How To Grow Your Own Wheat Grass

My brother Josh came by last week to pick up some wheat kernels to plant wheat grass. (I have a large supply. I really love wheat grass and picked wheat up in bulk awhile back. Feel free to come by for your own bag.) I was so happy for a reminder that it was time for this activity — which is practically a spring ritual at our house.

It’s super easy and very gratifying. I’ve had success in glass containers with pebbles at the bottom for drainage and in traditional ceramic containers made for plants. I’ve had success in low-light and right in front of a window.

If you plant your seeds today, you’ll have gorgeous wheat grass in about a week. In fact, mark your calendars now for the perfect day to plant some in time for your Easter displays.

Easy directions:
-Fill and level your container with potting soil. Leave about an inch of space at the top.
-Place an even layer of wheat kernels on the soil. It should be a pretty solid layer with only a little bit of dirt showing.
-Water daily. Keep the soil pretty moist. For a 6-inch container, I would pour in a glass of water each morning.

That’s it. You’ll see sprouts in about 48 hours. And wheat in about a week. The wheat won’t look great for ever — some people trim it with scissors to extend it’s life — but I prefer to just replant. Apparently you can also juice it!

P.S. — Natural dye Easter eggs in every color.

7 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Own Wheat Grass”

  1. Where did you get that great planter that reads. "plant?" I have been looking for a long rectangular planter for my dinning room table for a while now?

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  3. I need some training to plant wheat grass from scratch for medicinal use
    Can you please give me more directions than those above?

  4. Where did you get your metal containers that you have pictured here? I love them and want to do something like this for center pieces at a wedding.

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