Celebrations: Don’t Be a Halloween Party Pooper

By Gabrielle.

I get it. Halloween isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But most kids adore this holiday like crazy! And you can totally make their day by joining the festivities — even in the tiniest of ways. I made this video with 6 ideas that are perfect for the costume averse among us. They’re easy, not-messy, and inexpensive. You can dress normally, then add or subtract these ideas as you move from work to errands to the school Halloween parade. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear: Do you embrace dressing up on Halloween? Or were you delighted to leave it behind when you graduated from trick-or-treating?

P.S. — You can find all the videos in the Celebrations with Design Mom series here.

45 thoughts on “Celebrations: Don’t Be a Halloween Party Pooper”

  1. I love the bug idea – my boys would get such a kick out of it! I picked up a pair of black and orange striped tights last year after Halloween. Paired with a black dress, that’s my type of subtle participation in Halloween. Another great video – thanks!

  2. “At least for a minute, you’ll feel like the cool parent.” That’s hilarious and almost enough to make me implement one of these! Thanks!

  3. I love these ideas. This was the first time I’ve heard your voice and it was weird (not your voice of course, hearing it) after just reading your writing for so long!

  4. oooh, good job! i like the skeleton glove for treats – made me gasp – and i might try the bug in a place i can’t see idea.

  5. Oh, I wish here in Brazil we had that festivity! Sounds such a fun… I’m not a kid outside but I’m still inside so one day I will embrace dressing up for Halloween with my future children! Perhaps a little scary party just for us?

  6. Very cute. I always dress up for Halloween. I’m the mom taking kids to playclasses in full costume. ;-) Haven’t decided what to be this year yet.

  7. I used to love halloween and dressing up.it left though.i don’t get it back.feels wrong to celebrate it.we discussed our issues with the kids last year andagreed on skipping but this year they forgot and ask about going trick o’treatin and parties.


    Maybe it feels wrong because the last 2-3 years we met so many christians at the doors tellin us how sad they felt about this tradition.
    Your ideas are great! And very easy.

    1. We come from a very Christian family, and while my four boys hate super creepy and evil-type Halloween decor and costumes, we’ve found a lot of fun ways to do Halloween and feel comfortable.

      You can’t go wrong with pumpkins! And any friendly looking sort of monster is just fun for boys (maybe girls too?), no matter what time of year. And maybe it’s because they are boys, but all of the spiders, bats, and skeletons are more interesting to them in a science-y sort of way, so we just go with that. (We gets books at the library on spiders or watch The Magic School Bus bat episode…..) And getting to dress up as a favorite super hero is like making a dream come true for my kids, so I love it.

      Everyone needs to do what they feel most comfortable with for their own family, but I just wanted to throw that out there. We don’t do a lot of what is out there for Halloween, but there are still a fair share of fun and happy stuff too. Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays now!

      1. As a swiss (christian) we dress up at the end of winter.big thing here.halloween floated in in the late 80ies mid 90ies..and some years ago most larger christian communities formulate their concerns about the origin..and for us europeans only a creepy halloween would make sense. So… after I did lots of haunted houses in churches and halloweenparties and took my kids to american neighbourhoods …we also met all those nice christians …and they made me rethink it all..now I’m not sure where we’re going, but just dressing up notcreepy is not gonna be our thing. Either we go back to party Halloween or we stick with the dress up time in spring.. Wonder if other christian moms ever went through those braincooking thinkings..?? Thanks though for your insights!!

  8. This is so great! You and the video are just adorable, of course, and these ideas are so perfect for my Halloween grinch self. I love how easy, simple, and inexpensive they are and you are so right that the kids would just go crazy for it. I just might have to try one of these this year :).

  9. love this! i DO get into halloween but could probably use these ideas for how to sneak a little spooky into my work day on Halloween =)

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  12. This was the cutest little video! I am NOT afraid of costumes (in fact, I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get a chance to finish sewing mine in time, so I’ll be wearing a pumpkin t-shirt and orange-and-black stripey socks) but these are great ideas for those friends who are. Love it! :)

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  14. I am, of course, watching this approx. 38 minutes before trick or treat starts! Ha!
    These are adorable and funny & if I can pull it together, I’ll be so cool!
    (If not, next year, baby, next year!)

  15. I love this! I am not big into costumes, but I’ll be doing one of these this year, for sure. My kids would flip at the bug idea. Thanks!

  16. Used the spider on the shoulder last year and this year tried the black lipstick. Both got excellent results/comments from the residents at the Aged Care facility where I work as an Activities Officer. Heaps of fun! Thanks for the tips. Cheers!

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