3 Spooky + Pretty Ways to Decorate for Halloween

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By Gabrielle.

In case you missed it, this is a repost of a cute little video I made last year. When it comes to Halloween decor, I veer toward eerie and spooky, but still pretty. And I steer clear of gory — it’s just not my thing. So here are 3 simple ideas that are festive and pretty, but have a spooky feel. And they’re easy too!

I have some friends that don’t love Halloween. They put a pumpkin on the porch and call it good. How about you? Do you decorate for Halloween? Or is it a holiday you endure but don’t necessarily enjoy?

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  1. Lisa Taylor Whitley

    I LOVE decorating for all holidays but like you, I don’t like gory or scary for Halloween. This year I found some great silhouette cut outs of spiders, owls, and rats from the dollar store. I put them on mirrors and windows around the house, along with pumpkins and fake spider webs. I also made little ghosts out of cotton balls, tissue paper, and thread and hung them on some branches. I’m going to incorporate the wreath and apples from your video! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do a little Halloween decorating – a really similar wreath to the one in your video, but with the addition of a crow, some Harry Potter-inspired “floating” pumpkins in our entryway – but then it’s all down on November 1st and I start getting ready for Christmas. I pretty much consider Thanksgiving and Christmas to be two parts of the whole season and I’m not a fan of brown, as so much Thanksgiving decor tends to be, so I move on pretty quickly to snowflakes and evergreens. :)

  3. When my kids were little (they are now in college) we used to go all out-smoke machine, zombies in the bushes, etc. Our goal was to scare the adults that accompanied the kids to our house for trick or treat. We really became known as the scary house, but now that it is just my husband and I we are going to have a dignified house this year. Maybe dress up the dogs (is that dignified???) and then like Jenny above it will all be gone on November 1st to start the 3 months of Christmas at our house (November, December and January)-my favorite!

  4. I made this wreath this past weekend by watching your last video. I had in mind to make it since a year!. It really was super easy to make and inexpensive. It looks great!. My kids are small(3 1/2 and 5 1/2) and they call the hanging strands of ribbons as “Witch’s hair”. Younger one also noticed that “Witch’s Hair” is softer than mine :)

    Thanks for such an easy wreath idea!.

  5. I (we) LOVE decorating for Halloween!!! :) Our Halloween things start making an apperance the last week in September! I love to fill our living room with black birds and owls, – this year I even put some in our car to drive around with us. One of my kids friends commented on how freaky it is to ride with black birds in the car!
    Another favorite decorations is our skeleton dressed in her blck tutu hanging in the door way between our dining room and living room! She’s been around for about 6 years, we got the idea from our ballet teacher, who still hangs hers up too!
    BUT in additon to our Halloween, we also celebrate Day of the Dead! It has been a tradition for many years that immediatly after Halloween everything comes down and our Day of the Dead alter and decorations go up! In fact many times after the kids go to bed and Halloween you can find me starting to put away our Halloween things inprepration for the next day – Day of the Dead!

  6. Such a cute video! I like that the ideas are so simple, low cost, have an organic feel and pack a big visual punch. Also that they are perfect both for homes with children and homes with just adults!

  7. Yeah, I pretty much just do pumpkins and call it a day. Actually, we decorate for Fall and not at all for Halloween. I’m not a fan of the big blow-up things or having that spiderweb stuff stretched over bushes. That said, I kind of love the houses that do. Maybe if I lived in a real neighborhood that got lots of trick or treaters, I’d feel differently.

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