Ice Cream Delivery

Milkmade Ice cream

Milkmade Ice cream

By Koseli. Photo by Milkmade.

For Mother’s Day last year, my husband surprised me with a three month subscription to Milkmade, a craft ice cream company that delivers homemade pints of ice cream directly to your door. It was something I never would have bought for myself but he got away with as a super sweet surprise gift.

Once a month, a cheerful “milkmade” hand-delivered the ice cream to me. Sometimes they rode a bike, drove, or just took the subway. The box of two pints always included the story behind that month’s flavors, a happy playlist, and colorful ice cream magnets. A couple of times we had to pass on the month’s flavors because of personal preferences, and they sent along a personal note with our special order pints.

Would you splurge on a little luxury like this? I have to admit that about half the flavors were a little too out there for me, but the other half were delicious — like s’more and chocolate peanut butter. And something about getting the perfect pint of ice cream delivered to your door on a weekday night was instantly relaxing. I looked forward to it all week! This would make a dreamy present for brand new parents or for Father’s Day.

Have you ever given or received a food subscription? Maybe a classic, like fruit of the month? Or something more unusual, like bacon? I’d love to hear about your experience.

P.S. — It looks like MilkMade doesn’t ship outside NYC yet, but is planning to soon. There are also plenty of other delicious options that ship near and far.

10 thoughts on “Ice Cream Delivery”

  1. Oh. My God. I’m now glad that we don’t have ice cream delivery here (that I know of), or else that dairy-free thing would be %200 harder.

    ps my friend used to own a macaron truck in Chicago. not my cup of tea (too sugary) but I’m sure it is for many others.

  2. This sounds so indulgent! I would definitely love it if someone bought this for me (*hint hint nudge nudge*). I’m curious what flavours could be too “out there” to try? Surely any ice cream is awesome?!!

  3. Oh wow, that sounds wonderful. I would never treat myself to something like this, but I would love it as a gift. Even the more interesting flavors would be fun to try.

  4. Best gift! Omit the late night bodega run for subpar ice cream and be treated to a tasty surprise once a month? Totally the stuff of my if-I-had-all-the-money-in-the-world dreams.

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