic animals.
    here are the animals if you could think of any
    cow, bull, pig, sheep, horse, ram, antelope
    thank you!

  16. Wonderful idea! I love the animals attached to the cards best. I am going to make some for my children to give to their friends. Thankyou x

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  19. Just finished printing/assembling the wild animal valentine’s! Thank you so much for sharing!! My son (in preschool) is SO excited to share these with his class! I bought a the Zoo Babies Toob from JoAnn Fabrics and it worked PERFECTLY!

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  23. This afternoon I made these as a solitary project with my little son, 4-1/2. He was very excited about them and cannot wait to give them to his classmates. Thanks for this wonderful idea. I’ve had them “pinned” for months — so glad to finally do them!

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