I’m Wild For You Valentine

wild animal valentine DIY

wild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIY

This is what we’ve been working on for 8-year-old Olive’s valentines this year. I think they’re turning out cute, no? My favorite is the hippo shouting “Hippo Valentine’s Day!” But I need your opinion: do we prefer the wild animals featured in the little cellophane bags? Or do we like them attached directly to the card with craft thread? I can’t decide.

wild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIY

Also. I’m coming up short on a little valentine message for these animals: rhino, tiger, zebra, giraffe. So I’m going with a neutral “I’m wild about you Valentine” for those four. If you think of anything brilliant, I’d love to hear it. UPDATE: Loved your ideas! Thanks for all the help.

wild animal valentine DIY

wild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIYwild animal valentine DIY

SECOND UPDATE: Your wish is my command. Click here to download a 4-page pdf featuring both versions. (Nothing fancy. Not even crop marks. But hey, they’re free.)

162 thoughts on “I’m Wild For You Valentine”

  1. bags, but only from the perspective of receiving it and having to untie the animal from the card. both are darling though…and i'm sure your little one will be putting sparkles in her valentines eyes

  2. Oooh I like both but as a PP pointed out, the string one will be harder to open, especially for (impatient) kids!

    Idea for the giraffe: I'd stick my neck out for you anytime! (may be lost on an 8 year old though)

  3. Okay this is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen for V_DAY! I love them both but I do think the bags are a little bit more original than on the card especially with the stitching!

  4. Have to agree with PP about the bag looking like something that came from the store, even though the stitching is adorable. I prefer the cards, patience in opening them will be good practice. :)

  5. Ok I am soo making that cake right now… I've been reading that blog for a few months now and when I saw her post the cake tutorial earlier this week I just knew I had to try it out!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments! I love your ideas for what the other animals could say. You're all geniuses. I hope you don't mind — I'm totally going to use your words.

    Joslyn, I found the little animals at a store called Constructive Playthings. It's basically the Oriental Trading catalog — except it's in person. I'll bet you could find something similar (or even exactly the same) at Party City.

    To any of my Dear Readers, if you decide to pick up some animals and make these, let me know and I can send your pdfs of the cards.

    1. I love this idea! Did you use safari card stock or does it print like this? Can you send me the PDF please? Love your site

  7. Either idea is adorable…as for animal lines…how about "I'd stick my neck out for you, Valentine" for the giraffe.
    (oops, just scrolled through comments and saw that one already). Too bad you don't have a lion. "I''m not lion, I'd do anything to be your valentine", may be you could work that one for the tiger somehow.A "tony the Tiger line like " I think you're GGGrreat, Valentine" could work, too. This idea is so awesome though.

  8. Loving this idea. I'll bookmark it for next year. I prefer the cards- no bags. There'll be no extra plastic waste and all the charm of a homemade valentine.

  9. hmmm-overachiever much?:)Adorable, as always. I want to be you when I grow up. I felt fancy because I bought a pdf on etsy and attached a coordintating pencil.Lucky, luck Olive.

  10. i love the cards! i also asked my 7 yr old which he liked and he said the cards as well. "Mom it is so funny that the animals are talking! Those are my favorite!" great ideas. so fun!!

  11. Tied to the card!

    I love you from A to Zebra.
    You are the cutest thing from A to Z

    You have me seeing stipes (tiger)

    haha, I am lame…no wonder you went with the neutral!

  12. Oh my- cutest valentine for a kid i've seen yet. i'd even love one of these! both are adorable, but i think i prefer the card a bit more. i'd love a pdf of the cards if you get a sec… i'll send you my email. how do you think of these things?!?!

    for the zebra… my stripes were made for you, valentine!

  13. I vote for the cards as well. Too cute that the animals are talking, and less store-bought looking than the bags. Adorable! As for sayings, it looks like my ideas are already taken: I like you from A to Zebra, You're necks above the rest, You have me seeing stripes (for either zebra or tiger). Good luck! these are great

  14. i love how the string looks wrapped around the animals. too stinkin' cute!

    i like the pp's giraffe greeting:
    you're heads above the rest!

    i keep thinking something about the eye of the tiger – you're the eye of my tiger?

    that's not quite right, and maybe dated, carry on.

  15. I like the bags. They are cuter. But ask your Olive; she'll know what an 8 year-old likes better than I do!

    zebra: My love for you is black and white!

    (although, I like A to Zebra better.) :)

    Very cute idea; you know nothing but cute!

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